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Primm Valley Evening

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Trip Reports' started by Vegas Tonya, Dec 13, 2004.

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  1. Vegas Tonya

    Vegas Tonya Margarita Connoisseur

    Mar 30, 2004
    Fabulous Las Vegas
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Just a quick trip with my sister (PD), her best friend (Veeeeola), me and my friend Laker Girl.

    We arrived at Whiskey Pete’s around 10pm. Had 3 margaritas on the way (1/2 pint of tequila) and was ready to gamble and have a few more. Checked in and took bags to room. This was supposed to be a gambling/shopping trip, but never actually purchased anything. Knew I was only going to shop mostly so I didn’t take my camera either. Big mistake, I could’ve had some good shots of my sister staring at the ceiling (she never drinks).

    I made the decision that we should gamble at Primm Valley so we headed towards the monorail. It had just left so we stepped inside to play for a few minutes. Put $5 in a Red, White and Blue nickel machine and hit 777 but NOT in the right order so I hit for 300 coins ($15). Not bad. Cashed out and stepped out to the monorail. It was actually cold out here BUT not like the ice we saw last year during the Kenny Rogers concert.

    Right in the door at Primm we put $20 in this “Free Spin†machine. We have been playing this machine for years now and still don’t know the name of it. But if you hit 3 “free spin†symbols you get 12 free spins and it spins automatically. It is pretty fun. But lost my $20 and handed the machine over to my sister. She too lost. Walked around looking for Keno and found a 50 play penny VP machine. I got my sister hooked on these now. So we stopped and played. Oh and up to this point we only had 1 cocktail waitress bring us drinks. The service was lacking.

    Sat at VP and ran a $20 through it. Decided I needed a drink so I left Laker Girl there and headed for the bar (the other 2 girls were wandering around somewhere). There is just a point when you break down and pay for drinks in a casino, this was that time. Saw my sister and Veeeola and asked her if she wanted a drink. She said yes, I said margarita, she said yes, I said on the rocks OR blended, she said yes. I saw the need for whatever I brought back. So up to the bar and it must have been shift change because ALL the cocktail waitresses were in there, well they sure as hell weren’t on the floor. I made a mental note of the time 11:35, must be break or shift change so don’t be needing a drink at that time. The bartender said I’ll be right with you. I said no problem and watched a little of the rodeo on TV. 3 of the best things in the world right in front of me…..Booze, tight Wranglers and VP. How much better can it get. When asked what I wanted I commented I hadn’t seen a cocktail waitress but one time. I ordered 3 margaritas and headed back to find the girls. When I spotted them I yelled “Cocktailsâ€. Just then my sister said you didn’t even ask me if I wanted something. Oooops, BAD….So I delivered drinks and sat mine at my machine and headed back to the bar.

    Told the bartender I forgot to get the “driver†a Coca Cola and he smiled, I said she don’t drink. I checked out his name tag so I could thank him properly (Tyler). He sat the coke down and I handed him $3. He said you’re covered. I said thank you and left $1 on the bar. Turning around to leave the singer in the band started talking to me and asked me to come back later and dance. Not a problem I told him and then he started talking about a “Beam me up Scotty†drink with Ty. So I told my new friend Ty that I will take one. He said are you sure? Of course I am, I never get sick. I will have one. So we all chatted while Ty made the drink. Asked how much and he said “you’re coveredâ€. SWEET!!! So I took back the $1 I sat on the counter for the coke and put up a $5. Hollered I’ll see you all later and delivered the coke to the “driverâ€.

    Headed over to my VP machine and showed Laker Girl my “free†shot and told her about my new friends at the bar. So, we played for about another hour or so. Saw a cocktail waitress once and decided to head for the bar and get a replacement because the drink she gave me tasted like they put beer in it. It was actually so gross “I†wouldn’t drink it. That is pretty bad too. I am not TOO picky when it comes to my margaritas. You have to really screw them up to make me not drink it.

