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Pre-Thanksgiving Trip: Orleans / Allegiant Air

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Blast Chamber, Nov 23, 2005.

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  1. Blast Chamber

    Blast Chamber Tourist

    Aug 17, 2004
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    We just returned today from 3.5 days at the Orleans. Here is the trip report for anyone who is interested. Sorry in advance for the report being so long.

    Our flight was at noon on Sunday via Allegiant at Rockford. This is a great little airport that offers free parking in a spacious lot, a low-stress security checkpoint, and a nice café with good food and reasonable prices. I highly recommend that people in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois consider Rockford airport for their next Vegas or Orlando trip.

    The flight was uneventful but left 30 minutes late after the delayed arrival of the plane from Vegas (due to headwinds). They made up the time in the air and we arrived at McCarran on schedule. With only our carry-on bags it was straight to the Dollar shuttle. We used FastLane and picked up a new Taurus for $16 per day. No problems with Dollar or the car.

    From Dollar it was off to the Silverton for some slot play and the buffet. We have never been there before and wanted to check it out. The casino was very nice with a rustic décor. Highlights included the floor to ceiling aquarium in the lobby (complete with scuba diver) and the Bass Pro Shop chopper on display as created by Orange County Choppers. A very cool bike to see up close and in person with incredible details! The video slots were plentiful but not very loose. The buffet was rather disappointing with a limited selection of items and simple decor. The price was right with our 2/1 POV coupon and the quality was OK, but we probably won't go back there again to eat.

    Next, off to the Orleans to check-in for 3 nights. First 2 nights free with a mailer, and $50 for 3rd night. Got a strip view on the 10th floor just for the asking (although it was at the far end of the endless hallway), and it was time to play. The video slot selection at the Orleans hasn't changed much since we were there last Christmas, but there were a few new additions. We noted that several of the machines near the Registration desk had problems with the displays and other features. It seems like this is where the Orleans sticks their crappy machines. We played mainly over by the Subway restaurant. The slots weren't overly loose, but did give us adequate play for our money. We think the Club Coast is awful in how they only reward for coin-won instead of coin-in, and that limits our play there.

    Monday morning it was up early to go to Green Valley Ranch. This is our favorite place to play with the decent selection of video slots, a very clean and upscale (yet comfortable) atmosphere, and their generous Player's Club. I even picked up a $17 slot club bonus while playing just for having my card in the machine. We've found that the slots at GVR are quite loose, and we played for hours on just $40. We then had breakfast at the Feast buffet with 2/1 coupon from POV, which was fantastic as always!

    After breakfast, off to shop at the Gallery mall on Sunset, and then across the street to Sunset Station for more play. Sunset Station is a nice place to spend time, but we will probably stick with GVR in the future. After Sunset we headed to Ellis Island for the $4.95 steak special and root beers with the 2/1 POV coupon. Total bill was $8.57 plus tip, and the food was outstanding. We have no desire to play at Ellis, but the food is hard to beat.

    After eating, we drove to Barbary Coast and self-parked. We were hoping to see Big Elvis, but he doesn't perform on Mondays. Across the street to the Forum Shops. We were disappointed to find that the Disney store is now gone. That was the only place we could afford there, so future trips to the Forum will not be on our schedule. We headed across the street to Bellagio to see if their Xmas decorations were up. The big ornaments were on display in the mall area, but the Conservatory was still decorated for fall (bummer).

    Back to the Orleans for more slot play and dinner at the buffet. It was seafood night, and the food was very good. We've never had a bad meal at the Orleans buffet, and it was miles ahead of the Silverton, but not quite as good as GVR Feast.

    Tuesday morning it was up early and back to GVR for more play. We like it there during the early morning as the casino is almost deserted and you can sit at any machine without other people blowing cigarette smoke in your face. Our favorite machines there are the new Dirty Harry slots by the buffet (the Make My Day bonus is a blast!), Hoot Loot, Nurse Follies, and Money Storm.

    We played at GVR for a couple of hours then it was off to downtown for a visit. We valet parked at GN like always, but due to the valet area construction there it was somewhat of a hassle. Breakfast was with a 2/1 coupon at the Fremont Paradise Buffet, which is an old favorite of ours. It has been a couple of years since we've been there, and it seems like the quality has slipped. Some of the food was cold right out of the steamers, and the orange juice machine was broken so we had water. The price was right, but we'll probably go to MSS or the GN buffets from now on.

    After breakfast we played at the Fremont and MSS for the rest of the morning, and found the machines to be very loose. My wife hit a huge bonus round on a Money Storm machine at MSS where it kept reloading with additional bonus spins. After 40 spins the machine bonus round finally ended, much to our relief as the song "It's Raining Men" was driving everyone nuts. It seems like the Fremont and MSS had the speakers on the machines cranked really loud. Maybe that is for the elderly customers?

    After playing it was off to the Golden Gate for a couple of 99 cent shrimp cocktails (yummy!), then to Mermaids for a deep-fried Twinkie and a $12 strawberry daiquiri to "get our swerve on". Mission accomplished!

    Back to the Orleans via the strip to rest for a bit and pack, and then off to GVR for a final night of play and the 2/1 buffet. The crab legs at GVR are just outstanding according to my wife, but I'm not big on shellfish. The buffet was extremely crowded, and watching the amount of crab legs some people were taking was amusing to say the least. Back to the Orleans for a short night.

    Wednesday morning it was off early to the airport for a 6am flight. I won the security screening drawing for the rubber glove treatment, which was about the only real win I had all week. :) The flight back and drive home were smooth and uneventful despite the busy holiday traffic.

    I can't wait to go back next year for more fun and sun! Next time we will stay one night at GVR just for the experience, and then make the Orleans our home base for the rest of the trip.

    Thanks for reading, and I hope this wasn't too boring.

    - Mike
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