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Stratosphere Trip Report 3/7-3/13

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by tarasgoodwin, Mar 17, 2006.

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  1. tarasgoodwin

    tarasgoodwin Tourist

    Jan 4, 2006

    My Trip Report

    WARNING: This trip report is long, informative, and VERY opionionated.

    Most people start with the flight, or drive, out to Las Vegas. I have to go a little further back to show you how this trip, planned for months, almost didn’t happen.

    Even though we weren’t flying out until early Tuesday morn, my vacation was going to start when I got off @ 2:00 pm from my waitressing job. So I go into work @ 11:00 so excited and watching the clock. As the shift goes on I start feeling a pain in my side, but being a waitress of many years, I shake it off. Now I’m watching the clock b/c once off, if I can get the wedding and grooms cake finished that night then I can have the entire day sat, sun, and mon to get ready. Next thing I know it’s 2:00 and my manager won’t let me leave. He’s making me stay and pick up tables b/c since I’m going on vacation then I’m obviously not in a hurry. He didn’t seem to care that I had a large cake order to get out or that, for some reason, my side was killing me. And not the stitch in a muscle hurt, but inside hurt. So finally around 4:00 I’m allowed to leave but by the time I get home I don’t feel good. So I take a bath, hoping to help with the pain, and a small nap. Feeling somewhat better I get half the cake order done that night and hit the sack with the express intrest of getting up around 7:00 to finish.

    At 4:00 am I was awake, hurting, and unable to sleep. So I’m up reading, can’t work on the cake because Jeremy is sleeping. Finally around 6:00 I go and climb back into bed and sleep. Next thing I know he’s waking me up to tell me it’s past 11:00 and he’s going into town to get lunch, shouldn’t I be up working on the cake. Uh Yeah!!! So he leaves and I climb out of bed…you betcha…still hurting. Take my temp, it’s 100.4. OH GREAT! So now I dig out the face mask, along w/ gloves and hair net, to finish this order that I now only have about three hours to do. Popped Tylenol and Advil and get going. Once I’m done it’s enough time to shower and deliver the cake, which my boyfriend helps me do. I notice then that my temp is gone and I’m just a little bit sore. Finally some good news. And since we had been invited to go bow fishing that night, something I had been looking forward to, we drop off the cake and head out to our friends house. The bow fishing trip was going well until about ten when I realized that I’m hurting again, bad, and possibly running a temp. So we head in. Yep it was 100.7 and I can’t breath it hurts so bad. Of course now we’re thinking appendix or gallbladder so we head to E.R. Neither one a good thing several days before we leave for Vacation. After several hours of Cat Scans, X-rays, blood samples, and a Fenergan/Staydal shot…yeah they should so sell those in pill form and the whole world would be a better place  … They still had no idea, and said it could be possible kidney problems, here’s some Viacatian…  Now we’re talking… and sent me home.

    So I spent my entire Sunday asleep and drugged until a phone call awoke me at 7:00 that night. A phone call that my bf should have answered except that Caller ID said it was him calling. ???? Yeah, he should be home. I answer the phone and he’s in E.R. with his mom and step-dad that had just been in a bad motorcycle wreck. (Obviously I miss a lot when I’m in a drugged sleep) He was calling to check on me and try to get me awake to eat something. So I get out of bed and head to the hospital to find the family there extremely worried. It seems that Betty will be alright. When the dog ran out and hit the tire, she flew off and skidded down the highway, but Gary went with the bike and his brain shifted so he was in a coma. Once again we are looking at possible cancellation of this trip. We actually didn’t know until 6pm mon night if we were going. So we were up most the night packing.