    I told the girls let’s go to the bar and listen to the band. WOW, they were gone. So what now? We put a few dollars in the jukebox and Ty stopped by and asked if he can turn up the box….SURE! We like it loud. We played a little Al Green, Aerosmith, Selena and Lenny Kravitz. Ty would come over about every 20 minutes and check out drinks. Every time I tried to pay he would wink and say you girls are covered for the night. What a buddy, what a pal. I should also mention he asked where I was staying….I told him Whiskey’s but couldn’t give him the room number cause I really couldn’t remember it. ;) (Kept the married part to myself to be mysterious). We sat and drank and I asked Veeeeeola if my sister needs a shot. She said yes. I have to listen to her because they are best friends and she should know her right? RIGHT! So I went and asked Ty for a shot of Hot Damn. He said what’s that? Cinnamon Schnapps of course. He said he didn’t have it. He looked around and I said how about After Shock, Nope! So we settled on Goldschlager. It’s alright but it is NOT as good as Hot Damn, IMO.

    I delivered the shot to the table and put a few more $’s in the jukebox. Sister drank the shot (sipped is more like it) and seemed to be feeling it about 30 minutes later. While picking songs off the box, Ty came over and asked if he could make a request. Sure he said the number and Laker Girl punched it in. Then we look it up to see what it is. Well it is Foxey Lady (Jimi Hendrix I think). I told Laker Girl he asked for her number and the song was for her.

    We found a nice little corner in the bar and danced for about 2 hours. We invited Ty but he said the “eye in the sky†would see and he would get in trouble. I told him we would dance around him and they would never see, he passed with a “Maybe laterâ€. While dancing I look over at my sister (sister don’t dance) and she was “watching†the TV, or so she said. But I caught her staring at the ceiling and pointed it out to Veeeola and LG. Must have been the shot of Goldschlager I gave her. Too Funny.

    Ty went on break and we decided it was time to go since the early risers (PD and Veeeola) were getting tired now. So we went out to wait for the shuttle. I told LG we never played Keno. So we found a nickel machine and put in $20. Lost it and played a big Midas Touch machine. Put in $20 and cashed out $23.

    Finally we step outside and PD and Veeeola are gone. We wait for the shuttle for about 5 minutes and decide to walk back over. So in the cold we get back to Whiskey and grab a quick breakfast. LG is ready to crash at the table and tells me she has to go now. And drops a $5 on the table for her meal and asks if I will be alright. I said sure and she was off to the room. I asked her at that point. What room number are we in? She said 9009. Damn I was hoping I would remember it. I did and about 5:30 I headed up to the room and crashed until about 9:30. I got up and showered, we had breakfast in the café and as we were walking out the door LG wanted to play a machine. So I stuffed a $20 in a Wheel of Torture machine and hit the spin thing on top. Not bad I was up to 900 credits. I eventually had to put in another $50 and walked away with nothing. About 3 hours later the girls “find†me (didn’t know I was lost) and we head to cash our TITO’s and leave.

    On the way out the door I tell my sister we have to play the “big†machine, Midas Touch. So we all put in $10 and take our turns spinning the reels. On the 5 spin or so Veeeola hit 7-7-Single Jackpot and we won $300. So we played the rest of our initial $40. We cashed in the $300 and walked away with $75 each.

    Stopped at the gas station and got some water and headed for home. Back home at 10pm after a stop at the families house and to draw names for Christmas. Woke up at noon Sunday and my eyes looked like I got in a fight with Mike Tyson. I hate the desert wind it stirs up the allergies like crazy.

    Lake Girl tucked a $20 in my shirt and yelled for Ty to come get his “tipâ€. Thank goodness he didn’t hear it because her plan was for him to retrieve it using NO HANDS. I told her maybe next time when we don’t have witnesses. That’s all I need is for hubby to hear that one.

    All in all we had fun for being there less than 24 hours and next time you are at Primm in the bar (by the monorail entrance) tell Ty you are with me (I never gave my name hough) and you will be “covered†for the night. Maybe you could mention we were the crazy girls in the corner dancing and having margaritas and Coors Lights, oh and the 1 Goldschlager shot.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. East Coast Shuffle

    East Coast Shuffle Low-Roller

    Nov 26, 2004
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    Great TR. You packed alot of fun into that trip.
    I'll drop your name at the Primm bar ..although somehow I suspect my luck would be better at a 6:5
    continuous shuffle blackjack table !!. [​IMG]
  3. Jacko

    Jacko Tourist

    Jun 16, 2004
    Thanks for the trip report Tanya.

    I've had some trouble also, wondering were the heck the waitresses are. One beer an hour just doesn't get the job done.
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