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Sept 21 - 24

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by teenwolf, Oct 16, 2003.

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  1. This was my first trip to Las Vegas and I learned a tremendous amount of info from this and other forums. A thank you to All.

    I went with my fiancé (I will refer to as “wifeâ€) her first time flying. We flew out of Indianapolis at 5 pm EST and had a lay over in Cleveland. The wife is digging her nails into my arm with every take off and landing. Plane ride was mostly uneventful except for the occasional turbulence (Once again the nails find blood on my poor left arm)
    Plain lands at 9:50 pm Vegas Time... Finally in Vegas Baby

    We stayed at NYNY (SideNote) Remember those great room rates everyone got from NYNY then they cancelled on them, well this was the deal. I spoke with Greg Platt and convinced him (with help from an email from the Attorney General of Nevada) it was in their best interest to honor the reservation. (/SideNote) Check in at the airport went smooth. No King bed but was told I was getting a better view with 2 queens. We took a shuttle to NY. Our room was in the Empire Building – 31st Floor. We had a corner room and views of MGM & Excalibur.

    It was 1 am our time so we called it a night…YEAH right, were in Vegas Baby. Both starved so we headed down to San Remo for their $4.95
    Prime Rib. Service was pretty good and you can’t beat 4.95 Prime Rib with Potato, vegetable, and salad. Went and played some slots afterwards (My Wife loves (addicted) to slot machines, I could really care less) Absolutely no drink service in that place so I went to the bar for a couple of Long Island’s. Went to bed 5 am Vegas time.

    Up at 7 am and walked down to Bolder Station for breakfast. I had Steak and Eggs, she had Ham and Eggs – Each meal cost $2.25 – Only in Vegas. Service though was terrible.
    Then starts the real fun. On to the Barbary Coast, wife plays slots and I starting drinking. I’m not even playing the slots but the cocktail waitress is intent to get my drunk by 9 am. After double fisting Mai Tai’s for a couple of hours, I am totally wasted. We move on to Tropicana and sign up for their players club and are directed to check in to get our coupon book. Oh wait you have to be a hotel guest, well with enough liquor in me I talk to the check-in girl and somehow (I have no idea what I said, I was too drunk to remember) I come away with the prize. Some very good coupons in the book (covers Ballys, Treasury Island too) After some yard drinks (2 for 1Margaritas for me ! ) we go to Harrah’s. At least I am a good drunk i.e. don’t stumble into people acting like an ass. The wife gets a blister and we have to walk all the way back to NYNY. We take a Pedi-cab to soften her pain. Both of us get some good *sleep* and our out until 9 pm.

    Pretty uneventful night, touring the strip gambling here and there, no big wins. We crash at 5 am.

    Up at 11am and take a taxi to Wild Wild West for their 1.99 half pound burger, great deal. Then we walk to Orleans for some gambling and take a ride back to Barbary Coast. Head up to the New Frontier for their food at Margaretias. Then take the bus downtown.

    Let me tell you Downtown rocks. Did some $3 BJ at 4 Queens, first dealer kicks all of our asses, but second dealer has no shot against my basic strategy. I end up $100 while drinking 8-10 Coors Lights. Ate at the famous 99 cent shrimp cocktail at Golden Gate, very good. After a while went to Main Street Station Buffet. I was very disappointed with the food quality for the price ($12). Left downtown tourned the strip somemore and crashed at 3 am. Flight left at 7 am, uneventfull flight more except for the nail attack I received ( I knew I should have brought some Dramamine)

    Gambling - lost about $125 (only brought $300)
    no Idea what wife lost, she would hit a $50 payout here and there but in the long run Vegas got her good.

    Overall thoughts :
    NYNY – nice room, average drink service. I would stay at again if I am not staying downtown

    WildWildWest – 1.99 burger is great deal, service was also top notch, would highly recommend for a cheap fulfilling meal.

    Barbary Coast – Excellent drink service early AM, poor service late PM. Ate at the Victorian Room for 2.05 hot cakes deal, service sucked but food very good

    San Remo – 4.95 prime rib compares to meal at “Perkins†for about 14.00; horrible drink service

    The Strip – Can you say “corporate†I am sorry but the long walking distance between hotels, erratic drink service, no comps for someone like me, and high table limits turned me off. It’s more of a site seeing place. Don't get me wrong the site seeing is great but that is not what I was really looking for.

    Downtown – You won me over. No doubt I am staying downtown in my next visit. Whats not to like, no walking, low limits, good food & music, good drink service. I thought 4 Queens was very nice.

    Main Street Station Buffet – Golden Corral is better and cheaper

    Orleans – Very Big & nice , need a car though to get around

    New Frontier – ate at Margarita's 11.00 for two fajitas & 2 margaritas – very good; no drink service in this place though

    Can't wait till my next trip, thinking maybe in December but most likely Late March..

    [ October 17, 2003, 06:41 AM: Message edited by: teenwolf ]
  2. VegasDon

    VegasDon Tourist

    Nov 5, 2002
    La Vernia, TX
    Sounds like a great trip! I agree with you about Downtown. We are staying at the 4-Queens next month. We really enjoy it. Sorry to hear about the MSS buffet, was really good last time we were there. We are loking forward to the Prime rib at the California this time.
  3. Coaster Kikky

    Coaster Kikky Tourist

    Jan 8, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Really enjoyed your TR, but had to wonder about this statement after you referred to staying at NYNY. That's a heck of a walk! Perhaps you meant another place, like Boardwalk?

  4. teenwolf

    teenwolf Guest

    Good catch I meant Bourbon Street Casino
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