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She is a Lady - TR

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by westie, Oct 9, 2005.

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  1. westie

    westie VIP Whale

    Jun 24, 2002
    Kensington, CT
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    I lie in bed, but sleep eludes me, my thoughts are on tomorrow when we will be together again. I smile as I remember our first meeting some forty years ago. Me, an awkward man-child, with more heat than knowledge, more desire than sense. She, older and more experienced, was the proverbial forbidden fruit. Our relationship never followed the easy path; we even parted company early on until the fire was rekindled following a chance encounter. Though the passion may have ebbed over the intervening years, the embers of my desire have never cooled. Now as we enter a fifth decade, there is a richness and fullness to our relationship that I could not have envisioned in my youth. For her part, the years have proven kind; adding both character and sophistication to the charms Mother Nature so amply bestowed. I know she has entertained many others over the intervening years and, by necessity or design, reinvented herself more times than she would care to remember, yet she is still able to make me feel as if I am the only one. It is this ability to remain reachable, but never fully attainable that adds to both her allure and mystique. As the autumn of my life advances, time and circumstance permit more frequent visits for which I am sincerely grateful.

    I finally succumb to sleep; secure in the knowledge she will be waiting by the gate for me.

    Well she's all you'd ever want,
    She's the kind they'd like to flaunt and take to dinner.
    Well she always knows her place.
    She's got style, she's got grace, She's a winner.

    She's a Lady. Whoa whoa whoa, She's a Lady.
    Talkin' about that little Lady and the Lady is mine.

    Las Vegas! She is a Lady and the Lady is mine for the next 14 nights

    Warning: This TR is long and not recommend for those on a diet.

    ACG = American Casino Guide
    E = Entertainment book
    LVA = Las Vegas Advisor
    New = new experience
    R.com = Restaurant.com gift certificates
    O = other discounts

    09-20 I awake at 2:00 AM and head downstairs to print the highly coveted Category-A boardng passes for our SWA flights. I won’t bore you with the details of the next several hours other than to mention our BWI connection where we dined in elegance on a bagel at the BWI Deli and a sub at Charlie’s Grilled Subs. Our connecting plane was delayed out of Isslip and it took 1.5 hours before Tatoo called out “Da Plane, Da Planeâ€. The flight to LAS was otherwise uneventful and it was not long before the Westies shuffled to the shuttle for the Dollar parking lot. As an Express member, I was directed to a line of compacts, but I used an expired upgrade coupon to drive away with a Chrysler Sebring that was sporting a moonroof. Our first stop, as usual, was the Wal-Mart at the junction of Eastern Avenue and I-215 for water, soda, Merlot and other supplies. Check-in at the Fiesta for the next 12 nights was efficient and we were assigned a king, nonsmoking room on the 9th floor.

    We dined at Lindo Michoacan (New) (R.com) a family-operated, upscale Mexican restaurant located on Sunset Road in Henderson. The usual complimentary chips and salsa were served along with a bean dip. Based on a Las Vegas Weekly review, ( http://www.lasvegasweekly.com/2003/10_16/food_taste.html ) I requested the excellent, though spicy, chipotle salsa. Ms. Westie ordered the cammarones dionisia – shrimp in a combination of green chilies blended with sour cream. I chose camarones sarandeados estillo “Tia Estther†pointing to the menu listing rather than challenge my Spanish 101 skills. This dish is not for those with acid reflux, it is shrimp basted in sarandeados sauce with a selection of dried chilies and secret spices blended with a touch of mayonnaise – spicy, but wonderful. Entrees include a cup of delicious sopa fideos (hearty broth laced with noodles), Mexican rice and refried beans. The use of cheese throughout was understated (amen). This is the best Mexican restaurant we have patronized in Las Vegas. 4.5 chiles, oops Forks, out of a possible 5.

    09/21 The buffet on this day was the Orleans (ACG) where I had a spinach and cheese omelet made with Egg Beaters along with a spoonful (large) of hash, fresh grapefruit and orange segments plus juice. Ms. Westie’s plate(s) was filled with fresh fruit/yogurt, pancakes, blueberry blintz and an assortment of other goodies. 3 Forks.

