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Quickie to Vegas part II

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Goose, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. Goose

    Goose Tourist

    Apr 10, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Back by popular demand, here is the second and probably last installment of my quick trip to vegas this past weekend. When we last left our Birthday boy he was asleep and dreaming of "Big Stacks" to come.

    Day 2 Saturday 12 Jan (BIRTHDAY).

    Work up around 7 and piddled around until I finally got up and took a shower. When I was done with my shower my wife and daughter were awake. I got dressed and thought about heading down to the Casino while they got ready, but just jumped on the laptop and chatted with my brother for a while talking about the games comming up today. I flipped on the TV to check the lines for the games and checked the lines on Bodog.com where I make bets when not in Vegas. Seattle was getting 7.5 and the Over/Under was 44, I check the weather and see that it is suppose to snow in GB during the game so I take Seattle +7.5 and the Under at 44, now looking to parlay that with the NE game. If I remember right Jax was getting 13 and the Over/Under was 51 so I parlay my Seattle pick with Jax +13 and Over 51. Small bet $11 to get $128, not a bad score if it comes in.

    Wife and daughter are showered and dressed and we contemplate where we will eat. I mention that Ellis Island has a Breakfast special, Ellis Island it is. Down to valet, get the car and we are at Ellis in no time. No waiting for a seat, we order, Chicken Fried Steak for me, Breakfast special for my wife, Ham and Cheese Omelette for the little one. I gotta tell ay, the Chicken Fried Steak wasn't that good, but my wife's Steak in her special was actually better then my Steak special the night before. I am done eating first, as I always am, so I make a quick exit to the Sports Book to see what ponies are running. I look at Tampa Downs, there is a race getting ready to post in about 5 min. I watch the odds and make a $6 Trifecta bet on the 4,6,10. And there off, all my horses are in the middle of the pac not really making any moves. Back stretch and 10 is in the lead now, 4 and 6 are still in the pac. Around the turn heading in to the stretch 10, 9, 4, 6 where the hell did the 9 come from, who cares, i might still pull this one out. To the wire and it's 9 first, 6, 4, then 10. If I would have taken the Super on that one like I was thinking about I would have made some $$$$ but it was not to be. Hmmmm first bet of the day and I lost, could this be a sign to come? I hope not....

    Bill paid and we head out, next item up for bids is the M&M world for my daughter so she can "Shop". I valet at the MGM and we walk the 5 miles to the front of the casino. Why does that place have to be so big anyhow, you could get lost in that place if you're not careful. We walk out to the strip and the weather is pretty nice, as we are walking down to the M&M place, my wife told me that if I wanted to go gamble go ahead and they would meet up with me. Don't have to tell me twice, I tell her I will be at the Craps table in the MGM and to come by when they are done. I find a table $10 min, as I expected, drop 2 Benji's on the table and proceed to pick up where I left off the night before. So, how was the table you ask? CHOPPY, CHOPPY, CHOPPY. I dump my first $200 without a single point or any of my place bets being made,did you get that, not ONE....I should have walked away, but nope, not me, I'm a fighter I drop another Benji on the table. This time I actually was able to make that last a little longer but the end result was DOWN another Benji. Not being able to handle that anymore, I tuck my tail and walk away in defeat. I meandor over to a Game King machine and plop in a 20 and play Deuces Wild. I make that 20 last longer then the $300 on the Dice. I call my wife to see where they are and they are headed my way, GREAT, get me out of here I say to myself. The come strolling in and I TITO out witha $30 win So I call 911 and try to report a robbery at the MGM, but 5 0 wants nothing to do with it, so I hang up and call my brother to tell him that I was robbed by the MGM, he laughed and told me that I shouldnt gamble on my birthday, it's bad luck.

