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Platinums have more fun! (Back to Brunette err I mean Gold next year)

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Peath13, May 21, 2012.

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  1. I fell in Love in Paris Las Vegas… with a Jetted Tub!

    Warning- Long!

    You can find all my pics and videos on Flickr and YouTube under Peath 13.

    Friday, May 11, 2012


    Up at 1:30am to get ready for our 6am flight. Last time we slept in a little later and it was a MAD rush. This time was much better.

    Fridge is stocked with salads and fruit for SIL. She’s coming to sit the fur babies. We’re so lucky to have her. She loves the mini vacation away from her house and we don’t have to kennel the boys.

    I tried the new WEN cleansing conditioner packets this trip. I loved them. I packed 4 for each of us for 3 nights, 4 days, and that was WAAAAY too many. I used 1 the whole trip, since I only wash my hair every other day. And, I used it for my body wash. They are so much easier to pack then big bottles. I think Hubs may have used 1 or 2. They really saved space and weight.

    The cab line was fairly short and quick. Cab fare was just over $15 to Paris.

    I went to registration and then the fun began. Mary Ann informed us that our room wasn’t ready yet. It was already assigned, but we’d have to come back after 3:30 to get keys. We were getting a renovated petit suite on the 28th floor, or we could get a non-renovated petit suite on the 10th floor much earlier. We opted to wait for the renovated room.

    Apparently they had to fix some marble in the entry and wouldn’t release the room until 3:30 or 4 at the earliest. Now we have a serious problem. I have a make-up appointment at Caesars at 3:30 so by the time I’m done there and get back to Paris we’ll be cutting it close. We’re supposed to meet Alexenbo and Claired67 from the Lv4E board at Central at Caesars at 5:30.

    When we went back at 3:00 I just could not convince Priscilla to give us the keys, and we promised not to go to the room until after the allotted time. So over to Caesars and then back to Paris again. We finally got our room at 5:00. By the way, I tipped the first registrations person, Mary Ann, and I had to talk to two more. I wondered if they expected to be tipped, but there was no way I was shelling out more tip money when no one was giving me a room, right?

    First was stopped by the cashier and picked up our $400 in freeplay. Gotta love the free play! She explained that it wouldn’t be good in any of the progressive machines and some of the other machines. We’d just have to try them to see which others didn’t work. She also explained that we needed to play the free play through. That was nice, since last time we didn’t know and left $50 in a machine when we got called to get our table at MAG for breakfast.

    Off to the high limit slots at Paris. We had a little luck here last time so we thought we’d give it a try again. We tried the WOF at $5 times two “coins”.

    We popped in $100 and played a couple of pulls and then SPIN $125!
    Then a couple of more pulls and SPIN again $125.
    Then a few more and SPIN $250.
    Then, a few more and SPIN $600!!!!
    Then, a few more and SPIN $400!
    Wow! This is fun. $1,500 in about 30 minutes.
    We tried a couple of more machines, but no more luck and cashed out at $933.
    We split our winnings. Share and share a like, right?
    Personally, I prefer, “The what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine policy”, but I was feeling generous. LOL

    We took a break and stopped by the Business Center. Its located in the walkway between Paris and Bally’s. Teyesha and Juan helped me with a package I had mailed the week before. I had the gift for my host, etc. and decided not to lug them on the plane this time. It was really easy. I think the service fee for my box was $10. Because we didn’t have a room yet, I got a few things out of the box and then Juan took it back to storage. He gave me his card and once we got our room he brought it right up for me. He was super fast. The whole process was quick and easy. I’d do that again in a heartbeat.

    They are there mostly for conventioneers, but they are stocked with shipping supplies, so if you buy souvenirs and don’t want to haul them home, it would be easy to ship them from there.

    Next, Hubs had his shave at Bellagio at 11am. I snapped a few pics and played a few slots. No huge wins there.

    I keep trying to get Hubs to try the barber services at Caesars, but he’s adamant that he loves the one at Bellagio. I think I finally convinced him today to give Caesars a try next time since we’ll get points.

    We played Rockin’ Olives at Bellagio. It was a blast. We got a lot of fun bonuses.

    Back to Paris to play a bit. And, more room aggravation.

    We had a quick lunch at Burger Brasserie. We split a Paris burger, caramelized onions and brie. Service was great and as always we love the fries. We were out of there in no time.