    *Gary and Betty are doing better. Her hands are still bandaged but she’s back home. Gary has awakened and in the last few days started making sense again.*


    Finally on our way. We get up at 4 am…did we even sleep?...and head out at 6 to make it to the Parking Spot by 8 to drop off the truck. Next the little bus takes us to Terminal C, Continental, and we drop our bags off at check in, get our boarding pass, and head toward the gate. The flight left on time and it would have been a long flight if the guy in the seat next to us hadn’t given me his free ear pieces to watch Pride and Prejudice. We touch down in Vegas @ 11:00 their time and head to baggage claim where Jim from Presidential Limo. (Thanks for the recommendation he was awesome) was waiting w/ our sign. He loaded us up and took us on a tour of the strip where we ate the choc. Covered strawberries I had packed and drank the champagne. We shut out the world and toasted our vacation for about an hour and let ourselves start to relax.

    Once at the Stratosphere we got checked in and a room right away, no upgrade though, and dropped off our bags. It’s now about 1:00 V-time and 2 Texas time…we’re starved. So we go down and eat at Roxys:

    The Stratosphere: Rooms okay, but we had problems all week with the AC making noises and then when the guy would come up to look at it, stop. THe bathrooms are small, but it wasn't like we were living in the rooms. The bed was comfy, the housekeeping good. Probably wouldn't stay there agian, due to location, but it wasn't so bad.

    Roxys: A 50’s diner that was a lot of fun. Food decent, pretty fast, and reasonably priced. A lady went around singing and the ‘D.J.’ played upbeat 50’s hits. The only drawback this Texas Girl could fault them with was that they didn’t serve hushpuppies with their fried fish.

    After Roxys we went onto the tower shops to do a little sightseeing and got us some ice cream from the Hagen Diaz place. Next it was back to the room for a scheduled massage w/ Lisa from Platinum Massage. I definitely recommend her. It was a 100.00 an hour and it was the best massage I had ever gotten, and we get one on almost every trip. I am going to be using her again next time definitely. Plus her help couldn’t make it, she let me know in advance, and so she did them back to back. That gave us each time for a short nap while the other one was on the table.

    After Lisa finished up and left we got dressed and headed up to the Top of the World for dinner.

    Top Of The World: Mediocre food at prices as high as their restraunt. The steak was good if it hadn’t been in some kind of sauce and the lobster was dry, even dipped in the butter. The veggies were really good though and the wine, though sweet like we requested, a little on the dry side for me. There was a lady going around taking pictures and she was fun and we actually bought a couple as souvenirs.

    So even though I wouldn’t go back to eat there, it was a perfect dinner to start our Vacation.

    After that we headed up to the observation deck where a timeshare person got a hold on us. Now before you say SUCKER it actually worked out great. The guy was from Texas and gave us a 20.00 GC to Le Artiste in Paris, when he found out we were planning on eating at the Le Village. And then signed us up for a tour the next day. Something I was actually interested in seeing since I had always wondered about Timeshares. Plus if we went we would get Lance Burton tix. So then we wandered around the deck for a little while then called it a night.


    We woke up around 8 and got ready for our first full day in Vegas. Our first stop was a Taxi to Paris for the Le Village Buffet w/ our 10.00 off coupon.

    Le Village: With or w/o the coupon, definitely worth the money. The atmosphere was nice, the crepe station awesome, and yes I tipped the egg guy. Hey, he called me a movie star.  I really enjoyed the fresh fruits and the danishes also. A definite must eat while in Vegas.

    Then I stopped off at the Rewards desk to get me a One Card and ended up getting excited about the whole Treasure Hunt going on. Hey, I love free gifts. This one was a hat and shot glass. Next we hit the Aladdin and got a free mug and uploaded a coupon to my new Aladdin card, and I never got to play it, then we headed down the road to Polo Towers to meet for our Timeshare presentation.

    The presentation wasn’t that bad, and if you plan on staying resort style everywhere you go, actually worth the money. But some of our trips take us out in the woods, mountains, and lakes for fishing and hunting trips, so we turned it down. They gave us the Lance tickets, someone I had no idea about, and we shot across the street to the Monte Carlo and cashed the vouchers in for the tickets for that nights show.