    We barely had time for one lap (walking) around the jogging track at Sunset Park before Mother Nature called, actually screamed, for me to return to the Fiesta. Our first full afternoon in Las Vegas was spent reading, resting, snoozing and a session of video poker.

    The restaurant of choice this evening was Soul 2 Soul Bistro on North Rainbow – (New, E)
    http://www.usmenuguide.com/soul2soul.htm ). This restaurant was chosen as a Best of Las Vegas staff selection in the soul food category, but also serves Creole and Caribbean. The restaurant’s décor was quite attractive and service was, contrary to published reviews, fairly efficient. We were served a light corn bread while we waited for our entrees of mesquite grilled salmon served with mango salsa, plantains and a tasty (dirty?) rice. The least satisfying part of our dining experience was the fish, overcooked and surprisingly bland. 2 Forks.

    We drove to the Orleans and enjoyed one set by IN10CT (New). http://in10ct.com/ This Filipino American band won a $250,000 performance contract in Coast Casinos’ 2004 Battle of the Bands. They played tunes by Santana, Earth, Wind, & Fire, Tower of Power, Blood Sweat & Tears, Average White Band, and Spiro Gyro. What absolutely amazed us was their energy and ability to move seamlessly from one tune to another without pausing. BTW - the rumor that band members are the illegitimate offspring of the Plaza’s Sunspots is absolutely not true. 5 Claps out of a possible 5.

    09/22 Breakfast was at the Village Pub, Sunset Road (New, LVA). This is one of several Village Pubs scattered around Las Vegas Valley and operated by the owners of Ellis Island Casino. The restaurant menus are very similar, as is the décor, but it lacks the staffing problems and smoky atmosphere of the latter. Prices, however, are nominally higher. I chose the (3) pancake special, but requested only 2. The chef compensated by serving a pair fit for Paul Bunyan. Ms. Westie ordered the French toast, both dishes were overdone. 1 Fork.

    We returned to the Fiesta and played a little video poker before driving to Commander’s Palace (New, R.com) in the Desert Passage for their $18.80, 3-course Creole lunch. Ms. Westie and I each selected the turtle soup au sherry, blackened Mississippi catfish and banana praline white chocolate bread pudding. This was unadulterated gastronomic decadence! Oh yeah. I almost forgot to mention those 25-cent martinis!!

    Round 1 – Westie orders a lemon drop, Ms. Westie squares off with a Cosmo (Westie wins round)

    Round 2 – Westie responds with a Commander’s Palace, Ms. Westie counters with a lemon drop (draw)

    Round 3 – Westie retaliates with a Commander’s Palace, Ms. Westie passes (receives a standing 8 count)

    Round 4 – Westie finishes Ms. Westie’s lemon drop (Ms. Westie was TKO’d and PO’ed)

    In contrast to other reports on this lunch, the restaurant was packed this afternoon. Our sole complaint was they ran out of martini glasses and served our first martinis in whisky glasses. What the hey – isn’t that illegal? I managed to persuade our server to hold off on a second round until he located two (clean) martini glasses. As I exited singing “We are family, all the Brennans and meâ€, the maitre d’ handed each of us a praline.

    I was still shaky later in the afternoon, but managed to do pretty well in an abbreviated video poker session courtesy of quad deuces. Ms. Westie’s stomach was doing the Texas two-step so we avoided any discussion of food until around 8:30PM. We then shared a Cabo club sandwich at the Fiesta’s Baja Café before turning in for the night. 2 Forks.

    09/23 Lite was our goal this morning so we drove to the Brooklyn Bagel Deli (New, E) on Green Valley Parkway in Henderson. We were disappointed that our toasted cinnamon raisin bagels were overdone. 1 Fork.

