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Quickie but Goodie!

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Vegas Tonya, Nov 23, 2004.

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  1. Vegas Tonya

    Vegas Tonya Margarita Connoisseur

    Mar 30, 2004
    Fabulous Las Vegas

    My Trip Report

    Be warned this is long and things tend to get fuzzy due to alcohol consumption.

    Cast of characters: Me and my buddy Laker Girl.

    We initially made plans for this trip to see the implosion of the Desert Inn. But the day of our trip we found out they imploded it early and we were too late. So we had to find other things to keep us occupied. ;)

    I had to do the dreaded work thing on Tuesday so Laker Girl and I left town around 4:15pm. We only stopped one time to gas up and eat dinner in Lenwood and change drivers.

    Before we reached Primm Valley I was shocked that I could see the Luxor beam. That was a first for me. Usually I can’t see it until after Jean. We reached Vegas around 9:00pm, exited Sahara and were pulling into Stardust valet at 9:15. 5 hours exactly (we’ve done it in 4 but that is another story)!

    Check in was smooth. I had an offer for buy one night for $38 get the second night free and $10 free cash. So we stayed for about $42 for 2 nights. We were in our room (11605, 16th floor) by 9:30 and getting ice for the ice chest and having a margarita or two or three (we drink them fast). The room had 2 queen beds, large sitting chair, robes, extra blanket and 2 extra pillows, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, 3 different bars of soap, mouthwash, shower cap, regular and decaf with a coffee pot, iron and ironing board and CD player. You can buy any of the amenities for a nice fee. I remember only a few, Robes $75, CD player $98, bath towels $75, bathroom vanity tray $65.

    We changed out of our shorts (it was nice in California) and put on some jeans and light jackets.

    The view from the room was nice. We saw the new Wynn hotel and both South and North on the strip.


    First stop was to get our free $10 and play it on keno. Let me add how easy it was to go to the rewards window and get the voucher redeemed for the $10 in free play. Went to the main cashier, signed it and she handed me $10. Headed to a 3-6-9 quarter keno machine and played my numbers. Lost down to 9 coins in and hit for a little bit. Played for about 30 more minutes on that and cashed out at $19 or so. Walked to the Ho and played on keno there for about 1 hour on $20 and finally lost it. Cocktail service was not great there so we had to leave. We only got 1 drink in 1 hour so that is our cue to leave.

    Jumped across the street to play at “Nickeltown†(Riviera) and guess what? It is now “Pennytownâ€. Yep they changed it. So we stepped inside and didn’t make it any further than the 50 play 1 cent video poker machines. Tossed in $20 and played for about 2 hours and had a decent cocktail waitress until she went off shift. Of course with the good cocktail waitress gone and holding bad cards because the drinking, we left!

    We walked up the strip and crossed the street to New Frontier (never saw the rubble of the Desert Inn, but more on that later). First machine in the door was a Silver Strike machine. So in went $10 and 2 spins later out pops a coin. So we cash out and move on to the keno machines. While looking for the keno machines I see Balloon Pop and just have to play it. Hit for 400 nickels and moved on to keno finally.

    I found a new keno machine I had never played before, Cleopatra Keno. This game is a blast. If the last number hits on a winning hand you get 12 free bonus spins. I must have hit it about 15-20 times in the 2 hours we were there. Cocktail service was alright but not as good as we would get the next night here. Finally about 3:00 (I think) we call it a night and walk out the front door and we see the Desert Inn rubble. There was dust everywhere. I kept thinking asbestos….

    Back at Stardust things are fuzzy at this point but I do remember stopping and listening to a band (Electric Avenue) and they did a great ACDC. Stardust also had a security guard (at night) checking keys at the elevators, nice touch but do they think you can’t be murdered or followed to your room in the day? Kinda strange in my opinion, if they are going to protect you at night why not in the day?