    3:30 we strolled over to the Forum shops to Sephora. Peter did my make-up for the Grand Tasting. He did a great job and was a blast to chat with. I thought I’d have my foundation done, but since I had no room, I wasn’t able to so what was supposed to be a half hour appointment turned into an hour and a half. Whoops! Now it’s 5:00. I got my $50 worth of make-up (actually I ended up spending $98) that I was supposed to buy to get my “free” makeover. And, we high-tailed it back to Paris as fast as we could.

    At one point some of the girls were point to a BIG glob of brown hair on the floor. Where in the world did that come from? It looked like there had been a cat fight and someone pulled out part of someone else’s short nappy weave. I looked at Peter and said, “That’s not mine. I plucked and tweezed before I came here.” He busted out with a big old giggle.

    We FINALLY got our room keys and headed up to the 28th floor to the Giverny suite. It was fantastic! Then, it was a blur. Clothes went flying and we were headed out the door.

    But, just as we were closing the door we were stopped by the cutest couple. She asked if she could see our suite. She explained they were getting married the next day, but could only afford a standard room, but she just wanted a peek. So, we opened the door and showed Steve and Jessica around our fabulous, renovated suite.

    We cabbed over to Caesars and Alexenbo was already at Central. Central is just to the right of the doors to the main lobby. There’s a patio outside and a bar in the lobby that’s great for people watching. We sat at the bar in the lobby and chatted. I sent a few texts to Missy Claired67, but were competing with her all day champagne bracelet at Cosmo. By the time we decided to get in line for the Tasting at 6:30 Claire, our Jeanie in a Bottle (like the TV show, LOL) was still at the Cosmo and my phone battery had had enough for the day.

    They let us in 15 minutes early and the feeding frenzy was on. I had a bit of trouble keeping up with two guys! I was trying to take pictures and capture the atmosphere for all of you and they were shoveling food faster than a combine in the middle of harvesting season! LOL Thank goodness it wasn’t alcohol they were bringing me I would have been out cold in three drinks, five minutes! Hey, I’m a cheap date, what can I say?

    They gave you a wine glass and plate that the wine glass fit into. It was probably great for most people. It didn’t work so great for me with the added camera, the plate just got in the way. I think most really liked it though.

    I liked the lamb burger from Burger Bar.
    There was a Thai coconut shrimp dish that was pretty good. I didn’t have a spoon or fork, so I had to try to drink it out of the cup, and that was kind of hard. I got all the “greenery” off the top first then all the orzo and shrimp. There was a skewer of a classic bacon wrapped scallop that was tender and juicy that was pretty nice from Joe’s at Caesars.
    There was a fun key lime pie push up that was tasty but too big from Joe’s, too. They also had a skewer with a piece of steak and a tiny hash brown and horseradish cake.
    Of course no matter how full or tired I got there is always room for truffle soup and toasted croissant from Guy Savoy.
    Gordon Ramsey served beef Wellington, it was OK.
    A lot of places seemed to do sliders this year. I wish they would do them smaller or cut some of them in half or quarters since they are so filling.
    I got great food, but I couldn’t tell you where a lot of it came from, since Hubs and Alexenbo kept bringing it to me before I could finish the last bit. The service was excellent, I’ll have to remember to write the management! LOL
    I only made it through about ¼ of the Tasting before the heat and the rich food got to me. I didn’t drink any wine, and we didn’t see any water stations until about ¼ of the way in. Looking back I might have even had a minor allergic reaction to something I ate. All of a sudden I just didn’t feel good and told Hubs I was I need to go. He got me some water and I felt better. Alexenbo said his goodbyes and moved on to enjoy the rest of the Tasting. We headed around the pools so Hubs could see Gordon Ramsey and I did a quick stop at Guy Savoy.
    We ran into Rick Moonen and got a couple of pictures he is such a nice guy. And, then we were out of there.

    The Tasting seemed less crowded this year. But, I saw signs that they were sold out, so I’m not sure if they had less people or less booths. Maybe they were more spread out. I did hear rumors that the Wynn group was not there this year. So maybe it was because there were less food booths. There also seemed to be less wine booths. Maybe there were less booths because some participated in the Food Truck event instead?

    Back in the room we tossed our bags into the closets and fell into bed. Oh, wait how do we close these darn drapes? Push which button? 6 buttons, blurry eyes, 5 minutes later, we finally have the drapes closed and we are off in lala land. Night all.

