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Recent Vegas trip

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by JustJ2K, Apr 3, 2003.

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  1. JustJ2K

    JustJ2K Tourist

    Mar 29, 2003
    Plattsburgh, NY

    My Trip Report

    I've actually found this board in the "afterglow" of my first Vegas trip. As some of you may have seen in my other posts, it went well enough that we are quickly planning our 2nd trip. Let me tell you about my first trip, from March 13-18..

    March 13th

    Things couldn't have started much worse for us. First we overslept and almost missed our flight. Then I decided to have motion sickness, just as our plane was about to land in Vegas. Thinking our problems were left behind, we soon learned that the airline had "misplaced" one of my girlfriend's bags. Oy.

    We made it to Luxor and were given a 2nd floor Tower room. We knew next to nothing about upgrades and such, and were more than happy to be in our room. It wasn't too far from the Casino, as I had heard the opposite. The room was nice, the bathroom was huge, especially the tub and shower (which are seperate).

    We headed out for some food and gambling. It was an early night for us, since we were 3 hours jet lagged. We passed out by midnite.

    March 14th

    We took a cab to Circus Circus, mainly because it was one of the few places we knew of. We were overwhelmed by the kiddie presence, and soon headed out. We walked on to Stardust, and did a bit of gambling there. We won a little bit on the slots, so we cashed out and moved on. We decided to head back to Luxor and see what was up. We took a cab back to Luxor and decided to buy tickets for the Blueman group. After a few hours of Blackjack, Roulette and Slots, we went to the BMG show. It was outstanding. If you haven't seen it, you're missing out. It feels like a 2 hours acid trip. After the show, it was time for more gambling and then we hit the bed around 2.

    March 15th

    We did a lot of site seeing on the 15th. Walked over to Excalibur from Luxor, stayed for a short while, and then crossed the Blvd. to MGM. We grabbed lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe, which was a lot of fun, even though the food wasn't the greatest... you don't really eat at the RFC for the food anyway, it's the atmosphere! Saw the Lions, gambled a little, and ran back across the Blvd to NYNY. That was a little hard, my girlfriend lost her brother on 9/11, but we wanted to see it. Quite a crazy place. Coyote Ugly looked hopping, but we weren't going to wait in THAT line. (we'd still be waiting) We ended up going back to Luxor and gambling. A little drunken Roulette and 8 straight "Black" calls ended up with my girlfriend and me both up nearly $300. I don't know what the odds are of 8 straight Blacks are, but it can't be a good strategy! (actually it's 1:256, but that's besides the point). Somehow it worked out that night! We farted around the Casino until almost 5am and then headed to Bed.

    March 16th

    Got up and headed to Bellagio/Caesar's Palace region. Did some Gambling at the Mirage, and we got tickets to Sigfreid and Roy. Went and looked at the Tigers, gotta love the animals! Got some great pics of the White Tigers! We gambled for a while, and then we went to Bellagio, did some gambling there, nothing special happened either way, more or less broke even. We went back to Luxor and at at Isis. Quite a place, expensive as can be and worth every penny. My girlfriend ordered lobster bisque to start, which they brought to her and the poured burning alcohol in it, resulting in flaming soup. Quite a performance. We had 4 men waiting on us at all times it seemed, and had a pianist for our listening pleasure. Aside from the raw clams I accidentally ordered (oops), it was outstanding! After dinner and doing whatever at Luxor we went back to the Mirage for Sigfreid and Roy. Our seats were in the "pit" which is a hollowed our portion of the stage. The show went on around us, and I have no clue how they do what they do. The show was great, and we had unleashed (would a leash matter??) Lions and Tigers within arms reach, and even an Elephant. This show was possibly even better than the Blue Man Group. Another show you really have to see if you haven't!!! After that, we watched the Volcano erupt, then went to the Bellagio for the water show. Heard a Sinatra song which seemed appropriate. After this, we hoofed it back down to Luxor and finished our night there!