    Out of the MGM we get the car and are headed somewhere, anywhere, what's that, you don't know where you want to go? Ok, we drive the strip and end up back at the Flamingo Valet. Plan is the rest of the day, hang out and then I want to go down to Main Street Station and eat at 777 want watch some of the games. My wife wants to relax a little in the room so we do that, but after 30 minutes of that, i'm bored. My daughter is content with being on the internet so me and my wife head downstairs. We walk out and back over to Bill's for some $5 craps. We find an semi empty table and since there aren't many people there, I want my wife to get in on the action and learn how to play. We both drop a Benji, get a couple drinks and start to play. The Choppyness continues, my wife went through her $100 in no time without hitting a point, I hit a couple numbers which kept me going a little while longer, but that too didnt last long. Out of Bill's and back over to the Flamingo. We make our rounds around the casino and we find a $10 BJ table and I want my wife to sit down with me and play. Last year when we were in Vegas she played BJ for the first time and had fun. However, she didnt really feel like playing but wanted me to play so I sat down and gave up another Benji. She stood there for a while watching and I was up and down most of the time. She wanted to order a Virgin Daquiri to take up to our daughter so she did that and left and I stayed and played for a while longer. I told her to come back down around 4 so we could head downtown. While playing BJ I was up and down and actually got down to my last $10 and started to make a come back. When I would throw a buck up for the dealer, we would always win so I kept doing it. Before the Dealer got tapped out we won 10 out of 11 hands when I would put her on the hand. The the new dealer came in and was tearing up everyone, got down to my last 2 bets and put the dealer in to action, we started winning again. She went to shuffle and I went to the return some of the beer that I have been consuming. I came back and the table was EMPTY...just me and the dealer, I don't like playing just me and the dealer but my wife called me and said they were on the way down so I figured I would play until they get there. I went on a run, won 6 hands in a row, put the dealer up and we lost, WHAT? We lost? That can't be....A few minutes later my wife and daughter showed up and I colored up, flipped the dealer a 5 spot and we were out, I actually colored up for $110 so I won $10, not bad I guess considering I played for about 2 hours.

    Get the car and we are headed downtown to MS. Get down there and valet at Binions. Walk to 777 and it is PACKED, which I figured, but the main reason it was packed is they had almost half of the place reserved for some "Patriots" party that was going to go off when the game came on. So we WAIT, I watch the game while standing there and see that my Parlay is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I never thought that the score would be that high with all that snow, great game to watch, now that's FOOTBALL. Finally get seated and order, 40 Shrimps, 20 wings, and rack of ribs and one of thier Black Chip Porters. We hang out there, watch the 2nd half of the game and eat, drink and have a good time. Game over, food done, beer done, check paid we head out. My wife said I could play craps there at MS if I wanted to and they would walk down to Freemont Street, it's starting to get dark out so I say, NO, I will walk down with you guys. I dont' want them walking down there without me, never know what kind of Idiot might try something. We are walking around on Freemont and my daughter wants some beads so in and out of some places snatch some beads and she is happy. We walk by Binions and my wife said I should go in and play, I walk in and find a table, not crowded and I drop a Benji and they head out and walk around and go shopping. Order me up a beer, not too many becuase I still have to drive back to the Flamingo. Get my Dice on and while playing craps, i'm keeping tabs on the NE/Jax game on the TV's they have above the tables. Wait, What? 7 out? Man did I hear that ALOT already today. Table is cold up, down, up, down, down, down. You get the point. Point? that's something I didnt get alot of. Anyhow after a while my wife and daughter come back and I have the dice I tell them give me a minute and I will be out. A light show starts so they go watch that. During this time, the table clears out and it's just ME Screw it, I won't be here long so I take the dice and with my little ole $30 I have left from my $100 I just throw. Point, 7 out, point, 7 out, before it is all said and done and by the time my wife comes back I have $35 left. We walk away and I tell my wife that I need to cash in. She said I should just find a BJ table and play it all. We walk around and find that there is a seat open, or so I thought. I ask if I can play a hand, the guy says yea if it's just one hand becuase his buddy will be back soon. Ok, 7 $5 chips on the spot, let it rip. First card is a 7 ok, not that good, second card is a wait for it, wait for it..... a Freakin 4 for an 11. Dealer flips up a 6...everyone starts saying, better dig into the pocket. My wife is just looking at me, I gotta do it, it's a double down against a 6, gotta do it, gotta, just gotta. I flip down another $35 and the dealer gives me a....wait....wait....an ACE...WHAT? a freakin ACE? that's ok, he is going to bust. Dealer flips up his hole card and its a 8, good deal he's got 14, i'm looking ok, next card 2, 16, looking better.....next card............3, freakin 3 for 19, WHAT THE HELL? Yep, back to my brothers advice, NEVER GAMBLE ON YOUR BIRTHDAY....We are out of there and headed for the car.