    We then checked our emails at the Green Valley Library having made advance reservations from home. Ms. Westie also checked-out a pair of books. Next stop was Paris, parking as usual in the Barbary Coast garage, in order to see about exchanging our “We Will Rock You†tickets after reading that all future matinee performances were being cancelled. The Box Office clerk told us to contact Ticketmaster directly and, after a few transfers, we were advised that our tickets would be honored at the 7PM performance.

    We returned to the Barbary Coast for a free doggie and beer (ACG). 1 Fork (downgrade due to that wimpy yellow mustard). Next trip I will be packing heat – Webber’s Hot & Spicy mustard.

    Dinner tonight was at the Mayflower Cuisiner (R.com) on West Sahara. http://www.usmenuguide.com/mayflower.html
    This is a gorgeous Asian restaurant, a past recipient of a Best of Las Vegas award in the Chinese category, with impeccable service and décor. The mother is the chef and her two children serve as waiter and hostess/bartender. Our entrée in February received an unqualified rating of 5 Forks so we decided not to test fate and again ordered the miso-sake, crusted seabass with chicken ravioli, veggies and rice cake. This time the meal was over sauced detracting from subtle flavors we had so enjoyed in the past. 2.5 Forks.

    The San Fernando Band (New) provided tonight’s entertainment while we sipped Smirnoff Ices (ACG) in the Gold Coast lounge. http://www.thesanfernandoband.com/ The place was packed to the walls, but we lucked out finding a table to share with another couple. The band was fantastic, but we departed around 10:30PM for fear of turning into pumpkins. 5 Claps and a standing Ovation.

    09/24 I followed the road more traveled to the Orleans breakfast and feasted on juice, milk, a spinach/cheese Egg Beaters omelet with pico de gallo, a slab of ham and a side of bacon. We then joined the masses at the Super Run Classic Car show in downtown Henderson. Our interest waned after about the 50th vehicle, but we enjoyed visiting a number of arts/craft shops on Water Street. A local realty company passed out free bottles of water and bags of goodies (candy, coupons, key chains etc.).

    No lunch today so we arrived at the Ambiance Bakery & Bistro (New, E) hungry. This is a 32-seat French restaurant located on East Sunset in Henderson. http://www.gayot.com/restaurantpages/LasVegasInfo.php?tag=LVRES050202&code=LV. There were less than a handful of patrons this Saturday evening and a sign hung from the front door informing others that the restaurant would be closing early. We learned owner/chef Jean-Pierre Giron had a number of wedding cakes/desserts to prepare for Sunday and his lone helper had been hospitalized earlier in the day. Our salmon in champagne sauce entrees were accompanied by sliced potatoes and fresh veggies. The fish was moist and everything was sublime. Portions did not seem overly large, but still left no room for one of his signature desserts. BTW – his desserts are available at the Palms. 4.5 Forks.

    09/25 Great food, affordable prices and an interesting clientele – can there be a better place to dine on a Sunday morning than the Ellis Island (ACG)? http://www.ellisislandcasino.com/Restaurant.htm I chose easy over eggs, wheat toast, bacon and hash browns while Ms. Westie settled on cinnamon vanilla French toast. 2.5 Forks.

    The remainder of the morning and early afternoon were spent meandering along the streets and alleys of Lake Las Vegas where the 3rd Annual Fall Art Show was in progress. We returned to beautiful downtown Henderson where half dozen chicken tamales at El Mexicano (New, R.com) provided much needed sustenance. 2 Forks. I soon retired to our room for a long siesta while Ms. Westie read, exercised and played video poker.

    On every trip in recent memory we have enjoyed a meal at Ventano’s Corner & Oyster Bar in Henderson (R.com) and this trip would be no exception. http://www.usmenuguide.com/ventano.html
    Beautiful views of the valley at night, excellent southern Italian cuisine and affordable prices proved to be a winning trifecta. We shared a fabulous warm spinach salad, a delicious eggplant rollatini (think lotta ricotta), a more than satisfying side order of cappelini with marinara and a killer crème brulee. Kudos is extended to our waitress Amy for not assessing the plate splitting charge. 4.5 Forks.