    Now it’s lunch time and we’re hungry so I dig through my coupon book and see we have some coupons for Ellis Island. So we hop in a cab and head that way.

    Ellis Island: Would NEVER do again. Dark, Smokey, and the food sucked. The only good thing about that side trip was that we had a coupon for unlimited drinks for two at the bar, and while sitting there discovered the thrills of computer black jack.

    Leaving there we walked up to Flamingo, one of the stops on the Treasure map, and looked around there for a little while and I got my Flamingo pen.

    Then it was onto the next stop on the map, Ceasers Palace. Of course you just don’t walk in there and out…we spent a long time looking. And took a break at the Planet Hollywood to have a snack and a few drinks. And though we were there awhile we still didn’t see the moving statues.

    Next we walked over to the Mirage to see if there were any changes since we were there when S & R were…nope no big changes that we could see. So we hit the tram over to Treasure Island and then a taxi home for a rest before the show.

    After a short nap we got up and got ready for the show. Grabbing a taxi we made it there w/ about fifteen minutes to spare, but barely alive. The cab driver took us the freeway way and cut off cars and almost ran over a pedestrian. NOT FUN! We had balcony seats at LB and we sat and got comfortable.

    Lance Burton: Would definitely do again if there weren’t so much to already see. I didn’t expect the voice to go with the guy, his tricks were relatively simple, compared to seeing S & R when I was there the first time, and his jokes funny. It was a really good show and I enjoyed it immensely.

    From there we walked down the strip and caught the end of one of the Belliago fountain shows. With plans to catch a full one after Brunch Saturday we headed over to Paris to use our Le Artiste gift certificate.

    Le Artiste: Wonderful food! Great Wine (we should know we drank two bottles)! Awesome service. The steak was cooked to perfection, the mushroom trio wonderfully sautéed. Jeremy had mashed potatoes that were to die for. We’ll worth every penny spent.

    The most wonderful meal we had while there and one we would do again in a heartbeat.

    After dinner we grabbed a cab over to Scores strip club.

    Scores Strip club: At first we were like, okay this is so-so. Then they started the Scores 'features' First one was two women doing in the air acrobatics. The second was a man and a woman doing a routine. Both were AWESOME. Then I watched this cute girl do one heck of a lap dance for a guy and waved her over to do one for my boyfriend, you promptly paid her to give me one, and she really got into the act. She, and the features, made the trip out, and money spent, well worth it and yes we would probably go back again since it was nicer then the seedier ones downtown.


    Slept to about 7 Thursday morn, to knock off the effects of so much wine, then ordered room service for breakfast. After breakfast we put on our bathing suits and braved the 52 degree chilly morning for a dip in the hot tub. It wasn’t that bad really. The hot tub was halfway surrounded by this rock like wall and it made a cozy nook for us to huddle in out of the wind. The warmth of the water kept us from getting cold and relaxed our tired bodies. After the hot tub we headed up to get dressed for our day on the town.

    We started off walking to the Sahara for lunch at the NASCAR café.

    NASCAR CAFÉ: For the race fan, the best spot on the strip. NASCAR decorations, the race on T.V., good drinks and fried food on the menu, and a big gift shop downstairs complete with Earnhardt Sr’s car. What more can you ask for? Jeremy had a steak and ribs combo and I went with the hamburger and we started it off w/ the fried cheese ‘dipsticks’ The only draw back? They had taken the Darlington Strawberry Shortcake off the menu since I was at the last Café in Orlando. Such a shame.

    Definitely a place I would eat at again and quiet enjoyable.

    While there, we did the Cyber speedway. That's where you get in a simulator car and race about 7 other ppl. Now that was fun. My bf came in 1st and I came in 4th. I would have done better but I was flying down the speedway and someone got turned around and was going backwards and I hit them head on. Which meant I had to pit, and nada nada nada....