    Wake up around 11:30 and get ready to eat at Peppermill. Yummy! I had the steak and avocado in a spinach tortilla wrap. It was great but they forgot to put on my avocado so I had the waitress bring me a side and I just smooshed it and put it on myself. Delicious! Laker Girl had a Pastrami sandwich and said it was not good at all and said she will be ordering the wrap I had next time. Total was about $30. I told her next time I will be getting the Caesar chicken wrap. We played $3 in the keno machines by the door and lost it in about 10 minutes.

    We stopped into a couple gift shops looking for things to take home and a picture for my wall at the office (never found one I liked), and come to think of it we never got anyone any gifts either. Found a little purse to carry my cell phone, because last trip in June I lost my cell phone case (I think I left it at in our Bally’s room).

    We crossed the street to go play some more Cleopatra Keno, some lady was playing my machine so we continued to walk around. As we found the corner for the sports book I spotted the horserace machine. There were 2 seats open so I sat down and started to play and hit for 12 coins. We made friends with a couple guys and chatted with them. Only 1 cocktail at that point and it was shift change. The next cocktail waitress (Mary) was WONDERFUL! She was just coming on and we all ordered a round. Our new friends and we ordered 2 margaritas, rum/coke and a ginger ale (as she repeated it about every 10 minutes). 2 machines were broken next to me and I would tell everyone before they sat down those two are broken and Laker Girl would then say, “she just don’t want you to sit next to herâ€. We had the whole table laughing . It was pretty funny and we met some nice folks who stopped to play a few hands and moved on. I hit a few times here and there. But eventually I gave the machine $20 and Mary about $10-$15. About 2 hours later as we were leaving Mary came up and said are you going? We told her yes we were heading out dancing and might come back later. We gave our good lucks to our new friends and told them we might stop back by later.

    At this point we called our other Vegas buddy Daisy Duke to find out what time Area 51 played at Excalibur and I got a busy signal on her cell. I can’t figure that one out because normally it would go to voice mail, so I called her home phone and left a message. This is one of the fuzzy times because when I am out of my state I have to dial the number of the “party I am callingâ€. And I don’t remember #’s very well (when drinking) that is why they are stored in my phone. So I give Laker Girl the last 4 digits to remember while I remember the area code and the first 3. I am guessing this is why we got the busy signal earlier. It takes both our brains to remember 10 numbers when intoxicated.

    We made it as far as the keno machines and planted our butts again, even though we were heading out to go dancing. Then we hear “Cocktails†and guess what? We were still in Mary’s section! She asked would you ladies like anything and I turned around and she said “hey it’s you, 2 margaritas?†“Of courseâ€, we say and all 3 of us start busting up. We play CK for about 2 hours and give Mary at least another $10. During our CK games Daisy Duke did call back and could here Mary in the background “Cocktails†and then she wished she had called in sick and flew to meet us.

    It gets to be about 10 or so and we need to move on so we head back to Stardust to grab our jackets (and a drink or two) and out to catch the trolley. While waiting for the trolley we play “name the cabbies†(Steve, Robert, Larry and so on). The trolley comes around and doesn’t stop. I start cracking up and Laker Girl is mad. I sit on the bench and almost die laughing. Just then I tell her we can catch the bus (we had not done that before). The bus is pulling up so we run to the bus. Again I start laughing because the bus is so full we can’t get on. Another bus is right behind it so we get on that one. We get out our $2 but the money thing is broken so it was a free ride. We move WAAAAAAAY to the back and pick a pole to hold on to. I talk to a couple guys (with pretty blue eyes) and find out they are from Ireland. We engage in conversation how it is 12 hours for them to fly to Vegas and so on.

