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quick notes on some restaurant from my September Trip.

Discussion in 'Restaurants & Buffets' started by gpenguins67, Sep 16, 2016.

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  1. gpenguins67

    gpenguins67 High-Roller

    Oct 29, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Hey all...... I haven't been around the board in a while but seeing as I just came back from a trip this weekend I figured I would share some quick reviews of some of the restaurants I went to.

    Chicago Brewery (4queens)- Went around 10pm Wed night---- only a hand full of people in there. If cigarette/cigar smoke bothers you, this might not be your place. Deep dish and thin crust pizzas were both very good. Their microbrews are phenomenal. I had the stout (not biter at all, light coffee and chocolate notes) and Rambling Reck (also very good... smooth and lighter... similar to Killians).
    Triple 7s (MSS) -- We went for the Thursday night game. Place was crowded but still plenty of seats. Sushi was surprisingly really good. I was not a huge fan of their microbrews.... I must have ordered the wrong ones b/c most reviews give them good ratings.
    Claim Jumpers (GN) -- Place was absolutely dead. Just had a late night breakfast. Service and food were good.... nothing special but again it was just a simple breakfast that you really cant screw up.
    Nacho Daddy-
    We got there for happy hour. Margaritas were good but on the sweet side. Really big tequila selection if that is your thing. Bartenders were really good. Food was OK. I felt it was lacking a little flavor. Happy hour prices were a good deal.

    Emeril's (MGM) -- We did the happy hour. Price went up on the oysters. We tried the chilled seafood plate and a few orders of oysters. Oysters were a much smaller variety than they had before and a little on the fishier side. Not as great of a deal as they used to be but still worth a visit.
    Pub 1842 (MGM) - BBQ drumsticks and nachos for apps --- both were very good. We each got a different burger. All 3 were phenomenal and big. Huge beer and bourbon selection. Just a quick note--- if you go for the happy hour you have to sit at the bar.
    Wolfgang Puck (MGM) --- Amazing as usual. This is our go to spot. Truffled chips and wood over pizza. Definitely recommend.
    Avenue Café (MGM) -- Did breakfast one morning. They had a ribeye steak and eggs special. I'm pretty sure it was a 16oz rib eye. Very good steak (better than the strip steak they serve for their regular steak and eggs) Only complaint was it was a little salty. But at $22 it was a steal.
    Dragon Noode (Monte Carlo) -- The place was absolutely dead. They could not put football games on the tv at the bar for some weird cable company issue. Food is comparable to Chinese takeout at home. It was good but nothing special.

    Off Strip:
    N9ne Steakhouse (Palms) -- Great service. Awesome meal from start to finish. Apps were the all great Prime rib ravioli, pork wantons and Stuffed mushrooms. 35 day dry aged ribeyes were just as good as the last visit. Sides... I don't know which one I liked more the Mac n cheese or the gnocchi. Both were phenomenal and outshined the lobster mashed potatoes which were also very good. Nothing I would change about this meal.
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  2. Lady Fortuna

    Lady Fortuna Blessed with luck and ignorance...

    Nov 6, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thank you, gpenguins67! Nice review and greatly appreciated!
    Gimme some Vegas baby!!
  3. jr7110

    jr7110 VIP Whale

    Jan 13, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great mini reviews! I have always liked Dragon Noodle - it's not fine dining, but the food is inexpensive and IMO is definitely much better than regular Chinese takeout spots. It's a shame that it is closing in a few weeks along with all of those other Monte Carlo restaurants.

    Speaking of Emeril, I live in NYC and went to lunch with co-workers at an upscale Italian restaurant in Midtown east called Il Postino this past Wednesday, and guess who was sitting at the table right next to us? Emeril! We all realized who he was but didn't say anything because he was eating with a friend and we didn't want to disturb his meal, but he was very friendly and actually chatted briefly with our table, recommending the meatballs (which we ordered as an appetizer to share, and sure enough, they were amazing).
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2016
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