    We returned to the Fiesta for a short session of video poker highlighted by my first ever-sequential royal. WOW!

    09/26 The Orleans buffet again received the early morning nod. As we enter our 7th day in Las Vegas, I realize I have not had huevos rancheros yet. Are we talking restraint here or what? Ms. Westie settles on easy over eggs, a baked apple and a blintz – ho hum. 2.5 Forks.

    My watchband needed an adjustment so we visited the Las Vegas Premium Outlets on Charleston Avenue. Ms. Westie, in her official capacity as the 2005 poster child for Chicos, managed to return home with a blouse, (2) jerseys and a necklace. I could hardly contain my excitement when told how much money “we†saved. Only belatedly did I realize I would have been far better off simply trashing the watch rather than tempt fate by driving within 10 miles of Chicos. Que sera sera.

    Swish Japanese Hot Pot (New, E) on West Sahara was our dining destination this evening.
    http://www.reviewjournal.com/lvrj_home/2005/Jun-01-Wed-2005/living/1887771.html This recently opened restaurant serves 2 types of hotpot, shabu-shabu and sukiyaki. The staff is very friendly and patiently walks newbies through the entire process from ordering to cooking. We selected seafood (shrimp, salmon, tilapia and scallops) shabu-shabu. Veggies, tofu, mushrooms, and (2) types of noodles accompany each entrée. You cook your own food in a hot pot filled with a seaweed-enhanced water and then dip each cooked item in one of 2 sauces. You are encouraged to adjust the sauces to taste by adding chili sauce, scallions, hot pepper sauce, minced garlic and/or minced white radish. The broth is not consumed, as is the case with Vietnamese Pho. Unlimited rice is included and prices are reasonable. It was truly a unique and delicious dining experience. 4 Forks.

    We adjourned to the Suncoast for a one night only performance of “Echoes of Woodstockâ€, described as a celebration of the music of Janis Joplin; Jefferson Airplane Glue; Santana; Joe Coker; Crosby, Stills & Hash, Jimi Hendrix, and Sly & the Family Stoned.
    Bill DeRoach (actually DeLoach), Danny Gans’s piano accompanist, served as producer and star of this excellent show. As they say, if you remember the 60’s, you weren’t there. BTW – Danny was introduced in the audience. 4 Claps.

    09/27 It is half time for this trip so we dropped our clothes off at a wash and fold laundry. Breakfast this morning is a shared bagel from the Brothers Einstein and OJ in our room. I have no notes on our whereabouts this morning so I can only conclude that we were abducted by aliens or suffered a flashback from the 60’s music of the night prior. 3 Forks.

    Kacao Grill, on Eastern (New, E), sounded different. I was under the impression South American food was served, but the menu was about 98% Mexican. Just what Las Vegas needs is another mediocre Mexican restaurant. I tried a Guatemalan chili relleno tortas, a poblano pepper stuffed with bits of beef/pork than deep-fried in a batter and serve on a roll with avocado and lettuce. Ms. Westie wisely selected a bowl of the tortilla soup. I will forever after remind Ms. Westie that I had offered her a choice of the Kacao Grill or Commander’s Palace. 2 Forks heavily weighted toward the tortilla soup.

    Dinner this evening is at Como’s (New, R.com) a French restaurant in Lake Las Vegas. Owner/chef Joseph Keller is the co-founder with his brother Thomas of Napa Valley’s Buchon. His brother also operates the highly acclaimed French Laundry, Buchon at the Venetian and Per Se. Based on this dining experience, Joseph is the less talented of Mrs. Keller’s sons. Our meal started off with a white bean, anchovy, garlic and EVO spread delivered to our table with hot rolls. Ms. Westie opted for the crispy skin salmon served with cippolini onions, Peruvian potatoes, kalamata and asparagus tips in a sundried tomatoes tapenade. I chose the roasted chicken over garlic spinach accompanied by Joseph’s signature French fries. I believe Heidi, the Review Journal’s restaurant reviewer, must have based her rating on these fries because we found both entrees to be unremarkable. http://www.reviewjournal.com/lvrj_home/2005/Sep-16-Fri-2005/weekly/3345956.htm 2 Forks.

