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Quickie to Vegas

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Goose, Jan 15, 2008.

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  1. Goose

    Goose Tourist

    Apr 10, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Well folks, been back for a couple days now and figure it's time to get to the trip report. This will probably be my shortest due to the fact that it was only a weekend trip. However, a short trip is better then know trip at all right?

    Ok, let me set the stage here. The week of New Year's Eve I mentioned to my wife that my birthday was comming up (12th Jan) and joked about her flying me out to Vegas for the weekend. She said go ahead, I told her that I wanted her to come with me and we could leave our daughter (10) at my brothers house. Well of course my daughter had a fit and wanted to go along. Now I know what you are all thinking "KIDS DON'T BELONG IN VEGAS" and I will agree with you, however, our daughter is the exception to the rule. When we take her along with us, we do things with her during the day and at night it's Daddy's time to play. We never get in the way when we are walking through the casino like most parents by letting thier kids run free or a "Double WIDE" stroller comes banging in to everything. Nope, our time with our daughter is spent mostly shopping and things outside the casinos. Anyhow, back to the story. So I check to see if we can get comped on any rooms from our Total Rewards with Harrah's. First thing I check is the Flamingo and low and behold I get Friday and Saturday night "FREE", that's right, weekend in vegas with free rooms. I jumped on that real quick. Next thing was airfare for 3 from the springs. Allegiant is the best price from Colorado Springs to Vegas so I went there, booked 3 of us for only $319 total. Ok, plan is set in to motion, now the waiting began. Heck, only 2 weeks, that's not that long of a wait. So a few hours after I booked the flight and printed out the info, I got to looking at the paperwork and they had my daughter at age 2 which meant that she wouldn't have a seat because she is a minor and considered sitting on one of our laps. I called Allegiant to straighten everything out and the lady took care of it, sent me a new itineary and we were once again "Set". I looked at the paperwork again and saw that they didnt charge me for my daughters ticket, just changed the age for her "SCORE". First win I thought to myself, but I figured that when we got to the airport everything would be straightened out and I would pay for her ticket. Countdown starts Less then 2 weeks and counting.

    Jan 11th Friday - The Day OF :licklips:

