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Relaxation in Vegas? It can be done!

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Wanger1969, Nov 24, 2021 at 9:37 AM.

  1. Wanger1969

    Wanger1969 Iowa Nice

    Mar 8, 2005
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    My Trip Report

    I had a 5 day trip planned solo November 15th - 19th. I am usually VERY busy when in Vegas, but this trip came after a LONG few months of work and stress, and it very much showed in my ability to relax.

    Flight from Cedar Rapids to LAS Monday night November 15th went off with just a short 20 minute delay. I always fly Allegiant and have never had a bad experience. Yes, there have been minor delays here and there, but that can happen with any airline. I have no complaints.

    I arrived in Vegas just after 11pm Vegas time, caught a LYFT to my hotel for the week, Delano. THANK YOU so much to this board for recommending Delano for my stay. My room was amazing, from the huge tub in the bathroom to the separate living and sleeping area's. I stayed in a Scenic Suite, and loved every minute of my time in it. I was super tired after a long day of travel, so by the time I got to my room, it was 1am Vegas time, (3am body time) so I headed to bed.

    Tuesday, Nov 16th. I woke up SUPER early, as my body was absolutely ready to get going. I headed downstairs and went over to Mandalay, literally a 4 or 5 minute walk. I hadn't eaten in 12 hours, so my body needed nourishment. I had heard good things about House of Blues, so I bellied up to the bar for some breakfast. I had the Rock and Roll breakfast, which was delicious. Nothing fancy, just well cooked breakfast food at a great price. I had F & B to spend with MLIFE, so this was a great choice. I was scheduled to pick up a rental car, so grabbed an UBER and got to the rental place. I should have called. NO. CAR. AVAILABLE. What a pile of crap. I had planned around having a car for a couple of days, so this definitely put a spin on my plans. I took an UBER back to my hotel and decided to just make the best of the situation. I gambled a little in Mandalay, then grabbed a snack at Starbucks and decided it was time for a nap. I slept for a bit, then got up, as I had ordered a charcuterie plate from Valley Wine and Cheese, and needed to figure out how to get it. I checked UBER/LYFT, and it was going to cost around $50 to pick it up. Why not? I had already paid for it, so I ordered my UBER and got on my way. I had an AMAZING driver, a lady right around my age. It was like riding with a good friend. We chatted all the way there and back, so it was an incredibly fun ride. I got back, put my cheese in my little fridge area, and did a little shopping. I needed to grab some trinkets for the daughter/granddaughter from my trip. I headed back to my room around 7pm, and realized I hadn't eaten since breakfast. I thought, I will just make a "quick" trip to the food court at Mandalay to grab a bite. Um. No. I could have walked to the Luxor food court in less than half the time that it took me to get to the one at Mandalay. And then, they hardly had anything as they were closing shortly. I got a quick burger and ate it on my trip back to my room. At this point, I felt like the day was kind of over, I was tired and needed to just rest. I took a bubble bath and then relaxed and watched tv. This was a wonderful way to end my day.

    Wednesday, November 17th. Again, my body woke me up around 5am, but I did go to bed early the day prior. Today was the only day with truly set plans. I had friends that were going to be in Vegas during the same time as me, so we had decided to do a day at the Circa pool. Since I had no rental car, I got a bus pass and hopped on the Deuce about 7am, headed downtown. I had decided to have breakfast at Main Street Station before heading over to Circa to check us in. The Buffet at MSS was good, not great. Nothing spectacular, but nothing awful, except the coffee. (like always) I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, then went over to Circa to check out the casino. I played a little on my card, then decided at 10am it was time to head to Stadium Swim. I checked us into our day bed and proceeded to just relax until the rest of my party arrived at noon. This place is wonderful, especially when it isn't too crazy busy. We had a $200 spend, and struggled to get to our total, as none of us are big drinkers. Everyone (except me) was able to eat and we all stayed hydrated. We spent the entire day just sitting in the pool, laughing, catching up. It was such a great day. we left Circa around 6pm, and I was honestly tired. The other girls were going to get one of those $10 tattoo's, and I was ready to head back to my room. I got on the Deuce and decided I would stop at Eataly and get supper for takeout. I got some pasta and some dessert and headed back to Delano. I also bought a loaf of bread to enjoy with my cheese platter. I ended the evening eating in bed, enjoying watching some tv, eating, and relaxing. This was so different than any Vegas trip before.

    Thursday, November 18th. The only plans I had this day was a 9:30 pm MJ One show. I got up and wasn't feeling too hungry, so I grabbed a coffee at Starbucks and decided to check out a few other casinos near me. I did a little gambling at Luxor and Excal, and then decided I was finally hungry, and decided to check out the Excal Buffet. This buffet was really excellent, zero complaints. Everything was hot, the variety was great, and the service was wonderful. (I love self serve drinks) I highly recommend trying out Excal Buffet. If you are a bread pudding fan, they had some that was AMAZING. After breakfast, I headed back towards my hotel, and decided to hit up Planet 13. I ordered online and then curbside picked it up. It was nap time, so that was a perfect excuse for half a gummy and some great sleep. I woke up about 7pm and was hungry, remembering I had bread and a cheese plate awaiting me. I ate in my room while enjoying the lights of Las Vegas. I headed down to MJ One at 9pm. This show was absolutely worth every penny! I was in an aisle seat, which I can't recommend enough. The performers spend a lot of time in the aisle, and this added to my enjoyment of the show. Highly recommend this show. After, I headed up to my room and hit the hay.

    Friday, November 19th. This was the day I was leaving, and honestly, I was ready to head home. I had plenty of food in my room, so I had breakfast there, leisurely packed, and then checked out at 11am. I thought about gambling a bit more, but decided luck just wasn't on my side this trip. I got a LYFT to the airport a bit early and had a non rushed TSA experience, which I highly recommend. Flight home was uneventful.

    This was such a different Vegas trip for me. I intended to do more gambling, more eating, and more running around like a crazy woman, but honestly, was so burnt out from work and life the past few months, that I just needed down time. Vegas can be relaxing, and that is exactly what it was for me. It was a much needed "break" from the day to day grind.
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  2. Viva Las Vegas

    Viva Las Vegas Ramblin' Gamblin' Man

    May 31, 2008
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    Glad you were able to relax, well at least beyond dealing with the rental car fiasco.
    Trip 61!
  3. Chrisbeans

    Chrisbeans Low-Roller

    Jan 17, 2010
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    Glad to hear you were able to have a relaxing trip! Thanks for sharing!