    In defiance of George W’s wishes, we drove to the Barbary Coast (ACG) where we had a pair of the worst cosmos ever served. A half-hour of Dean & Friends by Tom Stevens bored me silly with his impressions of Dean, Frank, Cary, Sammy, etc. 0.5 Clap and I am being very kind.

    We walked over to Bellagio’s beautiful Fontana Lounge where Jimmy Hopper was temporarily holding court. We each ordered ice tea at $4 per glass, but were later informed a refill was included in the price - whoopie! Jimmy is in process of selling his Las Vegas home and relocating to New York. He treated us to a couple of songs from his soon to be released album of all new material. The set lasted an hour-and-a-half and covered everything from popera to funk. He sounds, if possible, better than ever. This has to be The Best Damn Lounge Act Period. 5 Claps and a standing Ovation.

    09/28 We arrived too late last evening to pick-up our laundry so I set off early this AM to retrieve our unmentionables. Sporting freshly cleaned outfits we departed the Fiesta in search of the Emerald Island Casino (New, O), described in ads as the Jewel of downtown Henderson. Maybe it is, but I know the bar isn’t set all that high. http://www.emeraldislandcasino.com/?CFID=16213286&CFTOKEN=219b98243b3f7de3-5415DD4D-F1F6-9482-3513DEA927FFDFD8 We had the 99 cent, reduced to 69 cents with coupons received at the classic car show, breakfast special of (2) eggs, (2) bacon strips, hash browns, toast and coffee. Everything was good, but the bill left me in a quandary. How much do you tip on a $1.38 bill? 20% comes to around a quarter so I settled on $1.25, my first ever 90%+ tip. I am now considered a whale at the Jewel of Henderson’s coffee shop. 3 Forks.

    Ms. Westie dropped me off at the Fiesta while on her way to the Palms for a massage (LVA). I spent the morning and early afternoon playing video poker, reading and otherwise rejuvenating

    Dinner tonight was at Rosemary’s (New, R.com) on West Sahara. http://www.rosemarysrestaurant.com/
    This restaurant has been selected as the Best of Las Vegas in both the Power lunch and Gourmet categories and who am I to disagree? http://www.rosemarysrestaurant.com/ I chose the 3-course prix-fix diner saving us a whopping $3 over ordering a la carte. Our meal began with warm potato and raisin rolls – delicious. We were also served a complimentary dollop of seafood salad on a fried wonton. Shared portions of Hugo’s BBQ shrimp with Maytag blue cheese slaw were delicious. My entrée was halibut Lindquist, seared fresh halibut on a bed of garlic spinach with buttermilk onion crust topped with fried onion rings. Ms. Westie’s entrée was sesame seared ahi tuna with Asian veggie slaw, fresh cilantro and ginger soy butter sauce. We also shared a piece of goat cheese cheesecake that sounded far better than it tasted. By the time our waiter arrived with a complimentary dessert, (2) each chocolate truffles, lemon bars and peanut butter bars, we were satiated and requested a doggie bag. 4 Forks.

    Our choice for this evening’s entertainment was Latin singer Michelina Bellamy who was appearing at Casbar Lounge in the Sahara. Her voice was pretty weak so we left immediately after the first set.
    1 Clap.

    09/29 It was the Gold Coast buffet this AM – fresh fruit, juice and huevos rancheros – Ole’. Ms. Westie munched on a bunch of fresh fruit, blueberry blintz and a small wedge of bread pudding. 2.5 Forks.

    We made one circuit of the casino floor before departing for Bellagio. The Conservatory was done in autumn flowers, apples, crows, pumpkins, scarecrow and a huge water wheel reminiscent of one found at a New England cider mill. The 19-foot topiary painting comprised of over 50,000 seedlings was beautiful. A total of 4 gardeners are required to maintain the detail of this one-of-a-kind masterpiece. 5 Claps.

