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South Coast New Year's Day

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by vegasbound, Jan 3, 2006.

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  1. vegasbound

    vegasbound VIP Whale

    Mar 3, 2002
    Las Vegas

    My Trip Report

    Pictures can be viewed here

    We arrived at South Coast shortly after 3pm; there was only a few minute wait at hotel registration. We tried for an upgrade at check-in, but we were told suites were not available yet, and the hotel was booked. We were given room 523. The hotel was immaculate and smelled fresh. The room was large and nicely appointed. Although, it seemed some furniture had not yet arrived. As there was only one chair for the table, no desk chair and there was plenty of room for a coffee table near the sofa. The rooms have a 42†plasma TV as a standard amenity. Additionally, there was a single cup coffee maker in the bathroom, but no Styrofoam cups were offered - only glassware. The toilet and tub were in a separate room from the sink area. The tub’s shower curtain had one of those new curved shower rods…such a simple, but great design. The toilet seat had a curved design, as well, but it wasn’t nearly as great – it was actually quite uncomfortable to sit on. The closet for the room was large, as well. The room had no view. There is no in-room safe. And the ice machine on our floor was out of order.

    For dinner we decided to give Don Vito’s a try. We were seated immediately. Service was exceptional throughout the entire meal; it was the best we’ve received in quite sometime. The breads were freshly baked and few varieties were offered. Oil and vinegar accompanied the breads for dipping. We started with an anti-pasta platter. The meats, cheeses and vegetables were infused with olive oil and it was delicious. We each had soup, minestrone for Frank and chicken cacciatore for me. Both had great flavor and a melody of fresh vegetables. Next, our entrees arrived. Frank had Veal Parmigiana and I chose Chicken Parmigiana, both were accompanied by penne in an Alfredo sauce. Both were the weak links of our meal, neither the veal or chicken were particularly tasty. Additionally, the breading did not hold up well to the marinara sauce. We followed up with tiramisu for dessert. It was light, airy and especially tasty. The total came to $55 (before tip) we used a 20% coupon from the fun book issued at check-in and the bill was reduced to $44. Overall, it was a great dining experience. It’s too bad the entrees fell flat as other aspects of the meal were a great success.

    We gambled for a while after dinner. We each suffered losses left and right. Eventually, I caught 4 Aces on .25 DB. A nice $200, which under normal circumstances it would’ve been a triumphant win, but this time it only took an edge off the blows we suffered. With the win, I was up $100, but Frank was down $200 and he never recovered. At least, we were playing with winnings from the Royal Frank hit last week.

    We returned to the room and lounged around for a bit. Then we decided to catch a movie. We saw Fun with Dick and Jane at the new Century Theaters. The theaters were comfortable and the sound was phenomenal. Cute movie.

    We weren’t up for another beating in the casino so we returned to the room and watched some TV. Then, Frank started to get hungry so he opted to order room service. Prices weren’t outrageous, reasonable by room-service standards. He ordered a Rueben and an order of egg rolls. He was told it would be 30 minute wait. Exactly, a half hour later it arrived. The egg rolls were real good and the Reuben was average.

    We had intended to use the free breakfast buffet vouchers in the morning, but Frank ended up having to work on his day-off. So, as the sun rose, he headed out for work. I lounged around in bed for a while. Then I started to get hungry so I decided to give the buffet a try after all. There was no wait for the buffet it cost $6.95 w/ tax. I wasn’t asked if I had a smoking preference so I assume the dining area is all non-smoking. The fare is standard Coast offerings. Selections included made to order omelets, variety of cheeses, fruits, pastries and other breakfast staples. More lunch items were offered than I’ve seen at the Suncoast or Orleans. Everything was average. I’ve never been a huge fan of Coasts’ buffets, but they’re edible and offer an adequate selection. All in all, I was satisfied, I wouldn’t recommend a special visit, but if you’re already there it’s a decent option.

    Overall, we had an enjoyable stay at the South Coast. I think it will be a fine hotel once it’s fully operational. Problems we encountered were minimal and better than expected since the property opened only 10 days prior.
  2. KevinSTP

    KevinSTP High-Roller

    Dec 22, 2001
    southern california
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks Vegasbound. Great photos.
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