    March 17th

    Somehow it was already our last full day in Vegas! :( We went to the Venetian and made reservations for a Gondola ride. We took the whole thing to ourselves, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Even bought the overpriced picture they took of us!!! After the ride, we went and saw the "Guggenheim" Museum. Just a lot of old paintings by famous artists. It wasn't my favorite thing, but my girlfriend liked it. After that we gambled for a bit, then went back to Luxor. Since our time was running short in Vegas, we decided to go all out, so we went and saw the Blue Man Group again. It was just as good the 2nd time. I'd also like to point out that there aren't many shows anywhere in the world where the cast meets you in the lobby afterwards so you can have your picture taken with them and talk to them. We stayed at Luxor for the rest of the night and gambled the rest of our Vegas time away!

    March 18th

    We had a 3 o'clock flight and Luxor gave us an extended a 1 o'clock checkout. We slept late and headed to the airport. As we waited to depart, I won $60 on slots, which was the icing on the cake. I had the time of my life, and as I said earlier, am already planning to head back May 19-23 for my birthday. I took one hit of Vegas and I'm an addict! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. HurricaneMikey

    HurricaneMikey A-List Buffoon

    Jan 25, 2002
    Southeast of Sin City
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Yo J--

    Great trip report! I'm glad you liked the Luxor, it's one of my favorites.

    Where ya stayin' for your next trip?

  3. punkypete

    punkypete Tourist

    Jun 17, 2002
    Isn't that amazing, one trip and you are hooked. Boy, do I understand!! Glad you had such a nice experience. And thanks for the TR. [​IMG]
  4. JustJ2K

    JustJ2K Tourist

    Mar 29, 2003
    Plattsburgh, NY
    Well Mikey, it's looking like we're heading for Tropicana this time, although this is not set in stone. I'm still learning all of the ins and outs of getting the best price, so I am searching endlessly. I live in upstate NY, and fly from Burlington VT, so it is quite pricey to fly, so it seems that an Expedia package may be the cheapest way for us to go, but I'll never give up!

    Vegas is such a great place that honestly I've been thinking a lot of moving there for a year or two. I'm the head bouncer at a bar where I live, and have been for 5 years, and I also have a degree in Criminal Justice, so I think I could probably get a job at a nightclub or casino.... man I love Vegas! [​IMG]
  5. Dean Martin

    Dean Martin VIP Whale

    Jan 16, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    If you get a chance to move to LV, you ought to try it. You only live once and the city has a lot of things going for it. We're 6 yrs from retirement and are planning on ending up somewhere in NV when we pull the plug :D Sounds like you have an excellent background for employment...although I'm not sure what wages are there. There's some on the boards here that do live there and could fil you in. Good luck..Dino :cool:
  6. Little Bob

    Little Bob Low-Roller

    Aug 18, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    JustJ2K, The only problem with living in Vegas would be the temptation to mix business with pleasure. I view Vegas as a Fantasy land that I get to visit and then return to reality. The old adage of work 8 hours, play 8 hours and sleep 8 hours---but not the same 8 hours would really apply if you were living and working in Vegas. I enjoyed your report!
  7. jack_retired

    jack_retired Tourist

    Jun 22, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Las Vegas Trip Report Marc 30 to April 2, 2003

    Outbound on American Airlines, 9:00AM. All OK. Wheel chair met us in Dallas for the change in planes (thus change in terminals). They did a great job. Of course we tipped them.

    Arrive in Las Vegas. Wheel chair met us (we had only requested one for Dallas, so we were pleasantly surprised. He did a great job, including calling ahead and getting us priority boarding in a cab. Both my wife and I tipped him so he should have been happy.

    Cab ride from Airport to Monte Carlo, not via the tunnel (at my direction) was over $10, before the tip; this seemed a little high.

    Checked into room. Small line. I thought she should have warned us that the tram was closed. We are given coupons that are part of our package (two free Spa, etc.) We have choice of non-smoking rooms: 2 Queens now or 1 King later (after cleaning). We take 2 Queens. It is on 12th floor. It is non-smoking. No smell, no surprises, no problem with thin walls.

    It is past time for Lunch.

