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Pre-Trip Report

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Buckguy, May 2, 2003.

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  1. Buckguy

    Buckguy Tourist

    May 2, 2002
    Loudonville, Ohio

    My Trip Report

    I have to admit that I don't get as exciting reading a "pre" trip report as I do a "post" trip report, but since I have Vegas on the brain I just feel the need to write a pre-trip report anyway.
    My wife and I will be leaving Cleveland Tuesday morning and staying 5 nights at the Luxor. Got the $59 deal. Flight will be a freebie courtesy of United after getting bumped during our return flight after our first trip to Las Vegas last June. Hoping to get bumped again!
    Here's our tentative plans.
    Gambling: We like to play lots of video poker. We did great on the Double Double bonus game on our first trip. (Ok, my wife did great. Me? Not so good.)
    I'm also planning to play a bit of blackjack. I love the game and know basic strategy pretty well, but play mostly for enjoyment so will look for a fun dealer. Last year, I had a dealer that was trying to deal 5,749 hands per hour, so it wasn't much fun for me.
    Eating: Loved the Aladdin buffet last time, but wouldn't mind trying the Bellagio this trip. Will probably hit the Rio Seafood buffet too. Would like to hit a good Mexican eatery once. We both love to try different hot sauces and salsas, and have heard Gardunas at the Palms would be good for that - but don't know about gambling there. They have a ton of VP machines, but on our first trip we just couldn't find one that "felt" right to play - if you know what I mean. Of course, great margaritas will be A MUST!
    I'm sure we'll have a breakfast at Paris, and maybe the Flamingo once too - enjoy their view of the gardens.
    Entertainment: We have tickets to Mama Mia for Thursday. We plan to spend an afternoon at Harrah's carnival court. Might hit a comedy club and definitely plan to see Big Elvis at Barbary Coast. I would love to see the Sixties Mania show at Castaways, too. Haven't been to downtown at night yet, so that'll be a must.
    After reading so many good things about it, I want to spend some time at the Orleans this trip too. Sounds like a good place to gamble with a good buffet.
    Should be a great trip with lots of margaritas, a beer or 12, and maybe even some bloody mary breakfasts.
    I'd appreciate any other suggestions that might add to our fun!

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  2. Heathcat

    Heathcat High-Roller

    Apr 9, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    If it's Margaritas you're interested in, try these (in addition to Guarduno's):
    -Club Tequila at the Fiesta Rancho, which is opening today (5/2) replacing Roxy's lounge,
    -Tequila Joe's at the Imperial Palace
    -the Tequila Lounge at Bally's

    (Thanks LV Advisor)
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