    I had to put in some hours at the office this day and since we werent' flying out until 4pm figured I would work at the office until 1, head home, grab my wife, daughter and the carry ons and head to the airport. So I'm sitting here at the office and I can't seem to get anything done, who could? 1 rolls around and my boss said "Isn't it time for you to be heading out", shoot, computer is shut down, grab my coat and I'm out like a light bulb. Call my wife, tell her I'm on my way home and be ready to roll. Get home, take care of the dogs, grab everything and we are headed to the airport by 2:30. Park the 4runner and head to the ticket counter. Thinking to myself that here is where my "SCORE" turns in to a "LOSS" with my daughters seat assignment. The lady takes our ID's no questions asked and we get 3 boarding passes and I didnt even look back, head through security and down to the gate. Sat there for about 30 minutes and our plane taxis up. Board the plane and off we go. Pilot says it's about a Hour and 25 minute flight, GOOD. Wife and daughter are talking and picking on eachouther as they always do and since I didnt get any work done at the office I pull some paperwork out and start to go over it "DEADLINE TO BE MEET". Next thing I know we are on final into the BRIGHT LIGHTS. My daughter loves flying in to Vegas at night and likes to point out the casinos that she sees. Me, I could go with it or without it, i've been there enough to see it, but still I peek out the window to see my "PLAYGROUND" all lit up. Touch down, pull up to the gate, off the plane and into the tram to the main terminal. Some construction going on to make baggage claim bigger I guess, but that doesnt stop us, nope we are out the door and headed for the bus to the rental center. No waiting for luggage for us. We are at the rental car center in less then 30 minutes after touch down. Down to the Dollar VIP, drivers licence, Credit Card, grab the paperwork and the car and we are out of there in record time. Don't have time to waste, only got 2 days. We head out and get on LV BLVD and head towards Tropicana. It is only about 6:30 now and figure we need to hit our spot for "STEAK SPECIAL". About 20 minutes later we are pulling in to Ellis Island. For a Friday night it doesn't seem to crowded, put our name on the waiting list and the lady says that it will be about 30 minutes. My wife and daughter sit in the waiting area and I meandor over to the Sports Book and see if there are any Pony races commin up on Post time. I see a race at Sam Houston and watch the odds for a few minutes and make my first Bet of the weekend. Take the number 1 and 7 horse for an Exacta. And thier off, 1 is running 3rd but the jockey is holding him back, the 7 is a distant 5th. Into the back stretch and 1 is fighting for the lead and 7 is starting to make his move. Around the turn and it's a 3 horse race with the 1 and 7 running 1st and 2nd. Down the stretch and the race is in the bag. First Bet of the weekend and First win, this is a good start. Make a couple bucks on the race, head back to my wife and a few minutes later we are seated. I won't bore you with the dinner details but I will say this, it was good, cheap and filling. It's about 8:30 now so we head out and make our trek to the Flamingo Valet. Take Koval to some street that turned left, and ended driving through Harrah's parking, down another street and finally find the entrance to Flamingo Valet. Valet the car and head in to check in. NO line, right in and right out headed to the "GO" Luxury room on the 24th floor. We walk in and honestly I wasn't impressed. I really don't understand why they call it a Luxury room, the only nice thing that I could see is the 42" plasma. We had an excellent view of the Bellagio and the Fountain show so that was a plus. My wife and I hang in the room for a bit putting a few things away, I set up the laptop on the internet for my daughter ($11.99) a day for wireless connection. Check in with my brother over MSN messenger and then it's about 10 or so. My wife and I decide it's time to get our gamble/drink on. Our daughter is on the internet and she will be there for hours playing games so I know she is good to go. We head downstairs and I have to tell you, it took me a while to get the hang of the hallway, if your'e not carefull you could be wondering around all night trying to find the elevator again. Downstairs and we walk around getting our bearings straight. Table limits are what I knew they would be on a Friday night $10 and up. We head out and over to Bill's. $5 craps, I'm in. Drop a Benji on the table and start to get my gamble on. Table is choppy, up, down, up, down, my wife walks over to the machines and then about 30 minutes later she comes back. Since I havent lost anything, I decide to color up and won a whole $5, better then losing right? We walk back over to our "HomeBase" the Flamingo. I walk up to a Craps table $10, knowing that there isn't going to be anything cheaper I drop 2 benji's down and figured what the hell, it's now or never. I don't really like playing at a $10 min but that's how it is going to be all weekend so If I want to play craps, that's what I will have to do. Get the Pit Boss's attention and tell him that I left my players card upstairs and wanted to see if he could do anything (honestly i did leave it upstairs). He takes my ID and has a heck of a time finding my information, he trys for about 15 minutes and finally says he has to make me a new card. No problem I will take it and work it out with the Rewards desk later. I'm at the table for about 15 minutes waiting for the current shooter to make the point or, the dreaded 7 out call. People next to me are wondering why I buy in and not play, I told them that I dont' want to bring any bad mojo to the table by getting in on the game while a point is already established. Just my rule, don't break up the run if a run is going. And, of course, a run was happening. Took about 15 minutes befor the point was made. Ok, now it's time to get in on the action. Hoping the run wasn't over for the current shooter, I start my play. As luck would have it she kept the dice for about 15 more minutes, good start, build my stack and wait out he choppy rollers. The next shooter takes charge, holds for about 5 minutes and 7 outs, next up is little ole me and I have the best roll I have had in a while, first roll I manage to hold serve for about 15 minutes. Was up about $300 until the table cooled Rapidly. My problem is I "NEVER" know when to walk away, always thinking that it will change but it doesn't. Anyhow, it was about 1 and I was tired because I was up "EARLY" for work anyhow I figure it's time for me and my wife to head up to the room and get some sleep. I walk away up $100 so that's not a bad start, could have been $300 but I was having fun and that is what this trip was about. So that was the end of day one and Since this report looks like it will be longer then expected, I will break it down in to 3 Parts, maybe 2 but Day 2 is a long one. Anyhow, I will get back to day 2 sometime tmw. Until then.......
  2. kitson

    kitson VIP Whale

    Apr 20, 2004
    goose, great report so far, thanks. i know this is the pot calling the ketle black, being as i am too lazy to stretch my fat hands down to the shift button to capitalize...but, could you please break things down into a few more paragraphs? i am having a hell of a time reading your report, but its a lot better than nothing, do what you want.
  3. gmoney590

    gmoney590 VIP Whale

    Jul 8, 2006
    Tacoma, WA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice going so far with the small wins on the craps tables and the fact that your daughter flew free is definetly a score. I am now patiently waiting for your second installment.
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