    We go to the bell captain desk and pick up our electric scooter rental that is waiting for us. My wife has a bad knee and is not walking real well, so we rented the electric scooter from Scoot Away Inc.: (702) 433-5229 http://www.thecityoflasvegas.org/scootaway/index.html we tip the bellman.

    We walk/scoot to the Aladdin for the end of their Spice Market Buffet Champagne Brunch. We find elevator down to the brunch, most people take the escalator. This is our first time with a scooter so we are learning the problems of no longer being “temporally abelled bodiedâ€. By time we are seated, they have stopped making omelets. It was all good, but not spectacular. They did have smoked salmon. The Crab Cake Benedict was different, spicy, and very good. The beef at the carving station looked very good (strip loin), not over cooked. Could have used a little more spice. The crepe was good. It was not stuffed, but had a great sauce,

    We walk (and scoot) to the MGM and watch the Lions. Now can say “been there done thatâ€. Next we look for the MultiStrike poker machine. Do not see it. Ask many people, who work there, where to find them; nothing but stares (they do not have a clue). One person tells us they are in front of the main cage. There are no machines in front of the cage. We leave disappointed.

    It is to late for the birdman show at the Trop, so we skip the Trop.

    We find the elevator to the top of the street crossover (to NY NY). We then turn and crossover to the Excalibur. We skip going into the Excalibur and take the Tram to the Mandalay Bay. Walk around and look at things. Nice place. Now can say “been there done thatâ€.

    Tram to Luxor. Walk around and look at things. Nice place. Now can say “been there done thatâ€. Back to the Tram. Catch the first one. It takes us back to Mandalay Bay. We should have gotten off and changed to the express line, but we just stayed on the local line. Back to Luxor, but we do not get off.

    Next stop is Excalibur, but not the Tram station where we started, this is why we should have changed lines at the Mandalay Bay. Walk around and look at things. Family place. Now can say “been there done thatâ€. At first, we cannot find crossover to NY NY.

    Now we go into NY NY. Pickup our reserved tickets for Monday’s Rita Rudner show.

    My wife is doing great but my legs are starting to hurt and I am thirsty. We head back to the room, stopping to get some cold bottled water. We get scooter into room for the first time, not a lot of room to turn the scooter around. We rest.

    We head out for dinner. After much talk we end up at Ricardo's in MGM. I try to drink them out of diet Coke and fresh limes. The salsa is not what I am use to. The servings size was large. The food was good. I still prefer the original location. No room for dessert. The bill was $29.76 plus tip.

    We finally find the 4 MultiStrike poker machines that MGM has; one of them is broke (and stays broke for our whole trip). Play a little MultiStrike. Fun game. We stop while we are up a little.

    We call it a day and go back to the room. Plugged in the scooter to charge the battery.

    Wife sleeps, I get up EARLY to gamble.

    Walk by a mini Bacc table that looks hot. About to sit down. Two problems. A. $10 min. B. they are at the end of the hot shoe. I walk on down the street.

    Stop in the boardwalk to check out their $3.00 Blackjack tables. Found none.

    Next stop Bellagio. Find $5 CSM BJ table. Drop $ way to fast.
    Find $5 real hand shuffled shoe BJ table with good rules.
    Drop $ way more slowly. Had a good time. Played with a PGA tour player. I am not a golfer so I am not sure, but it may have been Chi Chi Rodriguez.

    Next stop Caesar’s. Find $5 real hand shuffled shoe BJ table with good rules. Drop $ way to fast. (seeing a pattern here?) Picked up a players card.

    Call my wife (cell phone to cell phone). She is ready for Breakfast. We met at Paris. We locate the buffet that everyone raves about. The crepe was good (I liked Sunday’s better). The smoked salmon was much better than Sunday’s. Everything was good, but not sure it was worth all of the raves that I have heard.

    We head back to the room and change into swimsuits. Once we get to the door to the pool we see that it is closed for construction. Really wanted the hot tub. We are told that just the one pool (and hot tub) is closed. We have to go thru a back door to get to the other pools. Luckily we had not taken the scooter, as it would not have made it. The wave pool and the lazy river are open. Most people are divided between the lazy river and just being in the sun (or shade), a few people are in the wave pool. I try both. I prefer the lazy river.

