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Stay at Statosphere and Circus Circus

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by DutchVegas, Sep 26, 2001.

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  1. DutchVegas

    DutchVegas Low-Roller

    Sep 4, 2001
    Ruinen The Netherlands
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Since a friend of mine traveled to Vegas earlier this year Juli/august.

    He had made a trip report on his own travel page in Holland in the Dutch language.

    I asked him if he could plant it here also but then translated he did not feel much for the translation because his writing in English is rahter bad.

    So I did it for him.

    Hope you enjoy the read!!

    I start with the part when he enters Nevada.

    Well the first place we drove into was Mesquite, it was already 5 o`clock and we thought we would find a Hotel here.

    But as it seems al was ful, not a single room availlable in this place.

    What to do? We decided to drive to Las Vegas which wasn`t that far anymore we thought.

    After a few hours we saw the lights of Vegas and we were quite impressed by it.

    If you have never been to Vegas at all and you are totally unprepared for the City , you will be in for a suprise.

    Oh my, were to go what to do.

    Our budget for the trip normally is between 50 to 75 dollar a night.We had no idea what these mega resorts would ask and if there was any place.
    The only thing I knew was that I had to get a room quick because I was exhausted.

    So we started at this hugh pyramid building and asked if they had any room and if so what would be the cost.
    Full the lady said , so up to the next.
    This was the Hotel with the big fire upfront, also full.

    At last we tried the Tower which was could Stratosphere .
    I went quickly inside to ask if there was any room left and yes they had a room until friday(2 nights) then we had to leave because they were fully booked for the weekend.
    The rate was not to bad in my opinion I had to pay USD 69,00 per night.Which seemed at the time a bargain.

    I was reliefed we had found something, after checking in which went quickly.We received a coupon booklet with al kinds of offers i was certain i would not use.

    The room was small but it was clean and nice.We crash onto our beds in fell asleep right away.

    The next morning i woke up at abou 7.00 AM and thought i would make a round tour in the Hotel.

    I was amazed what these Americans could build if they wanted to.
    Man oh man what a Hotel.This was fantastic.

    I saw also a buffet I was dying for because man was I hungry.
    After going up to the room al exciting about Las Vegas I had to go do stuff here, I waked up my girl.
    We down to the Buffet which was really great , a lott of people seem to complain about the food, but I thought it was the best ever, I was really hungry.

    After breakfast I wanted to gamble a bit, that was Vegas they al told me.

    I went to a slot machine and quickly deposit about USD 100,00 inside it and got nothing back, yes about a half hour of play.
    Whow if this the rate is you loose money in this town you have to be a freeking Miljonair.

    We went for a drink and sat down with a fellow which seemed to be a local guy who told us a lott of things about Vegas.

    We had a talk for over two hours and enjoyed ourselves.
    Man had I learned a lott in these two hours.

    he told us that in this time of the year Hotels are generally full in the Weekend but with a lott of phone numbers in my pocket I went up to the room to find a room for the weekend, after asking first again at the counter if I could stay, but no luck.

    I wanted to be on the strip because I thought thats were the action is.

    After calling about 10 Hotels we get a room in Circus Circus for 2 nights(friday and saturday) for only USD 79,00 a night, again outrageous cheap.
    In Europe we could learn from these prices.

    Now we had a room it feld as a relief to us and were free to go were we wanted.

    The all day we visited al these great Hotels/Casino`s on the Strip.

    Man was I impressed with al the grandeur and greatness.This place is nothing I ever visited before.

    I think if you really want to see it all you have to stay for two weeks or more.

    After coming back to our Hotel(stratosphere) we looked for a nice restaurant and found it on top of this building, we had to make reservations.

    I must say that the experience of eating this high is something else, but the people in this restaurant weren`t as friendly if I had seen al day in other places.
    In fact we had the feeling we had to be happie that we could get a diner in their restaurant.

    Ok the food was OK and expencive, but its holiday so what the heck.

    End off part one.

    I will translate the rest a bit ater.
  2. Comeoutroll

    Comeoutroll Tourist

    Mar 22, 2001
    Dallas, TX.
    Thanks for the effort. It's fascinating to hear a European's point of view and the way they saw Vegas for the first time. It's not something you forget. Looking forward to part two.
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