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Quick LV Trip

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by bigdogmom, May 5, 2002.

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  1. bigdogmom

    bigdogmom VIP Whale

    Mar 9, 2002
    Aurora, CO
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    I flew Denver to Boston (via Phoenix; it was America West) on April 25 to visit my mom. Stayed in Boston until Monday, then flew to Las Vegas!

    My flight was originally scheduled for late afternoon, arriving in LV at 10:30 PM, but I decided to fly standby on a morning flight and my sister was nice enough to drive me to the airport at 7 AM. The flight wasn't full and I got on easily. It was supposed to be a direct flight, but half way there the pilot announced that we were making an unexpected landing in Omaha - seems they forgot to service the plane's toilets in Boston, and now they wouldn't flush... I must say, I've flown A LOT and have never had that happen before! Thankfully, the crew in Omaha got this little chore done quickly and we were back on our way to LV.

    Took a shuttle to the Mirage. Free room compliments of Wagerworks! The check-in was fast and desk help was very nice. They even had a players club card waiting for me!

    I got a volcano view room on the 16th floor. The room was very nice, but they use some weird perfumey air freshener stuff, and for a non-smoking room I could still smell smoke (I have allergies and am very sensitive to smells).

    Decided to change into my bathing suit and take advantage of the nice weather. I was starving - no food on the flight in - so I took some Fig Newtons that I'd packed and grabbed an iced coffee drink from the gift shop, and headed out to the pool. Gorgeous pool area!

    I sat out for about an hour, reading and soaking up the sun, then went upstairs, showered, and dressed for dinner. I decided to treat myself to something nice. Ended up at Kokomo's and had a salad then a wonderful Sea Bass and Scallops entree served with wasabi mashed potatoes. Excellent.

    After dinner, it was time to play. No $5 blackjack tables at the Mirage in the evening, so I walked across the street to the Casino Royale. I signed up for their slot club then played a little video poker - no full pay and no luck. Then sat at the saddest blackjack table. The dealer had absolutely no personality. There was a fun-looking table across the pit, all women playing, but they were all smoking so forget it. No luck there so I went into Harrah's, no luck there either. Then into Imperial Palace; at least I played for quite a while there without losing anything; I might have even been up a couple of dollars when I left. Then walked over to O'Sheas and tried some slots, no luck so I headed back to the Mirage.

    Played a few slots at the Mirage; still no luck. I went over to the slot club and asked about a late checkout for the next day; they asked how late and I told them I was leaving at 4 PM for the airport. No problem getting a 4 PM checkout! That was nice! Got some ice cream and went upstairs to bed.

    The next morning I went down to the little coffee place and got coffee and a big, yummy muffin from the little coffee place in the Mirage; ate them in my room. Then I went downstairs and played some blackjack at the Mirage; no luck. I was getting pretty disgusted. So I decided to walk over to the Frontier.

    Now, I know a lot of people think the Frontier is a dive, but I happen to like it there. Guess I just like slumming... I played a little $3-$5 BJ; not much luck but I played for a while. Then I sat down at a nickel Deuces Wild VP machine. I played for close to 2 hours on $20! Didn't win big but I was happy. There was a woman playing nickel video slots behind me who kept winning big. I left the VP machines and tried my luck with nickel slots; none. (That's typical for me. I never win on slots!)

    I went over to the slot club booth to ask if I had anything coming to me from my play; the guy said not enough for cash back, but he could comp me to the deli. So I had a free lunch - a reuben, fries, and danish; not bad for free.

    Back over to the Mirage and it was just about time to pack up and leave. Shuttled back to the airport. The security line was quick and the VP machines too tempting so I just played 1 coin at a time til my plane was ready to board.

    Las Vegas - Phoenix - Denver and boy was I glad to get home!!

    So I learned a few good lessons from this trip: The Mirage was nice, but the room wasn't that much nicer than a considerably less expensive room at Palace Station (where I stayed last trip); I prefer to "slum" and gamble at locals' casinos; ask if you have any comps coming to you and for that matter, ask, ask, ask. For a nice view, for a late checkout. All they can say is no. Oh, and it's a lot less fun to go to LV alone!
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