    Back to the room and get dressed. We have coupons for the MC microbrewery. Decide to check it out. Noise level is not to high and menu looks OK. We stay for lunch on the patio right next to the lazy river. The food was Ok to good, but messy. Portions were good size.

    I ended up at a $5 shoe BJ table that had surrender and wife went back to the room. I should have gone and helped her get the scooter into the room.

    Time for dinner. Wife comes to the blackjack table, I should have gone and helped her get the scooter out of the room. We go to NYNY. We are not real hungry. We split a hot pastrami at Greenberg and Sons Deli. Very good. Cheap meal. Played a little slots (I have to stop doing that, slots are for suckers) until the theater opened.

    I enjoyed the show. My wife LOVED the show. I do not think I have ever seen her laugh that much. Be warned that the chairs are not comfortable. This was a good show and we recommend it.

    We try to meet up with pattiinontario, but because of mistaken communications we wait for each other at two different places in NYNY.

    We head back to MC and use a coupon for Haagen-Dazs. Then up to bed.

    Wife sleeps, I get up EARLY to gamble.

    Walk by the mini Bacc table that looked hot yesterday. Two problems. A. $10 min. B. No one is playing. I stay at the MC at a $5 BJ table, Drop $ slowly. People splitting 10’s drive me wild. I go back to room and get wife.

    We have breakfast at the MC buffet. No smoked salmon for $9.49 each. The made to order omelets were good. The French toast was VERY good.

    Back to the room. SPA day, free with our package. Back to the room.

    We walk down to Aladdin for lunch at P.F. Chang’s. The service was great. The food was great. The bill was 24.61 before the tip. No booze. We had the lettuce wraps and the honey shrimp (and soda). Mum Mum good.

    We walk down to Barbary Coast. Play some penny video poker. What a poor pay scale. Changed to quarter and have a 5/8 pay scale. Down just a little. Free drinks. We move into the lounge for the FREE Big Elvis show. This show runs Tuesday thru Friday from 3:00 PM until 6:00 PM. Good show. Big Elvis has lost 40 pounds and was weak from his special diet. During the first intermission, I went to the bar and got myself a beer and my wife a Baileys® original Irish cream on the rocks,

    Walked up to Mon Ami Gabi, they had the patio closed. So we did not eat there. Kept walking till we got to MGM. That is a long walk.

    Had diner at Mark Miller's Coyote Café. Service was too good. We had hardly started the Guac. & salsa when the entree arrived. We shared an 8-ounce burger that was great. I liked the salsa better here than the previous night. The bill was 22.31 plus tip.

    Stopped and picked up my players card for MGM. Back to the MultiStrike machines. Now 2 of the four are broken. One is being used. I take the last machine. Played Jacks or Better for a LONG time. Doubled my original $20.00. Back to the room at MC.

    Wife packs up for our early morning departure. I go back down to the $5 BJ table. People are amazed when I surrender. People are amazed when I hit soft 18 against dealers 10 card. They are shocked & awed when I draw a 3. The dealer tells me that most people do not know that I just made the correct play. Every time I hit a soft 17 against a 10, it did not change the outcome (I lost). I play BJ until 3:30 AM and loose $1. That is more like it.

    Check out of the room via TV. Return scooter to Bell Captain.

    Taxi to airport. Still over $10.00 before tip. We are way early, just in case security is bad, for a 9:23 AM flight. Almost no line at security. Stop for breakfast at the Prickly Pear. Had the burnt waffle. OK.

    Board plane. Back away from the gate. Sit. Sit. Captain now on PA, we are going back to the gate for a mechanic to look things over. We do not deplane. I sleep. We finally take off.

    Arrive in Dallas after our connecting flight has already departed. Wheelchair is waiting because we again asked for it. It did NOT stay in the record from Sunday’s flight. It is now 3:30PM Dallas time. I call American and find out they have us on the 6 pm flight. We go to the 3:45 flight (delayed till 4:00) and they let us get on it.