    Then 3 girls from Canada


    tell us we look like we are having a good time. I say of course we are we always due. We told them they could join us to go dancing but they declined for various reasons (we are crazy) and offered us some Pina Colada and Green Apple licorice. We talked about how they couldn’t find that in Canada and how it is everywhere out here in California. The bus stops and we bid our Irish friends farewell and we took their seats. Talked more with our new Canadian friends and 2 stops later bid them farewell. By this time the bus was pretty empty and I notice there are 3 guys in the back of the bus “sleepingâ€. So Laker Girl just has to get a picture of our new bus experience. The driver saw the flash and told us we couldn’t take pictures on his bus.

    During our bus ride after the bus driver would announce each stop. I couldn’t hear a thing and so I had Laker Girl repeating him for me. The driver would mumble something and I would say “what†and she would yell “next stop Treasure Island…next stop Caesar’s Palace…†That had our new Canadian friends laughing.

    We exit at Excalibur and go inside to find the band. This place is confusing. I have only been in here 1 time and that was over 10 years ago. I don’t think I will be going back there. We found Minstrel’s lounge and listened to the band and decided they changed their sound and didn’t care for the new “soundâ€. So we were walking around and found another horse racing machine. So we each put in a quarter and Laker Girl walked away for something and my horses came in and I won 65 quarters. Laker Girl came back and brought quarters to play. I told her we don’t need them and I showed her my “lootâ€. I told her it was my horse that came in. So we played more and had a great time. We met a nice couple here too. The husband would pick a few horses on his machine and the wife would reach over and pick more on his machine after she picked on hers. Every time she did that she would look at me and we just cracked up. By the time she picked horses on his machine he has the whole board marked.

    During this time we saw 1 cocktail waitress and she was slower than molasses. She took so long that I joked with the table that she must have gone to NYNY to get our drinks. Then when she returned she circled the table and disappeared without giving us our drinks. I looked at Laker Girl and said where did she go? She gave us our drinks eventually and we cashed out and moved on.

    We jumped across the street and I told Laker Girl we probably should eat since we had been in Vegas for 24 hours and had only eaten 1 time. And that was 8 hours ago. So we stopped in an area by Gameworks and I had a tostada salad from Del Taco and she had a spicy chicken from Wendy’s. She said it was horrible and should have gotten Subway. I said the same thing about my salad.

    Right out front was a bus stop so we stepped there and waited with some other folks for the bus. The bus was taking forever and one of the people in the line was an off duty bus driver and she said they are very short staffed and that the buses were taking a long time. She had just worked a 12 hour shift and had worked 6 days in a row. 40 people had walked off the job yesterday and they were feeling the burden.

    Then a guy standing at the stop stepped out into the street to “look†for the bus and I told him. “You know they won’t stop for you here in the United States, the traffic just runs you overâ€. We had been hearing their accents for a while and thought we should warn them. Laker Girl and I started laughing and he and his friend started talking to us. They were from the UK (don’t know where) and not only were they hard to understand but with the accent and the slurring from drinking we had to keep asking them “whatâ€. The drunker of the 2 said his name was Richard Sorensen (?) and so therefore we nicknamed him “Dickieâ€. His friend never said his name OR we never understood it. We waited for the bus for about 30-40 minutes so we had a long time to chat with these guys. Dickie asked us 3 or 4 times where we were from. I kept saying California “stillâ€. We had the people at the bus stop staring at us.

    We talked about nipple piercing and how it hurts and takes a while to heal. Penis piercing and how after it is done you don’t squirt pee like a shower. Dickie was apparently concerned with this fact. About 5 minutes before the bus showed up Dickie’s friend flagged down a cab and they got in and said goodbye (sort of it was a slurred, muffled accented bye). We never understood where they said they were staying. But the cab cut across the street and went into NYNY. We started busting up that they were staying at NYNY and they were right across the street, waiting for the bus.

    On the bus we talked more with the bus driver and how she hates to live in Vegas and is moving in 2 months and can’t wait. She was from New Jersey but never said where she was moving to.

    Back at Stardust we played a little here and there and headed to our room and fast asleep by 4am. I couldn’t sleep and finally got up at 9:30 or so. Showered and Laker Girl got up and we got ready to go.