    Next we started walking down the strip to see where our legs would carry us. Our first stop was the Riveria. We walked in and found a dream. A slot machine that actually still accepted quarters!!!! What A Miracle! But of course it didn’t take long to mosey on back out and across the street to use the Slots of fun coupons for a free drink and hotdog.

    Slots of Fun: Jeremy won pretty good at a quarter slot machine, fox and the hound. I had a couple of beers and played some of his winnings on the next machine over while he won. We then cashed out and took our money to a roulette table (our fave game) just to get frustrated at the foreign chick running it. We couldn’t understand her and she was a B!%@H!!!!

    Would we go back? Probably, the bets on the tables were low and the beers cold.

    Next we mosey over to the Stardust where I sat down at the bar to have a drink while Jeremy found a restroom. While sitting there a black gentlemen came over to hit on me and almost spit my beer out laughing. I don’t mind some flirtation but anyone that’s 200 lbs and had dreadlocks and starts off by asking what a sweet thing like me is waiting for, is NOT getting anywhere. Luckily my boyfriend showed back up before I could destroy this guy’s ego and took me off to play, and lose, at some more slots. (Still laughing)

    Next we go on down past Frontier (because it’s getting late) to the Fashion show mall, all the while talking about the sign at the Wynn advertising Tryst. So we stop and split a philly cheese steak at the mall then start off at the top level and make our way down doing some shopping, ending up at the NASCAR store..go figure…so I could buy a hoodie since Vegas has gone from about 60 degrees to what feels like 20. We then shoot across the street and go breathless as we step inside the Wynn. From the outside it looks classy and the inside is spectacular. We end up taking a gamble and checking about table service at Tryst, since Thursday nights are supposed to be “Their Night†Luckily they still had one and we reserved it, telling ourselves that surely the money would be worth it. We head out front, grab a taxi as the wind picks up and the dark clouds move in, and go home for a nap.

    We napped for a few hours then woke our tired bodies up and got dressed for the club. We stopped downstairs for a quick bite at the Crazy Armadillo in the casino.

    Crazy Armadillo: I ordered the clam chowder and fried calamari and really enjoyed it. The music was a kind of Mexican and the video screen kept playing the same videos, which didn't match the music at all, but neither bothered us. We were there to eat and we did for a decent price and fast service. Would definitely go back again since we did two other times while we were there.

    Now before I continue with the next part of this report, let me let you Vegas ppl in on something. You no longer can tell me you have "no natural disasters" b/c you do. I just lived through Hurricane Rita here in TX and you ppl definitely have some type of hurricane, even if it doesn't come off the water. When we left the Stratosphere, the wind was so bad I couldn't close the taxi door at The Wynn. It had to be breaking around 50 mph easy.

    Tryst: WELL WORTH EVERY PENNY OF THE 460.00 WE ENDED UP SPENDING!!!!! I'm talking about a great club. The music was wonderful to dance to. The perfect mix. Our waitress was HOT, definitly outside the norm in looks and body size. The main dance floor was a good size and as the crowds got dense they opened up these large glass doors to combine the inside, outside floors together. The outside floor went out over a lake with a HUGE waterfall behind it. And because of the 'mountain' it was chilly but not windy like outside. There was also a 'womens only' dance floor right by our table with a pole on it. I spent a LOT of time there and made some new friends. The restrooms had these attendants who directed you to empty stalls and passed out paper towels. For a down home texas girl like me, it was all very classy and a lot of fun.

    Around 3 am we poured ourselves into a cab...you'd be surprised at how drunk 3/4 of a liter bottle of crown will make you..and went straight back to the hotel.


