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Quick Trip Report: Casino du Lac-Leamy in Gatineau, Quebec

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Trip Reports' started by TylerH50, Jul 3, 2017.

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  1. TylerH50

    TylerH50 Low-Roller

    Jan 9, 2012
    The Great State of North Carolina
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    I actually stayed in Ottawa for Business a few weeks back, and the folks I was visiting took me to Casino du Lac-Leamy in Gatineau, Quebec, about 15 minutes from downtown Ottawa. Here's my thoughts on my first French-Canadian Casino Experience

    1) Exchange Rate: I hit the ATM for $300 CAD and it only cost me $229 USD. However, When I left the next day to come back to the states, I got about 65 cents on the USD for changing $205 CAD for $133 USD at the Airport. I think I lost about $20 in the exchange.

    2) BlackJack: We hit the only $10 game going. I think they only had 3 for a Tuesday night. Of Course it was 6:5, but didn't state it anywhere on the table. I had a decent run for about an hour, but only cashed up $65.

    One thing interesting was the Pit Boss wouldn't let me place a $1 bet for the dealer because of the 6:5 rules. She said the only I could only bet for the dealer in denominations of $5 in case the BJ came up. That's the only time I've had a pit boss deny a tip/bet for the dealer. I thought it was strange

    3) Drink Cart: For one, there was no free drinks for players at this Casino. I thought it was funny that instead of a cocktail waitress taking our order, they have a mobile drink cart. It resembled the size of the old change carts before TITO. The top of the cart was full of 10 or so Liquor & wine bottles. The Drink winch would make you a Crown & Ginger at the Cart in front of the table. They kept the beer (16oz Tall Boys) in a refrigerated section of the cart. For 3 Corona Tall Boys it was $25 CAD. They also had a free, self service section for Soft Drinks if you wanted to grab a free Coke.

    4) Craps: I fancy myself a Craps player, and table at Casino du Lac-Leamy are very similar to Vegas craps tables except all the words on the table are in French w/ English underneath them. They had the Fire Bet button and spots for C&E at the Top of the table instead of next to the Horn box. They didn't have a spot for Hop Bets, but they took mine. When they took my Hop bets, they would place the bet in a green space at the top of the table.

    The table was choppy, but I was able to keep $165 CAD going for about 90 mins. Two memorable parts of the Craps Session.
    A) The guy next to me was placing $50 to $100 Hard Way bets. The 1st shooter we had hit 4 Hard Six bets before hitting an easy 6. The most I had up was $5 on the six, but he hit for $50/$75/$100/$100 on his Hard 6 for about $3K.
    B) On another roll the Shooter had the point of 8. She was rolling some numbers & I had $5 up on the Hard 8. She threw the dice, and they check up w/o any forward roll less than a foot from the back wall of the table. It landed on 4-4. Everyone at the table started to cheer, but they were immediately cut off by the dealers (mutliple) with 'no roll, it didn't hit the back wall'......... No warning, no 'get it to the wall next time'..... The Hard 8 point win was nullified. I commented that I had never seen any dealer say 'No Roll, the dice didn't it the back wall' without issuing a warning before hand. The dealer's response 'Welcome to Quebec'. The shooter 7'd out a couple of rolls later.

    I go to Ottawa about once a year. I doubt I go back to the Casino du Lac-Leamy again though.

  2. Richard Alpert

    Richard Alpert LOST

    Jul 22, 2015
    The Island
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    Canada sounds too rough for me!
    Thanks for the TR, TylerH50!

  3. AndyAkeko

    AndyAkeko Time magazine's 2006 Person of the Year

    Jan 10, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Yeah, the wife and I drive an hour and across the border to the Mohawk Casino rather than go to Lac-Leamy. There's also the raceway slots in South Ottawa that are in the process of converting into a Hard Rock Casino (because nothing says rock and roll like harness racing!).
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  4. hammie

    hammie VIP Whale

    Sep 18, 2006
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    At least he didn't say Bienvenue au Qu├ębec!

    Thanks for the TR, always fun to read about out of the way casinos. As for exchange, you would probably get a better rate at the cage of the casino instead of at the airport. But it's better than hanging onto it. When I travel into Canada, I pretty much just use my credit card for everything so I don't have a pocketful of loonies and two-nies.
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