    We visited the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Arts’ current exhibit “The Impressionist Landscape: From Corot to Van Gogh. The exhibit includes 34 masterpieces by 16 artists from the permanent collection of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Also included in our tour of Bellagio were the glass sculptures by Dale Chihuly hanging over the lobby, the floral display behind the front desk, the beautiful glass leaves hanging above the entry way from the Strip and the cascading fountain of chocolate at Jean-Pierre’s Patisserie. 4 Claps.

    Dinner following a few glasses of Merlot was at Bonjour Bistro on Eastern in Henderson. http://www.bonjourvegas.com/dinner.htm Ms. Westie’s selection this evening was crusted salmon in a tarragon-based sauce accompanied by carrots and wilted spinach. The filet was baked in pastry with cheese, spinach and pine nuts. This has to be one of the best salmon dishes ever created and I only got one itsy bitsy bite. My bouillabaisse included ample portions of white fish and shellfish floating in a delicious seafood/tomato broth. We shared a chocolate and banana crepe that sounded and looked better than it actually tasted. 4.5 Forks

    We spent more than a half an hour locating the Freakin’ Frog – a bar located off Tropicana near UNLV. A group called the Piccadillos were playing what is billed as mutant bluegrass (i.e. bluegrass that rocks) and I thought it sounded interesting – well I was wrong. The bar was very small and the band played very loud and the crowd was an odd mix of hippy and dippy and we decided we really didn’t want to listen to mutant bluegrass after all. 0 Claps.

    Next stop was the Tuscany Casino’s lounge for the very mellow sounds of Kurtis May. 2.5 Claps.

    09/30 Another light breakfast provided by the Brothers Einstein, Chiquita banana and those little ole juice makers at Tropicana. We proceeded Downtown and parked at Main Street Station’s outside parking lot. A quick stop at the cashier to obtain reimbursement for the $2 parking fee and it was off to the Fremont Street Experience kiosk in front of Binion’s to redeem a pair of funbook coupons. Next stop was the Golden Nugget where we signed-up for a slot card and received $10 in slot play. Ms. Westie and I located the 8/5 bonus poker machines and cashed out at $5 and $6.25, respectively. Next stop was the Plaza where we played 4 tokens in the paycheck video poker machine, winning 3 drinks (water) and a $1 keno ticket. Ms. Westie subsequently hit 3 of 6 numbers for a $1 payoff playing keno. Sensing she was on a roll, Ms. Westie coupled the $1with a 2 cent TITO received from Tiger and headed directly for the penny slots. Hitting a few bonus rounds, she brought the credits up to well over $3, but her greedy side took over and she ended up cashing out at just over $2.

    We were hungry from this running around and decided to lunch at Chicago Hot Dogs on the Boulder Highway in Henderson. After several passes and much cursing we located the restaurant which is closed. Never one to be stymied, I chose plan B, the Jewel of Henderson. As compared to breakfast, the café was nearly empty at noon. Ms. Westie selected a grilled cheese sandwich from the gourmet section of the menu while I opted for the daily half sandwich (ham) & cup of soup special. The soup was pretty good, but I was hesitant to ask what it was. Turns out it was chicken, tomato and rice – whew, I was laying odds it was clam chowder. My gratuity exceeded 30% so my legend continues to grow. 2.5 Forks.

    Picture yourself on the veranda of an Italian villa seated under palms gently swaying in the breeze on a perfectly clear and beautiful evening. The immediate view is of a lake bordering a golf course with distant lights from a hillside village twinkling. This was the setting for our dinner at the MiraLago Mediterranean Lakeside Restaurant (R.com) in the Reflection Bay Golf Club on this Saturday evening. http://www.miralagollv.com/. Ms. Westie ordered the Brie fondue rib eye – grilled Black Angus steak with melted Brie and tempura onion ring accompanied by fresh vegetables and potatoes. My entrée was the pan-seared mahi topped with fresh mango crab salsa over sautéed spinach in an orange fennel reduction and herbed rice. The Westies were living large this evening. 5 Forks.