    Arrive back at our home airport and I am shocked that our luggage arrives on same plane. We stop for dinner (our second meal of the day). Then home and collapse.

    Never did make it to the Trop. Never did see the fountains. Never did make it to Café Gelato. Never did take my pull on the Million Dollar machine at CP. Never did get in the slot tournament at MC. Never did take any of the paper from all of the street people. Never felt unsafe. Never had a shrimp cocktail. Never did play Bacc, Mini Bacc, Craps, etc. Never did find Pick’Em Poker machine. Never did see shops at CP or Aladdin. Never got North of the B.C. Never walked so much in Vegas before. Never did get a piece of candy from Ethel M’s. Never did get any cheesecake.

    Do have a better understanding of what a person in a wheelchair faces every day. Will recommend the scooter and Scoot Away Inc. to anyone that has mobility problems. Do think that I will try to avoid the CSM BJ tables. Do want to play more MultiStrike.

    People walking on the strip do not see the scooter. We had to watch for them. The scooter must use the ramps from sidewalk to street at intersections & Drives, People stand in our way, walk in our way, walk 5 across on a 3 foot wide sidewalk. We run them down (OK, not really). Time-share con men, We run them down (OK, not really). Porn passers outers, We run them down (OK, not really).
  8. jack_retired

    jack_retired Tourist

    Jun 22, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Day 1

    The flight out of Toronto was 40 min. late but they made up for the lost time by going up higher and we arrived in Vegas at our original time schedule. Rough landing with lots of turbulence. I somehow lost an earring during the decent. Got to the hotel, check in was quick & I got a large nice smelling corner room with a view of the mountains. It wasn't fancy but it was clean and very comfortable. I would stay there again. Only drawback was there were no in room safes. That smell still hits u when u walk into the Plaza. I don't know what it is but it seems to be a cross between carpet disinfectant and cat urine. I arrived quite late so made a quick call home to check in with my guys, give them my phone & room number and called it a night.

    Day 2

    Friday I met up with Gloria. This is the wonderful lady that took me to the Elton & Billy concert as her guest. We eventually made it to the Mgm Garden Arena. I went to buy some drinks for us and spotted LV Norm & his wife Andrea. We hugged and gabbed for a bit then headed to our seats. This show was AMAZING. Elton & Billy came out on stage together and performed a set. Then Elton performed a solo set, followed by Billy doing a solo set. They then returned and did another set together and finished off with 2 encores. The show lasted from approx. 8:20 pm till 11:45 pm. We were singing, and be bopping around & having a wonderful time together. Gloria I can't thank u enough for taking me to this concert. I had the time of my life.
    I got back to my hotel rather late & decided to play some slots. I went to get a slot card and was approached by an older gentleman. He said hello and asked me where I was from. I told him Canada and he said oh Kansas, very nice. He then said I suppose u r going to tell me u r married and have a husband. I said yes and assumed he would move on. WRONG!! I noticed a man about my age standing at a table having a beer. So I pointed to him and told the gentleman that he was my husband again thinking he would move along. WRONG!! He walked over to the man and shook his hand and was telling him how wonderful his wife was. The guy looked totally bewildered so I caught his eye and told him I was his wife....lol.
    I left the Plaza as the fragarent odor was getting to me and I headed to another casino to play some slots. I found a Leprachaun machine and settled in. A security gaurd came and played the bonus round with me. He picked and choose the least amount and said OH OH I better let u pick the next time. I ended up cashing out with over 1700 credits. When the hand pay guy came and gave me my money I thought HMMMMMM this doesn't seem right. The next thing I know he's back apologizing as he had given me the wrong pay. I laughed and said no problem if u hadn't returned I was going to hunt u down and kick your a$$. He laughed and said I was much nicer about it then some of the other people he mixed up. Took my winnings and headed back to the Plaza and called it a night.

