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Rolled the dice...and lost

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by mardaho, Oct 6, 2010.

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  1. mardaho

    mardaho Low-Roller

    Feb 1, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    FLIGHT: Allegiant Air out of Duluth
    Flight left about half an hour late (they wheeled out a lady on a stretcher?) We made up time in the air and landed
    pretty close to on time. This time we flew over the strip and then came back around over the Mandaly Bay.
    Deplaning was the usual nightmare, Hey all you people who need extra help pre boarding, why don't you wait til
    everyone else gets off so you can have help getting off that way you aren't being run over by people on the way
    to the promise land. VENT this irritates me.

    HOTEL: this is where I rolled the dice…and you guessed it ….lost
    we booked under an offer from Harrahs with 300 in reel rewards, to get this you had to stay at Harrahs for 2 nights
    I used a host this time and she set me up for 2 nights at Harrahs and 2 at Caesars Palace. Mainly because the last
    time we stayed at Ceasars the weather was crappy so we didn't get to enjoy the pool area at all. Our room at
    CP last trip was very nice and I figure it would be okay to switch for 2 nights. Get to Harrahs and go to Platinum
    Check in Area, the attendant tells us Oh I can give you a complimentary upgrade. Cool we'll take it.
    Go up to the 34th floor of the Carnival Tower ( I think) it's the one in the lobby. Open the door to a 2 room suite
    with a sitting area with a couch , chair, table, big flat screen tv and a wet bar. The bedroom also had a big flat screen
    a big cushy king bed. In the 1st bathroom was all marble, 2 sinks, jacuzzi tub and a litlle flat screen. In the next room
    was a toilet and a HUGE shower I mean huge…probably 5 x 5 anyway. :cheers:
    The bed ended up being a little too cushy and was a little uncomfortable to sleep in.
    After 2 nights of this we moved to CP. We had registered for their text check in…what a joke…. :Þ
    they let us know that we can pick up our keys at the bell desk anytime after 11.
    we head over there and it's before 11 so we sit and play a few games and go to the desk just before noon and are
    told, that they haven't received the keys yet and we could check back in an hour or go to the keys/mail desk. We chose
    the keys/mail desk….bad idea 10 people in line and the lobby was full of people. Finally found the platinum check in
    where there were 3 college age kids hashing out the bill with the attendant, then they all pull out wallets some with
    cash and others with credit cards and divide up the bill, in the meantime another woman showed up to help us
    out. She types away and says they have a room for us in the roman tower on the 11th floor, we get
    there and ICK!!!! Our rooms at IP have been better than this, we did have a good view though, the room had
    a king size bed, old dark furniture with an itty bitty tv, The bathroom was an all in one with the shower, toilet,
    sink, safe, closet and an even tinier tv. When you flushed the toilet it sounded like an airplane taking off.
    YUP I ROLLED THE DICE AND LOST AT THIS ONE!!! To make me feel better, I tell myself that they probably
    wouldn't have given us the same room at Harrahs had we been staying 4 nights. I would have gladly marched back
    down to the desk and told them that this room was unsatisfactory, but hubby wouldn't let me.
    On the plus side the bed was a lot better and we had an awesome view of the pool and the rio, which at night was
    gorgeous. Hey how much time do you actually spend in your room…..right!!!!

    GAMBLING: We mainly just bopped around between all the Harrahs Properties. One thing I find confusing is
    why can our TR cards work at Planet Hollywood and O'Sheas, but they have yet switched the card system over at
    Barbary Bills?????
    Hubby had one 500 dollar win, but other than that nothing much to speak of. We did manage to come home with
    about 1/2 our bankroll intact. Hey that's a win …isn't it????

    POOL TIME: The temperature was around 100 every day , the first day we figure maybe we should walk around in
    the am while it's a little cooler and then chill by the pool for an hour. We got there around 3 and it was HOT HOT HOT
    the only thing that saved us at Harrahs, was a little pool on the second level that was about 10 inches deep with
    fountains squirting out of it. If you sat on the edge with your feet in, it felt about 20 degrees cooler. So maybe
    waiting til 3 wasn't such a good idea, but it got us out of the huslte and bustle for awhile. The second morning I
    just went down to the pool by myself and read for about an hour, It was still very hot and had to dive in the water once
    to cool off. Met a bunch of morning people, like myself and had a few conversations.
    The third day was at CP pool, again we waited until later in the day, we were tying to judge when the sun would
    hit the pools, because they are kind of stuck in between 4 tall buildings. It was kind of overcast that day but I sat
    out and had a beer and read for an hour. The pool area here is very nice, and could see that it would be a hopping
    place in the right season, myself I like it when it's kind of quiet.

    FOOD: Our first meal was at KGB's in Harrahs, very good burgers and not overly priced. Good atmosphere and a lot
    of TV's, so we got to catch the first half of MNF Packers vs Bears….that one didn't end up so good, but the first half
    was fun. Had one meal at Cabo Wabo - also very good and not real expensive or too much food. Nice portion size
    for about 10 bucks per meal. Other meals included Sabarro's pizza, Nathan Hot Dogs, Chinese food from the little
    food court by Harrahs, and we ate at Munch-kins in CP. Other than that I think we just did danish and coffee and
    juice for breakfast a couple of day.

    OTHER STUFF: Vegas was extremely crowded for a trip during the week. We got there on Monday and it was crazy busy
    we figure that it was long weekend people and it would calm down on Tuesday….never happened it was busy
    the entire time. I did notice that there wasn't a lot of older people this time as in the past, it was probably too hot
    for them to be out.
    We would go out and walk the strip earlier in the day but by dinner time, there were way too many people out there
    and we found it was easier to maneuver during the day and we stayed close to our Hotel at night. I don't like that
    they allow the people to hang out on the bridges, I like it better when they chased them off. Sometimes there were
    4 or 5 people one each bridge trying to sell you water or entertainment.
    Drink service was hit or miss, It seems like if you needed one you wouldn't see a cocktail waitress for an hour
    but if you had one in your hand they were around every 10 minutes…go figure.
    Oh yeah I almost forgot, we were in IP one evening and after only about 10 minutes we are approached by the
    Hotel Manager asking my hubby by name how his trip is going…….Scary that , that fast they know where we are
    playing and hunt us down.

    Now the disappointment of being back in the real world….oh well there is always our next trip to plan

  2. BackInVegas

    BackInVegas VIP Whale

    Mar 14, 2008
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thabks for the report

    Harrah's room sounded nice. Caesars Palace, not so good.

    When I was in Vegas in late August it was in the 80s for the high. You hit the September heat wave.
  3. jpw711

    jpw711 Is that your cat?

    Mar 10, 2009
    Southwest Missouri
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice trip report, sorry about the room at Caesars, do you have any pictures of it? I've always been curious about those original rooms.

    Strange that they would put a platinum player in one of those.
  4. Rick1323

    Rick1323 Low-Roller

    Sep 16, 2009
    Upstate NY
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    That 2 room suite is typically the one we have at Harrah's. We don't bother with Ceasars anymore. My wife likes the quick trip to the strip from Harrah's.
  5. sailor53

    sailor53 Tourist

    Jan 18, 2006
    Pensacola, FL
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    If you come back with part of your bankroll it's really all about value received. If you're happy about the experience - it's a win. Thanks for posting!
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