    Back in the car and headed down the strip to the Flamingo. Daughter wanted to see the lights so we take the strip all the way down. Get to the Flamingo and park the car for the rest of the night. Head upstairs to the room, I want to watch the last of the game. Hang out there, watch the game and I am dissapointed, I thought that JAX had a chance. Chat with my brother on the laptop during the last of the game and then I am bored once again. It's about 10 I guess by the time we head back downstairs. Walk over to the BJ tables and they are $15 min with no room. Craps are still $10 - $25 but I'm not feeling Craps, hell, after the Monkey stomping I've been taking all day, I"m not feeling anything. We walk up to the Rapid Roulette and I flip the guy a $20, I am plugged in and ready to go. Now, you all will think that this is stupid but I start putting $2.50 on 2 complete rows. Hope you know what I mean by that. I have $5 bet and if I win I make a whole $2.50. I know, sounds stuip huh? But this acutally works out for me doing this. I make an occasional Red or Black bet and maybe number here or there, but for the most part I stick to 2 complete rows. Next thing I know, I turned my $20 in to $70+. I continue this process until the Corona's start kicking in and I start covering numbers and all kinds of other things. Love that Alcohol Courage, man the Casino's have you by the balls with the Alcohol, the more you drink, the stupider you get. Anyhow, my wife decides to call it a night and I stay downstairs, my last night and I'm going to run with it until my wallet is dry. Looking in there, it's not going to take long. I make my last bet on the Roulette and part my ways, Tip the dealers and I am in search of a craps table with my last $200 for the weekend.

    I stroll my way up to a $10 table, drop down my last $200 with my players card and hope for the best. Table starts out good, I'm up $100 after a couple numbers and points. Table slows, oops back down below $200. I get the dice and hope for a run of about 15 minutes. Point is set "10", place the 6 and 8, always place those and not much else. Dice are out, hitting numbers, but unfortunately none of the numbers I'm hitting are mine. ALOT of money on the table and I don't want to let my "Degenerates" down. Guy puts $25 on the Hard 10, Next roll...........Double Nickles Hard 10. Good for him, made him and everyone else money on that roll. I hit my number "ONCE". Dice are out, point is 6, tell the dealer to move my 6 to the 9 since I was hitting alot of those my first roll. Dice are out, I get my roll on and wouldnt you know it, instead of 9's this time, I'm hitting 5's rolled 5 of them in a row until I finally hit some of my numbers. Dice are out, 6 WINNER. Table is getting loud and I'm having fun, what, is that another corona waiting for me, why yes it is Dice are out, 8, the point is 8, move my 8 to the 6. Three rolls later, 7 OUTbecause I made alot of people alot of money by hitting thier numbers and some hardways, the table was packed with money, but little ole me only managed to make $50 - $60 out of my rolling. Table starts to get choppy after that and after about 30 more minutes I am tucking tail and headed up to the room with Moths comming out of my wallet.

    I hit the bed around 2am and we have to head to the airport by about 10 to drop off the rental car and check in. 6am I wake up with a HUGE Headache, honey where's the tylenol....on top of that, there is a lady on the other side of the wall yakking her head off either on the phone or to her self because she is all I hear. GO Rooms, not that special, paper thin walls. I try to go back to sleep, but it doesn't work, between my head pounding and Miss Gabalot there is NO way I am getting back to sleep. I lay there for about an hour and decided to get up and try to take a shower and feel better. By the time I am done with my shower my wife and daughter are milling around. I lay back on the bed and feel like crapI dont puke, but man I wish I could. Anyhow, it's about 9:30 at this time we are packed and ready to go. I do check out over the tv, head downstairs to the pastry shop and my wife gets a coffee, daughter a pastry and me? a Sprite. Sit there a couple of minutes and then head for the car. Windy out today but that's ok, we are headed home. Get to the Rental center, check the car in and head for the bus to the airport.

    The rest of the trip is pretty uneventful so I won't bore you with the details. Flight back was good, home in an hour and half after takeoff. Love those quick flights.

    So there you have it folks, Quick trip to Vegas. Totals for the weekend:

    Airfare: $320 (10 year old daughter flew free, SCORE)
    Room: Free (Big SCORE on the weekend)
    Food: Under $200
    Gambling - $800 but that's what I planed on NOT comming home with so that was good.

    2 days isnt' enough in Vegas, but would I do it again, HELL YEA. We had a great trip, great time and had fun with our daughter walking around and things. Losing $800 in 2 days isnt that bad, not good, but not bad especially when you go out with an attitude like we always go out with, take what you will lose and that's it. Didn't hit the ATM's while we were there so that is good.

    Had a trip planned for the end of March back to Meca, but my wife may have to fly to Korea because of her ailing father so that trip might be pushed until August. For all of you who are headed out there this year, GOOD LUCK, GOOD TRIP, and GOOD FUN.

    Take care, and be safe.

    Goose OUT......
  2. kitson

    kitson VIP Whale

    Apr 20, 2004
    thanks, goose. too bad about the luck or lack of on the craps tables, better luck next time. sounds like the appetizers and the beers at mss might have been the best investment of the trip.
  3. gmoney590

    gmoney590 VIP Whale

    Jul 8, 2006
    Tacoma, WA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    It sounds like the tables have been choppy for everyone these past few months. Like you said, " Two days isn't enough in Vegas", but, you know, it's better than no days in Vegas.
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