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Sam's Town & 4 Queens

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by BobLasVegas, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. BobLasVegas

    BobLasVegas Low-Roller

    Jan 30, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    My stats prior to this trip was winning trips 4, losing trips, 11.
    Average per trip loss of $252.00

    This trip was 4 nights, myself and sister Mary, her 3rd trip. Thanks to
    her for picking up most of the tab, air, hotel, car and most of the meals!
    Love ya Sis! First two nights at Sam's town at 28 bucks per night and the last two nights at the 4 Queens for 45 bucks the first night and the second one free. 4 nights in Vegas for about a hundred bucks!

    Arrived late Wed night about 1130 PM, took the shuttle to the new
    rental car place, everything went smooth, had reserved an economy car from Budget for 134 bucks, used the LVA double upgrade coupon for a trade up to a Ford 500, deluxe version. Nice. Rep at Budget first tried to tell me coupon was probably not good for Vegas. I pointed out to him
    that it was a VEGAS coupon book!

    Off to check in at Sam's town! Everything goes fine, room on 9th floor.
    Basic room, nothing fancy. Back out to the Strip to Grand Lux at the Venetian. Mary had some kind of turkey and something sandwich, I had
    the southwest chicken salad, very good! I would have it again.

    Back to Sam's Town and bed. Up early, played some 10/7 DB, won.
    Mary lost. Off to Ellis Island for the Steak special, as always, tasty and
    a good meal. Played LVA match play, doubled down and won, played the
    Ellis Island menu match play, and won. Over to Mandalay Bay to pick
    up Mama Mia tix for Sat. MBay is nice. Over to MGM Grand to pick up KA
    tix for tonight. Over to Wynn so Mary could check it out. Had her get two
    cards and started to play some VP to see if we could rack up the 100 points for the two " free buffets " but when I saw how slowly the points accumulated on the quarter machine, I pulled the plug on that idea.

    Back to Sam's Town, some more VP, more winning for me and losing for Mary. Off to MGM for KA. Ran into old friend Gary, AKA Panto the
    Gatekeeper at KA. Got him to break character for a few minutes and chat! LOL! Great seats about 7 rows back, just left of stage. AWESOME
    show. I don't know who is the star of the show, the performers, or the stage! A must see show! And for the 50 buck deal, outstanding!!!

    Over to Gold Coast for the T-Bone steak special, as always, very good! Afterwards, listened to the lounge band singing cover songs.
    They were pretty good. Back to Sam's Town, more winning VP for me and nothing for my sister. Also won 2 of 3 baseball bets. All underdogs.

    Friday, before leaving made one more withdrawal
    from the Sam's Town VP ATM. Over to Harrah's to see the Mac King show.
    3rd time for me, 1st for Sis. She liked it. Mac is VERY funny! Another must see show! And cheap! Over to the Wynn, paid for the dinner buffet,
    total of 82 bucks for both of us. Very good, all quality items! Excellent crab legs, shrimp, prime rib, and fantastic desserts! Pricey though!
    Mary thought it cost to much, but big brother was treating as he was winning in Vegas! That would change.

    Checked in at the 4 Queens. We thought this would be a little bit of a
    let down, roomwise, after Sam's, but we were wrong. The room we had on the 11th floor was much nicer than Sam's. What a pleasant surprise.
    Nice flat screen TV too! Went over to Fitzgeralds to buy Larry G Jones tix,
    bought them from Larry the man himself who was hawking the outside the Fitz! Dropped 40 bucks at the Fitz on VP, ( they have full pay! ) for my first loss! The winning streak was over. In to see Larry G Jones,
    perform. GREAT show. Larry is awesome. In my opinion he warrants more than 20 bucks a ticket and a better venue than the Fitz! I have seen Danny 100 bucks a ticket,Gans, and I think Larry is certainly just as good, and in fact much better when you figure in the price savings!
    GO SEE LARRY G JONES! Afterwards, listened to a rock cover band out on Fremont St. Back to 4 Queens to play their 10/7 VP progressive over by Hugo's Cellar. Took them for a hundred. Late night meal at the California. Tried the 4 buck steak special, and tried for the first, and last time, Oxtail Soup! I had heard a lot about it, but the broth was too bitter for me! The meat was good though. Guess you have to develop a taste for it. Lots of people there sucking it down!

    Saturday. Bopped over to El Cortez to put some points on my card.
    As far as I could tell, no full pay VP seemed to be available there.
    Dropped 40 on a multistrike VP machine. Back to the 4Q for more VP.
    2 hundred bucks into the machine, feeling like I was on a roll, I upped it to the 50 cent level, got down to 122.50 and upped it to the dollar level.
    Going down, down, down...put 2 more hundred in, and lost it all except for the 50 cents. Sigh...cashed out my ticket and collected my two quarters. A $399.50 losing VP session. Ate at Carson City Cafe.
    The Bread pudding is fantastic!

    Over to MBay for Mama Mia. Great seats and at a 241 which equaled to 50 bucks a seat, it was wonderful. Fantastic show. Sis loved it.
    Over to the Orleans and used a ACG 241 coupon for the buffet. Decent
    food and a great price for it!

    Drove over to our favorite VP casino, the Palms. I drop 50 bucks there on the VP, but Sis hits 4 Aces for 2 hundred bucks! Nice.
    Back to Fremont St. Played for awhile at Main Street Station to try to put some points on the card to see if I can get some room offers. Walked out 30 bucks up. Back to 4Q for a last VP session. I was sick of losing at VP,
    but Sis only knows this game and will play nothing else, so I played a little more of it than I otherwise would have. After we were done, she headed to the room and I stayed down and played one session each of Craps and Blackjack. I should have went to the room instead!

    Sunday. Packed up, collected my 3 out 4 winning baseball bets from the previous day, again, all dogs! Collected my "free" tshirt from the slot club desk and also 25 bucks in free slot play. I used the free play for my only slot play of the trip, a Texas Tea machine, which did what slots usually do, just sucked the money down!

    Stopped at the Peppermill for breakfast. Very good. Huge portions!
    Returned the car, and caught the plane back to Cleveland!

    Final tallies and observations:

    VP-Minus 129.50 Baseball plus 91.80 Blackjack minus 35.00
    Video Blackjack plus 20.00 Craps minus 46.00
    Total: Minus 98.70

    Sam's Town: Great VP, nice atmosphere.

    4 Queens: Nice room, good VP.

    KA: Awesome.

    Mama Mia: Wonderful

    Larry G Jones: He is the man! Go see him!

    Mac King: He will keep you laughing, and good magic too!

    Wynn Buffet: Pricey, but very good quality.

    Ellis Island Steak Special: The Bomb!

    Gold Coast T-Bone special: Well worth it.

    Oh yeah, my sister ended up winning probably about 2-3 hundred!

    Bob in Cleveland.
  2. BrokenAlice

    BrokenAlice Tourist

    Sep 6, 2006
    Seattle, WA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the TR! :thumbsup:

    Now give the details on where this VP ATM is at in Sam's. I need to make a withdrawl!
  3. BobLasVegas

    BobLasVegas Low-Roller

    Jan 30, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    St Vp Atm



    I just had a string of good luck at Sam's Town. It changed to bad luck

    down at the 4 Queens! But the Progressive back by the movie theater,

    was almost at 1700 bucks! I think it was 9/7 Double Bonus, but the

    1700 made it well worth playing! GOOD LUCK!

    I think you will like Sam's Town!

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