    Okay, yeah you would think that we would sleep late. Nope. We were up at 7 again, or at least I was. Jeremy was drug out of bed and down to the nearby IHOP for breakfast then straight there to the NASCAR CAT bus for the Happy Hour practice and use of weekend pit passes. The bus only took about 45 minutes to get us to the track and we made our way around to the from Gate H to Gate A to the will call window for our tickets. Shouldn't I already have tickets you ask. LOL...actually I did but let me tell you a cool story. I couldn't afford the seats in the new Petty, or old Earnhardt, terrace so I bought the 'cheap seats' down around the start/finish line. Because I was a subscriber to the LVMS insider on my e-mail I was actually offered a free upgrade to the Petty Terrace and so I took it. The seats were GREAT and the view AWESOME. We were sitting right over the exit to pit road. Of course on Friday we weren't up in the stands, but down on the pit road wall watching them fly by from the garage to the track for Happy Hour practice. Now let me do a little bit of griping about LVMS. They walk around w/ their heads up their @$$. First off, they couldn’t tell me ANYTHING about a schedule or even events for the pre race show that I had tix to on Sunday, except that it all starts @ 9:30 am (That was on the ticket) Then the guys at one gate told us that the tram back to Gate H would stop there. Tram passed by. So he said it might be wrong and that it's supposed to stop at the Stop sign down the block, Tram passed us by and the driver told us the stop was back where we started. We got back up there just to hear that we were in the wrong place, by the next tram driver. Finally one of the event staff jumped out and stopped a Tram for us since there was a couple w/ an old man who didn't need to be walking back and forth like that. So we get on and once we get around to the back of the speedway this redneck hick speeds up and takes the tram on side wheels. Giving everyone a heart attack. Finally we arrive back at Gate H, alive, and catch the bus back to the Stratosphere? Uh No. First we have to ride downtown, after being stopped on the air force base for about thirty minutes, then when we get downtown we have to switch over to a deuce bus. Yeah so now I'm tired, cold...since the warm weather I was promised in Vegas almost ended in snow...and realizing we're fixing to now be late for our reservations to Seablue.

    Finally we get back to the hotel about 5:30 and lay down for a Very Short nap since even though we have missed supper, we ate a bag of chips, we still have tickets for Zumanity @ 7:30. We almost didn't go b/c I didn't feel like dragging myself out of bed, but I did, got ready and we headed out to New York, New York.

    Zumanity: I Loved It, but you have to have a very open mind sexually to enjoy this show. The drag queen host was hilarious, the men and women all above average. There was a woman dressed like a catholic school girl that did a hula hoop routine, sounds boring? No way Jose. She, at one time, was hula hooping about twenty of those things while hanging over the theater. There was this one chick with a whip...*shudders* Then the golden girl on the 'bed' who did a routine with white satin sheets and a buff midget. And of course the two girls in the fish bowl, breath taking. A definite must see if you are relaxed sexually. Worth the money for the ticket and I’m so glad we didn't miss it.

    Of course we were hungry when we were finished but someone told us to not eat there in NY, NY. So we walked over to MGM and on the way my boyfriend bought me a rose. Once in MGM we started toward what sounded good, the Studio Cafe, but before we got there Jeremy saw a roulette table with an opening so he sat down, threw down a 100.00 and lost EVERY SINGLE BET. Not one hit. It was depressing, in a funny sort of way. And this guy kept wanting to buy the rose off of us b/c he’d just lost 700.00 and didn’t want to go back to his wife empty handed. Did I sell? Not on your life.

    Studio Cafe: Nice quiet atmosphere. I tried a peach bellini, but didn't care for it so I ended up w/ my good ol bud light,. Jeremy had a Zinfandel and we started off with some fresh fruit and then split the fajitas. A pretty decent quiet dinner. If I was around the MGM again I would eat there again.

    From there we walked down stairs to the Studio 54 club, but the line was soooooooooooo long so we decided to head out. We went back outside and there was this back door to the club and we were invited in. So I was free and we paid Jeremy’s way in.

    Studio 54: We stayed long enough to drink a beer then we left. It might be for some ppl, but the remixed 70's music just didn't do it for us. We Are Family, I Will Survive, and Staying Alive were great songs years ago, but a little hard to dance to remix style.

