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riviera july 4th

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by thefoxke, Jul 17, 2003.

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  1. left work thursday in san diego early to get to the airport decided to take the bus and it works well arrived in las vegas retreived bag and headed for the shuttle area got on a shuttle with three other people within 5 min. for $4.50 took the tunnel route. see why not to take for taxi for shuttle was interesting trip taped the whole thing while driver talked whole way other passagers did not care or at least did not talk up.
    check in was no problem did not ask for up grade nor was offered about 7;45 pm anyway got the monaco tower facing the pool area not a long walk. was in a smoking room but only smell of smoke was in the halls.
    room was standard was not sure what to expect from reports here and other sites nothing wrong had all the regular soap lotion ect. went to the walgreens to get water for the weekend was on sale so had plenty put them in sink and added ice. left maid tip for first night that morning with a note that it was for them in case they were not the same for intire stay, as was recomended here, had not ever done that before, but the maid put ice for water in sink next day when i got back to the room so is good idea.
    gambling was ok for whole trip went to several differnent areas, nothing to bring home in armored car but had a whole lot of fun.
    did not do shows just sitting outside hotels is enough show for me was very interesting as always.
    left sunday decided to walk and tape the strip, took about 3 hours or so with stops and resting, did take the bus from paridise ave to airport had walked it before and it is not worth it, the fountains at ballegio are very worth the wait.
    bad part of trip was when i got to the airport to check in did not have my little wallet, it is a leather business card holder, works well for room keys and credit cards id, normaly keep it in my front pocket, nice and flat easy to carry. but for some reason i put it in my back pocket like regular wallet dummmmmmm idea.
    also put water bottle in back pocket along way and some where it came out.
    southwest was very nice about it only had to get checked over a little more with the wand and every thing out of pockets shoes off and all that. then they put, "no id", on boarding pass that was all the hassle for that.
    called wife at home told her to call and cancell the, atm and 2 credit cards that were in it no money.
    the nice thing that came out of that is i received in the mail yesterday my little wallet with all the contents in it. had hoped it would happen but was not holding breath over it.
    some where in las vegas there a mr. rogers that seems to be like the more famous one from t.v. he returned it with a note that he had found it by the bus stop. i would like to publicy thank him for the kindness of returning it to me. the wallett part was what i was going to miss the most.
    again thank you mr. rogers if you are a member or read this board.
    can not wait to return to las vegas and try my luck again. do injoy my stays there

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  2. Coaster Kikky

    Coaster Kikky Tourist

    Jan 8, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    That's great that you got your wallet mailed back to you. That had to be a scary moment or two at the airport though! :eek:

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