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Signature at MGM, August 2013

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by aashleyjc, Aug 24, 2013.

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  1. aashleyjc

    aashleyjc Low-Roller

    Jun 22, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    I have enjoyed reading Trip Reports here, so I thought it was time I contributed.

    My husband and I live in southern California, so we often get away to Vegas for a couple of nights. Our trips are usually Thursday/Friday as we both have every other Friday off and we can miss out on the Sunday traffic mess by coming home on Saturday. This was our 4th trip of the year. Previously this year we have stayed at MGM Grand (Executive King), M Resort (Strip View Queens) and THEhotel (V Suite). I was able to get an insanely cheap rate at the Signature with $150 fb, so that’s where we were headed. We are definitely “stayers” more than “players”, so our comps are always light.

    We got a late (for us) start, leaving about 6:00 pm Thursday. Traffic was surprisingly light and we were making great time, until about Baker. We could see lightning in the distance and once we started up the Baker grade, the skies opened up. It was nothing but rain and lightning for miles. Once we passed Stateline it started to clear up. Yes, I know it is officially named Primm, but it will always be Stateline for us. I personally, think it is a dump and won’t stay there. I don’t mind the outlet mall, but the rest just feels run down and dying.

    Arrived at the Signature around 9 pm and the lobby was empty. We walked right up to the front desk and checked in. I never have high hopes for upgraded rooms and we don’t play the $20 game. I book what I am comfortable with and go from there. I had booked a basic Deluxe Signature suite and requested a balcony. The front desk clerk put us in a Deluxe Suite balcony room on the 30th floor with a strip view. Floors 29 and up are considered the Penthouse. It was a nice room with a good view and a horrific bed. I have never slept in a worse bed in Vegas. It was lumpy with two pronounced furrows on each side with a large ridge in the middle. We probably should have complained, but we aren’t complainers and were only there for two nights. If it had been more, I would have switched rooms but for two nights I can manage. I probably will email management and let them know that the mattress is in desperate need of replacing. Everything else was great and showed minimal, if any, wear and tear. The room was not a true suite by any stretch of the imagination. Large bath, king bed, pull out sofa, arm chair, small table/desk with two chairs, kitchenette and a balcony.

    We headed back downstairs and over to MGM to play a little. Like I said, we aren’t big players. We wandered the floor for a while before finding some $0.25 VP. I played JOB while my husband played DDB, I think. Our last three trips had been huge busts, so we were due for some luck. We played for about an hour and I hit two 4oak’s, while my husband hit 4 ace’s with a deuce kicker. We played for a little while, but getting up at 4 am took its toll and we headed to bed.

    The next morning we were up early and headed out to do some shopping. One of our traditions every trip, is to go to Margaritaville for lunch and then hang out at the pool. I am a self confessed Parrothead, so an afternoon at Margaritaville is a must. After we returned from shopping, we used a MyVegas reward to get BOGO unlimited one day monorail passes. I know some people hate the monorail but we like it, mostly so we don’t have to drive. Lunch was good. We got the much-lauded volcano nachos, and conch fritters. We couldn’t finish either one, there was so much food. I wanted a Players Card from the Margaritaville casino, we played for awhile there after lunch. Nothing terribly exciting, but we managed to stay even and cover lunch. Walking through the Flamingo casino, my husband stopped to have a cigarette so I put $20 in a multiplayer WOF by the buffet and won $40.

    We love spending time at the pool, so we headed back to MGM on the monorail. After looking at the chaos at the MGM pool complex, we decided to just hit up the tower pools at the Signature. It was cloudy and cool for Vegas in August, so the pools at the towers were deserted. Service at the pools was excellent and the drinks were delicious.

    After the pool, we went upstairs to shower and change. We went down to the MGM casino to play some more before dinner and had a good run on VP. I hit a straight flush and another 4oak. We also played a little quarter WOF and walked away with more than we put it in. Unfortunately, our luck ended after dinner.

    Dinner was at Pub 1842. We had originally made reservations at Craftsteak but changed at the last minute to Pub 1842 because we just weren’t in the mood and wanted beer and burgers and to watch some football. It ended up being a great decision. We had seats near the bar with a great view of the game.

    The Drinks - We started off with the Six Shooter, which is a sampler of all of their barrel aged cocktails with a beer front and back. Our server wasn’t kidding when he said that it was pure alcohol. Our favorites were: Waxing Gibbous - Wicked Tango Moonshine, Lillet Rosé, Grapefruit Bitters; Dutch Daisy - Genever, Chamomile Tea Syrup; and the Old Fashioned - Bulleit Bourbon, Sugar, Water, Bitters. I wish I could remember what the beers were. They were good, but obviously not memorable. We also split a pint of Weihenstephaner, which is our hands down favorite.

    The Food – We ordered the Hot Soft Pretzels with ‘Merican beer cheese and a poached egg. Don’t let the egg scare you away. You break it open into the cheese and it is amazing. The pretzels were soft and warm and went great with the cheese. My husband ordered the bacon cheeseburger and I ordered the peanut butter crunch burger. We both agreed that the peanut butter crunch burger was hands down our favorite. It had so many flavors that worked surprisingly well together and was so good. Both burgers came with garlic fries, which were also very good. We had plans for dessert, but were so full that we had to pass.

    After dinner we played for a little while, but like I said before, our luck ran out. We got tired of sticking $20s into machines, so we called it quits. We had to be up very early to head home, our son got hurt playing football, and so we called it a night. It was another night in our lumpy bed, with someone yelling in the hallway around 1 am. Our floor was very quiet otherwise, with only 16 rooms.

    Check out was quick, valet was quick and soon we were on our way across the desert heading home. Staff was exemplary. Everyone was kind, polite and went out of their way to help. I would definitely recommend the Signature for anyone looking to get away from the action a little, or who wanted a non-smoking hotel.

    MyVegas rewards – We only used one this trip, the BOGO monorail. I had redeemed for an entrée at Delights, a cocktail at The Lounge and a cocktail at Pub 1842 but we never made it over to the MLife desk to pick them up. It is just as well, we never used all of our FB credit as it was. I requested refunds when we got home and the LP’s were back in my account within the hour.

    Our next trip is in October for the Jimmy Buffett concert. We are staying at Aria, for now. I keep booking Aria and then having to cancel or finding a better offer and moving our reservation so we will see if we actually end up there. I used a MyVegas comp for one of the nights in an attempt to not be tempted to move the reservation. I also have a girl’s trip scheduled for November and we will be back at the MGM Grand.
  2. casinoboy

    casinoboy Low-Roller

    Jun 18, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    thank you for posting a report about signature,i just reccomended it for my cousin and his wife because they have kids and want a kitchen but i never stayed there. i will tell them the beds might not be good!

    i need to try margaritaville after reading so many people get there volcano nachos!
  3. theghost

    theghost Stuck at work, but should find a poker table

    Apr 7, 2010
    North Carolina
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great report, thank you for sharing!!

    My wife and I just stayed at MGM and dined/drank at PUB 1842 and were extremely pleased with both food and drink. We really liked the pretzels you mentioned too :)
  4. thecarve

    thecarve Misanthrope

    Aug 24, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Good report! Thanks.

    I've been craving a burger for the past week and wondering where I should go this weekend for a good one. Sounds like I need to put Pub 1842 on my list of possibilities.
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