    Had the bell desk hold our luggage so we could get something to eat. We stopped in the Stardust café (Island Paradise I think). I had biscuits and gravy with eggs. Laker Girl had an omelet, toast and coffee. We played keno, she played 5 games at $1 each and I played speed keno. She ended her games with $4. The speed keno was new for me. You play 50 games in 7 minutes. You pay minimum 20 cents per game ($10 total) and I ended with $18.40. Breakfast was about $17.

    Started driving down the strip and I commented to Laker Girl that we were not even gone and I missed Vegas already. Saw Flamingo and told her “we’ll be there in 196 daysâ€. Grabbed some water for the road (to pink our livers back up). Left Vegas at 1:08 and arrived home at 6:05pm.

    Things to remember:

    After 12 margaritas – don’t play VP cause you end up holding a 6 instead of a pair of K’s

    People on the city bus are fun.

    Laker Girl tells me I never shut up, and from this trip I can see that.

    Laughing is an appetite suppressant because we only ate 4 times from Tuesday-Thursday.

    Horse Racing is fun and will start putting that in my plans.

    And they new Wynn at dusk.


    Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed remembering what I could.
  2. sanonofresurfer

    sanonofresurfer Dude

    Jul 12, 2002
    Somewhere at the Beach
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I know what you mean...only I tend to Stay on a 22 when playing blackjack thinking that those 6 cards equal 21. Stupid new math!

    Sounds like a great time. Might I suggest going to the Luxor for their Camel-Racing game. I wish more proerties had the horse racing machines. I was so sad last trip when I found out that the Imperial Palace removed theirs. I'd like to say that it's agreat way to spend a long time playing with little money...but I'm that guy who hits every button on the board and ends up spending $2.50 to win 50 cents.
  3. doctor_al

    doctor_al VIP Whale

    Nov 25, 2002
    Twin Cities
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    If it takes two of you to dial the phone... it just might be a 'drunk call'... ;)

    Sounds like it was a fun trip. Nice report! [​IMG]
  4. Jer

    Jer I kinda did a thing...

    Jan 20, 2002
    Southern California
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great report!

    Glad you two had a good time!
  5. misterKeno

    misterKeno Guest

    Really good TR. I like keno also and i (well, nevermind--look @ my screen-name).

    I think its cool that you had the

    "waitress bring me a side and I just smooshed it"

    Sounds like mary is a WINNER w/ the drinks. Dang it, ive GOTTA play the horse (or camel) machines again. And, if they're crowded, they're THAT much better !!!

    So, how 'bout the Stardust room? I know ya mentioned all that was 'in' it. Ummm, anything REALLY good 'bout the room--or bad ? Clean ? A far walk from casino entrance to the elevators. Just askin.

    ... wow, another person who plays Keno! (cool)


    [ November 26, 2004, 01:24 PM: Message edited by: misterKeno ]
  6. duffelbag don

    duffelbag don Low-Roller

    Sep 24, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    "we probably should eat since we had been in Vegas for 24 hours and had only eaten 1 time. And that was 8 hours ago."

    Sometimes there just isn't enough time to eat in Vegas. But plenty of time to drink!

    Sounds like you had a blast! [​IMG]
  7. Vegas Tonya

    Vegas Tonya Margarita Connoisseur

    Mar 30, 2004
    Fabulous Las Vegas
    San we will try out the camel ones next year. I enjoyed the horse one I am sure I will enjoy the camel one just as much.

    misterKeno, the room was clean and the bathroom was newly renovated. We had the room 2 doors from the elevator. That was really nice. It was a little walk from the casino but it was close to the little coffee kiosk thing and close to registration. BTW I love to play Keno!
  8. misterKeno

    misterKeno Guest



    Vegas boy trapped in California (northern)
    --aka misterKeno
  9. Casino Depot

    Casino Depot Guest

    good report
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