    We were overdue for an another session of good old fashion Rock N’ Roll so we headed over the to Gold Coast lounge where the Smith Brothers were in residence. http://www.angelfire.com/nv/LVSmithBros/. This is one of my favorite Las Vegas-based bands. They play top 40 tunes, country, ballads and lots of great 50-60’s stuff. This evening we recognized a few people in the audience. The first one was Lula, named by us for the Janet Evanovich character – we are talking a plus-size woman. She is always impeccably dressed and takes to the dance floor alone. The second character is Goldie, an 80 plus year old swinger we last encountered when she performed a lap dance for a pair of 70 year-old geysers. With walker in tow, she danced to several tunes and flirted unabashedly with the guitar player. 4.5 Claps.

    10/01 The Orleans buffet gets the nod this morning where we enjoyed fresh fruit, juice, pancakes etc. We managed one lap around the casino before it was time to check our emails at the Green Valley Library.

    Next stop was the Casino MonteLago, which was offering a grab bag today for all slot members. It turned out that we had a choice of a coffee mug, BBQ utensils, a ball cap or a stuffed dog. We both opted for the stuffed dog. After a little R&R, we caught the first set, 5:45PM, of the Glen Williams Show in the Riviera lounge. http://www.theglennwilliamsshow.com/ Glen is a talented performer who covers anything from popera to good old Rock N’Roll. He also must be the only performer alive that includes a Bobby Goldsboro song on his play list – ribit. 3.5 Claps.

    Our dining choice this evening was Isabella’s Ristorante on Sand Hill. http://www.usmenuguide.com/isabellasdinnermenu.htm.
    I ordered penne with broccoli, sun dried tomatoes and garlic topped off with shaved Parmesan cheese. Ms. Westie wisely chose the puttanesca sauce over angel hair pasta. All pasta dishes come with a choice of soup or salad – I chose Caesars while she opted for baby greens. 3 Forks.

    10/02 Another 99 cent special at Emerald Island, another 60% tip. After checking out of the Fiesta, we drove to Boulder City to attend the annual Art in the Park show. There were 430 booths and we must have visited more than half. Ms. Westie arrived home with a hand painted jersey, Max-the-Schipperke is looking spiffy in a red chili pepper visor and I earned mileage on my Southwest Airlines credit card. Last, but certainly not least is our new Japanese painting titled “Rainy Dayâ€.

    We returned to the Fiesta for lunch at the Baja Café and ordered a bowl of Feel Good Soup. We asked that it be split, but to avoid a surcharge all the solid ingredients (chicken, spinach, noodles etc.) were placed in one bowl while another bowl was half filled with broth. 3 Forks.

    We drove to Boulder Station (LVA) where we will be staying for the last 2 nights. The check-in process went smoothly and we were assigned a king, nonsmoking room on the 14th floor, we all know it is really the 13th, but who’s superstitious? We soon discovered it was near impossible to read by the light cast off by the low wattage bulbs in our bedside lamps. After a short video poker session, I retired to our room once again for some much needed rest and relaxation. I then went downstairs around 5PM and purchased 2 orders of crab ragoon at China Express as a snack to go along with our Merlot. 1 Fork.

    We arrived early for the 7PM performance of “We Will Rock You†– and it did. We were in the Bohemian section and had fantastic seats. This show featuring the music of Queen was excellent and the recent downsizing from 2 to 1.5 hours did not in any way detract from our enjoyment. 4.5 Claps.

    On our way out of the showroom we stopped at the lounge and caught a few songs by the Mark O’Toole band. His voice wasn’t all that great (bad night?), but the music was very pleasing. 2.5 Claps.