    After Studio we shot back across to NY NY to see if we could get into Coyote Ugly, just to find out that there was a playboy bunny model present and the line was llllllloooooooonnnnnnngggggggggg!!! Of course the bouncer told me if I helped him out he'd help me out, but the crowds were a little to much for me so we decided to stay out. We did have VIP reservations for Light but didn't want to spend that much money, or be at that club w/o a table so we decided not to go. Some lucky couple got in in our place that might not have if we'd shown up. So we headed back to the Stratosphere with the intention of grabbing a drink at the lounge and doing some gambling until we ran into these two hot girls advertising for a Bite after party w/ the cast. So intrigued (see pic) we went back to the Crazy Armadillo for the party and grabbed a small table next to the dance floor. The house DJ was playing good dance music so we decided to dance. Then the advertising girls came in and did a Coyote Ugly type routine on the bar and was giving shots for a dollar. I gave the girl five for my boyfriend a shot and she poured whip cream on my chest and made him lick it off while she spanked him with a towel. Then put him back in his seat and straddled him to feed him a cherry from her mouth then poured him the shot. Then we danced some more and the cast party came out and was throwing things to the crowd and I caught the Bite This thongs. All in all, 10x cheaper then anything else we could have done, no cover, cheap drinks, and 10x more fun.


    We actually slept late this day, finally, and drug out of bed about 11, starving. First stop. The Bellagios' The Buffet for a champagne brunch.

    The Buffet: YUM YUM!!! What better way to chase away the hangover from the night before but with a delicious combination of all kinds of food and champagne. Not to mention an early afternoon stroll through the conservatory and the shops. The food was so good I can’t actually say what was the best b/c I loved it all. Ah Yes..the strawberries…big, juicy, and tasted great on the little personal waffles. Definitely worth the 30.00 per person and made me want to stay at The Bellagio to be closer to the buffet.

    We were going to watch the entire fountain show at this point, even got choc dipped strawberries and a drink to enjoy during, but it was canceled due to high wind. 

    Next we headed down the strip to….CVS..Yep time to move the pics from the camera to a C.D. to make room for more. Also the purchase of gloves, blankets, and panty hose to keep warm at the race track the next day. Then we headed down to the showcase mall.

    Showcase Mall: Home of the main 1/2 tix, M & M store, and game works. We went into M&M b/c I wanted every color purple MM out of the dispensers. Then we checked out what was in 1/2 price tix but nothing caught our attention. Then we went down to game works but discovered that after playing the high tech simulator at NASCAR Cafe we didn't feel up to playing the 'kiddie' games. Plus being Saturday it was full of kids. Then we walked down the strip browsing through the little sidewalk shops along the way. Finally we caught a bus down to the Venetian, since we'd never been. We ate at the The Grand Luc.

    The Grand Lux: Jeremy had a Margarita and said it was so good that he actually ordered another one to go. I had champagne since I have discovered that if you start drinking, it's best to stay w/ the same type of alcohol. I also got one to go. We split a calamari, shrimp, and veggie platter that had two great sauces and watched some of the Busch race. If you want a nice place to take a break this restraunt is definitely on the list.

    While there we also walked the shops and thought about doing the Gondola ride, but the line was long plus you’re not allowed to drink on the ride. But the view and canal was really neat and we sat down for a walking break and watched a wedding on one of the bridges.

    Leaving the Venetian we tried to walk down to T.I. to catch The Sirens show, but missed it so we caught a taxi from T.I. down to Fremont to use the Fremont Paradise Buffet coupon and see the experience.

    Paradise Buffet: Gag Me! The food was below mediocre, and the neat foliage couldn’t disguise it. I would not go back for anything, even if it only cost 14.00 for both of us together.

    Next we headed out for the Fremont Experience.

    Freemony Experience: WASTE OF TIME! I’m sorry if I offend anyone who likes it but I would have waited around T.I. for the show. It was like a large TV screen and the show wasn’t a light show like I thought, but pictures of show girls and roulette wheels. I could see that in my own hotel.