    Day 3

    Lazy day, explored the shops, casino's and went to Main Street Station. I had never been in this hotel before and I quite liked it. There is alot of stain glass in there. I decided to have the buffet and was impressed with all it offered and enjoyed my meal. Went to the new mall on Freemont Street. Was not impressed. It was almost empty in there except for some people doing what looked like a dance contest. I can see where it would be extremely hot in there in the summer and cold in the winter as it is wide open. They should have put a dome of some type on it. It doesn't seem like this mall is going to do very well. I called home & spoke with my guys then headed to the Harley Davidson store to buy some stuff for them. I really liked this store. They had some awesome leather jackets & purses. I went out and watched the light shows, took pics and then hit the slots once again. I wasn't winning any big jackpots but I was still ahead of the game. I met alot of fun people while I was playing and we had some good laughs. Made my way back to my room and gave Danny a call and called it a night as it was quite late by this time.

    Day 4

    I checked out of the Plaza and headed to the MGM. I really like the MGM. My room was ready and a fridge had been ordered to the room for me. The surprising thing when I checked in was that the clerk told me I had 2 comped nights & would only have to pay for one. BONUS!! as I was told I had one night comped when I made my reservation. So with the comped night at the Plaza I ended up with 3 free nights out of six. I went up to my room and as usual it was very nice. Something seemed different but I couldn't place it until I went into the washroom. When I sat on the throne my feet were dangling and couldn't reach the floor. I then noticed all the bars and realized I was in a handicap room. It was wonderful as I could reach everything and it even had a peep hole in the door that I could see out of.
    I got myself ready and headed downstairs to meet up with Gloria, Paula, Aggie and Lori. We all got along fantastic and we gabbed and gabbed for hours. We ended up going to Wolgang Pucks for drinks and supper and had a great time. We made arrangements to met up again later.
    Went up to the Bellagio to watch the fountains and to go into the conservatory. Norm had posted that they had added butterflies to the display. This is one of my fav. spots to go. The smell is intoxicating and the spring flowers and the gazebo were breath taking. I took pics and then went back out to watch some more of the fountains. I got my normal teary eyes when the opera songs were playing. Headed back to the MGM to do some gambling. I played several different nickel slots & was up and down. I decided to head over to the Majestic Lion dollar slots. I put in 21.00 and cashed it out as I luv the sound of the dollar coins hitting that metal tray. I put in 3 coins and the 3 blue 7's came up for a $300.00 win. Woo Hoo! I played off the remainder of the 21.00 then cashed out and took my winnings and headed up to bed as it was about 3:30 am. & I had a big day ahead of me.

    Day 5

    This was the day of the meet @ the Monte Carlo Brewery. A great group of people, Dusty, Frank, James, Paula, Gloria, Aggie, Lori, Norm, Andrea & I finally got to meet Gary . We had some drinks and lots of laughs. I tried a beer called Wheat Beer. It was quite tasty after the first couple of sips. It is a heavy beer. A couple of hours or so later I headed off with LV Norm and LV Andrea and went to see the wild mustangs they r helping to care for out at Red Rock Canyon. Norm is a wonderful tour guide. He is so knowledgeable on everything and pointed out all the places of interest and was able to tell me all about them. The beauty of the mountains, the country side and the horses made me feel like I was in a bit of heaven. They then took me to a local place they go for supper. I think it was called Charlie's on the Lake (Norm correct me if I got the name wrong) We sat down and this lady at the next table asked if he was LV Norm. Turns out it was Barbara from LV talk. He introduced all of us and she stopped by our table on her way out. We had a great dinner and wonderful conversations. This is one very sweet couple and if u ever get an opportunity to spend some time with them please do so. Norm and Andrea thank you so much for your hospitality. It was my pleasure to spend an afternoon and evening with the two of u and I am looking forward to seeing u again. (also thanks for remembering to post the ear thing for Jolly as Danny told me later that night u had). They dropped me off at NY Ny around 8 pm where I was to meet up with Big Jack and his wife. Unfortunately we didn't connect. Perhaps the show ran later then they expected or we were at different ice cream palours as there are several there. Hopefully we will meet up another time. I went back to the MGM around 10 and headed for the slots. I was getting droopy eyed somewhere around 12:30 and thought I would go up to the room for a short rest and then hit the machines again. I woke back up at 4 am and decided to get ready for bed.