    We needed some sustenance so we headed, to where else, but Ellis Island (ACG). Our waiter suggested the steak special, but I went with the fish & chips – bad decision. The fish had spent way too long in oil and came out very dark and a tad bit greasy although the cod itself remained moist. Ms. Westie fared far better with a grilled chicken breast sandwich. Westie – 1 Fork, Ms. Westie 3 Forks. We also enjoyed before and after dinner drinks (ACG) with the latter being a delicious Irish coffee with Bailey’s Irish Cream.

    10/03 The Orleans – I could not deny myself this last opportunity for huevos rancheros that I parlayed with a sampling of chili verde – pardon my burping. Ms. Westie went more traditional with easy over eggs, blueberry blintz and bacon. 2.5 Forks.

    We adjourned to Wynn Casino. My initial impression is it is elegant, expensive and lacks the tourist appeal of Bellagio. We will probably return to view the Wynn Collection of Fine Art plus possibly play the 9/6 JOB, 450 coin video poker machines.

    Later this afternoon I used the business center at the Boulder Station to read email and catch up on the UCONN Huskies. At around 5PM we once again visited the Orleans, no wonder our gas bill this trip approximated $160, and enjoyed a couple of free glasses of Merlot (ACG).

    Tonight’s dinner reservations are at Todd’s Unique (New, R. com), Sunset Road in Henderson.
    http://www.toddsunique.com/menu.php It is a highly acclaimed restaurant that turned out to be at least as good as all the published reviews I read. Contrary to most Strip restaurants, Todd is the on premises chef and frequently (daily?) changes the menu based on the availability of ingredients. Mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots, beets and asparagus accompanied my entrée of wild sturgeon in Cajun butter sauce. Ms. Westie chose the daily special - monkfish in a curry sauce over mashed potatoes, mushrooms and asparagus. Both entrees were a symphony for the eyes and taste buds. 5 Forks.
    10/04 I arose at around 4AM and attempted to complete the SWA online check-in process, but the business center’s computer froze up immediately after I obtained Ms. Westie’s A boarding pass. I then headed downstairs and in my next to last video poker session of the trip hit a second royal flush – yes, Las Vegas you can be a Lady!

    Breakfast was at the Boulder Station buffet (LVA). I attempted to use our points with the LVA 2/1 coupon, but the cashier told us it was either/or. This buffet, like all Station buffets with the exception of GVR, lacks the variety and quality found at the Coast Casinos, but we were opting for convenience over quality. 1 Fork.

    We still had time before we had to leave for the airport so it was one last video poker session at the Fiesta. I managed to hold my own, but Ms. Westie recouped most of her losses when she hit quad deuces.

    Our last stop before we returned our rental car was Jersey Mike’s (New, E) for a pair of #13 subs that were consumed on our delayed, 25 minutes, nonstop flight home. http://www.jerseymikes.com/ 3 Forks.

    Thanks to anyone that has taken the time to read this TR. The Westie’s next Las Vegas trip coincides with the NFR, in the interim we will be fasting.

    She knows just what to do, and how to please me.
    She's a lady. Whoa, whoa, whoa. She's a lady.
    Talkin' about that little lady and the lady is mine.
    Yeah yeah yeah She's a Lady
    Listen to me baby, She's a Lady
    Whoa whoa whoa, She's a Lady
    And the Lady is mine
  2. canaryj

    canaryj Tourist

    Sep 14, 2005
    were you able to use the restaurant.com certificate for the 18.80 lunch? Great reviews.
  3. sin

    sin VIP Whale

    Jun 25, 2004
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Westie fabulous tr! Thanks so much for posting it and I'm glad to hear you and the Mrs. had a great time.
  4. westie

    westie VIP Whale

    Jun 24, 2002
    Kensington, CT
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    ------Yes! I have already purchased 2 more for our upcoming trips so I hope they continue the $18.80 3-course meal and 25 cent martini promotions.
  5. Jimbucc

    Jimbucc VIP Whale

    Apr 1, 2003
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great opening to TR. You got me by 8 years but I can relate. I have to go eat now because I'm hungry after reading all the reviews. Great job!
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