    We honestly wish that we would have stayed on the strip.

    We made our way back to the strip and to our hotel and went to purchase our buy one get one for BITE. Once we purchased those we went upstairs toe the Top of the World Lounge for a few drinks and one last night view of Vegas. After that we went and hung out around the theater and bought a large Stratosphere souvenir drink. It was a margarita in a cup that was shaped like the Stratosphere with a winding straw to represent the roller coasters.

    BITE: For a topless review it was pretty neat. The girls are pretty and the theme was what you would expect from a show with that name…Vampires. The story line was pretty basic and it was worth the money w/ the buy one get one.


    NASCAR DAY! YEAH! We woke up and went downstairs to eat at the Courtyard Buffet.

    Courtyard Buffet: Um..better the Paradise but not worth the money in my opinion. Even it was only 13.00 a person. It was one of the buffets where you got your own drinks and own food. The only thing they did was sit us.

    After that we went down and grabbed a bus to NASCAR and it only took us about an hour to get there and while we were riding the tram around to the other gates we saw a short cut from the petty terrace to the bus lot. We played around on the midway for awhile then went down to the pits to take pictures of the tool chests and cars in line for the start. Then we went and took pics on the track in front of the turn 4 wall and the embankment. Next we headed to the pre race show and drivers introductions. Once that was over we went down and grabbed a bite then went and set down just in time for the famous words.

    The race was pretty uneventful. There were only five cautions, one from a rookie brushing the wall, one from the army car spinning out, two from debris, and one from Kyle and Tony getting into in the back stretch. The last caution did lead to a green white finish where my second fave driver, J. Johnson, took the lead from M. Kenesth in the last turn. It was a great finish.

    The bus ride home was tiring, almost two hours, and we ate again at The Crazy Armadillo then went straight up to bed since we had an early flight out.


    Packing, a quick breakfast at the courtyard buffet and then putting a ten in the 1.00 slots and cashing out w/ 40.00 then on the plane home. Now I’m back and I’m already trying to plan another weekend trip this year b/c I’m ready to go back again. It’s such an addicting place.

    *If you want to see photos, go to this link:


    the sign is : [email protected]
    Password: jeremy

    I got tired of trying the other sites and not being able to get my pics downloaded right.
  2. kristin

    kristin Guest

    Glad to hear that you had a good trip...against all odds! Wow- I am glad that you made it out there after everything that happened. Also thanks for the reviews on the places you ate at!

    :) Kristin
  3. vegasbound

    vegasbound VIP Whale

    Mar 3, 2002
    Las Vegas
    Sounds like the trip was off to a rocky start, but in the end a great time was had. We do get some terrible wind gusts here, the worst I’ve experienced. Happy to hear another good review of Zumanity. I think we’ll see “O†next, and then we’ll check out Zumanity.

    Hope you’re feeling better. Did you ever find out what was ailing you? Good thing it wasn’t your appendix or gallbladder. Pain from appendicitis was some of the worst I ever experienced, worse yet, when I went to the ER I was misdiagnosed with a UTI. Thankfully they took some blood, test results came back just as they were about to release me with a script for anti-biotic. A Catscan later, I was scheduled for emergency surgery.
  4. HoyaHeel

    HoyaHeel Grammar Police & Admin

    Feb 24, 2002
    North Carolina
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I'm clearly the only person in the world that was bored by Zumanity. What is wrong with me??

    Glad you were able to enjoy your trip to Vegas!
  5. Bosco

    Bosco VIP Whale

    Apr 4, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Not going there!:wink2:
  6. tarasgoodwin

    tarasgoodwin Tourist

    Jan 4, 2006
    No, they never did find out what was wrong, ubt the 8000 dollar bill is giving me heart failure.

    I'm thinking of a weekend trip in August for my bf's b'day and we'll catch O then, since I want to stay at the Belliago.
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