    Day 6


    I went down to the sports betting and placed a bet on the Toronto Maple Leafs to win the Stanley Cup then headed to the deli for take out and went up to the room. I phoned Danny and had lunch with him and told him all about my previous day with Norm & Andrea. Thank God for those pre-paid calling cards. I sure got alot of use out of mine this trip. After having lunch with Danny I headed up to the Barbary Coast to meet Paula, Aggie & Lori. We were going to watch the Big Elvis show. His PR lady Pauline joined up and we told her about the boards and that's how alot of us first heard of him. She must have told him as he had the audience give a round of applause to us and the boards for helping spread the word about his show. During the show he had some people come up and join him, one man wore an Elvis wig. It was really funny. Later in the show he got me up and Paula. I can't beleive I actually got up there but what a HOOT. We danced and shook & jiggled to a song called Rock a Hula & boy did we rock on. He told us we were very good and thought perhaps we had done this type of thing before..lol. Gave us thank you kisses. His PR lady took pics and sent them to our emails. Paula had to go and we made arrangements to meet up downtown later that night. The rest of us stayed and watched the entire Elvis show and had a few drinks. Then we headed down to see THUNDER DOWN UNDER. WOW WOW WOW. Talk about a good time and alot of laughs. We didn't get picked to go on stage in this show (whew!) but I did get two kisses. One from a guy Donevan who was nicknamed THE WILD THING and the other from a guy named Dave who's nickname was THE BLONDE BOMBSHELL. I left that show with a very big smile on my face. I think the bombshell knocked my earring off as I arrived with two but left with only one. Lori bought a calendar and is going to scan and send me the pics of the two guys so I don't forget what they looked like. Like that would ever happen....lol
    We then headed downtown and went to Carson Street Cafe and had a bite to eat. We went out and watched some of the light shows and then it was time for hugs goodbye as Aggie and Lori had to head back to their hotel. Paula and I decided to join forces and hit the machines. We played at the Plaza, Main Street, The California & Las Vegas Club and we won NADA. We were joking that our partnership had to be disolved. Got a cab and told the driver to make it fast or we wouldn't have enough to pay him if he took the long way back. Paula got off at Casino Royale and I con't on to the MGM. Thanks for the ride Paula. I made it there with a dollar or two to spare so the next time drinks r on me.
    Up to the room to freshen up and then back down to the slots around 2 am. I played some nickel machines but was having no luck. I ended up going back to the Majestic Lions. I had luck there the first night, no luck the second so I was hoping this night would be a luck one. I put in the usual 21.00 and cashed it out. I was down to my last 3 coins when 2 red 7's and a blue one came up for a $200.00 win. I had to wait for a hopper fill and then cashed out and took my winnings up to bed as it was now about 4 am and I had a plane to catch in the morning.

    9 am wake up call, took my shower, did a last minute room check and headed to the airport. I got through security and check-in in about 10 minutes and sat for the 2 hour wait for take off. Called home and told Matthew to let his dad know the flight was on time. It was very windy and we had a rough take off but we made it back home in good time as there was a good tail wind. I have to go through my stuff but I think I came home with alot of what I took with me. I did this report on the plane so it sure made the time go by quicker. I joined the person sitting next to me for a drink on the way back, put on my discman and waited to land. This plane was a 321 and had nice big comfy seats and a headrest. I couldn't reach the headrest but was told it was comfy as well.

    It was a great vacation. I got to see some old friends at the meet and I made some wonderful new ones. I'm tired and am looking haggered and am still pouting that I didn't get bumped off my return flight..lol. Since I did so well with my money management it looks like maybe I can go again. Danny just shakes his head at me....lol. Time to watch for an air seat sale. I didn't spend alot of $$ gambling so I'm not expecting any offers. I was smart this time and pocketed my winnings rather then giving them all back.
    Scarry thing about the return was seeing all the custom people and some airport employee's wearing masks and rubber gloves due to the S.A.R.S. virus. It really didn't make one want to go through customs and return home.

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    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Send a wave to my old stomping grounds. I've lived in Crown Point, TI & Westport NY, as well as all over Vermont (my birthplace).

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