    Saturday, May 12, 2012

    We got up around 8:30 for breakfast at MAG. We’re meeting Kiddo from the Lv4E board at Wynn around noonish. The phone is recharged and I’d gotten a text from Claired67 that they made it to the Tasting around 8:30. Darn! We probably just about passed her on the way out.

    Our petit suite has two bathrooms. I took the one with the jetted tub. I’ve never had a jetted tub before. IT’S HEAVENLY! I’m sooooo in love. The jets are all adjustable. I use the jets on my tired feet. Heavenly! I use them on my aching neck. Heavenly! AAAAhhhhh! I may never get out of the tub. Kiddo will eventually forgive me if I never show up, right? I use my WEN and it give me just the right amount of bubbles! It just keeps getting better!

    Eventually I wipe out my bubble ring and haul my wrinkly butt out of my new favorite place in Vegas.

    Hubs ordered a Ketel One vodka and headed to the Bloody Mary bar. I followed to take pictures. I like to graze here while Hubs prepares his Bloody Mary. So as usual I popped an olive into my mouth.

    WRONG! OMG! There is a reason for those little sign thingies. I popped a jalapeno stuffed olive!!! Hair on fire!!!! I ran back to the table with steam coming out of my ears, which was thankfully close. I spit the olive into a cocktail napkin, to the sound of the laughter of everyone at the Bloody Mary bar ringing in my ears. I signaled our waiter when he came by and calmly asked for a bit of milk when he had a second. Bless his heart he thought I wanted it for my coffee. He brought one of those little silver pitchers. I grabbed that puppy and gulped down the whole thing in one big swig. I wonder what people at the other tables thought. I didn’t really care at that point.

    Hubs came back to the table and I apologize if I’d made a scene. He chuckled and said it wasn’t a problem. He took the olive out of his drink and so did several other people. They were grateful to know about the olives, apparently I’m not the only one that can’t read.

    Hubs had the corned beef and I had the chicken, apple brie crepe. I’m sure the crepe was fabulous, but my taste buds were so fried by the jalapeno I couldn’t taste much at this point. I liked that they cut the apple in thin slices instead of the chunks that I expected. It was light and tender. Hubs loved his corned beef as always. It was savory and not too salty.

    We cabbed to Wynn and lollygagged in the conservatory for a few minutes taking pictures. Wow, this place is just a beautiful as advertised. We checked out the high limit slots and they weren’t nearly as scary as the Bellagio.

    Kiddo sent me a text and said she would meet us there. We headed to the Red Club to get cards. It wasn’t far from the high limit slots. We met Kiddo and played awhile.

    We had some fun bonuses on Hangover, but no huge wins. We’d played the Hanger slots at Paris earlier and had some fun bonuses, too. I got my initial 300 points and went back for my free spin. I got an extra $10 in free play. Then, we played some more and earned two free buffet passes. Hubs was ready to move on and we discussed using the buffet for Sunday instead of brunch at Payard’s. But, I was hoping Payard’s would do something extra special for Mother’s Day so I wanted to stick to the Payard’s plan. Also, I had a feeling that the Wynn buffet would be extra crowded for Mother’s Day so thought it might be best to avoid it.

    The plan was to wander back down the strip and check out the Palazzo and visit Venetian, Harrahs, Flamingo, etc. But, Hubs wanted to just go plant ourselves at Paris. So, we cabbed back to Paris and played there. Again no big wins, mostly just losses.

    We had to pick up our tickets for Elton John between 3:30 and 6:30 so we headed up to the room and changed about 4pm then headed over to Caesars. We got our tickets and were stunned to learn that they were GG 306 and 307. 6 rows from the front 2nd section on the right!

    We had a quick light dinner at Spago. We split a pepperoni pizza. It was great! The crust was light and crispy and the pepperoni was flavorful but not too spicy. It dripped with yummy olive oil. They served us a basket of bread, too; cherry walnut, sourdough and crispy parmesan, with butter olive oil and sea salt for dipping on the side.

    We played a little Reel Winner and had a little luck and cashed out at $150 right before the concert. No huge wins and I think only one bonus, but it was fun.

    The concert was AMAZING! They allowed photos, but no video, so I got some great pics.

    His piano is digital so the piano and bench can’t be moved during the performance, so, less antics. But, the production itself was incredible. You really tend to forget how much a part of our everyday lives his music is. We really loved the show. There were a few songs I didn’t recognize, but they were no less entertaining or spectacular. It’s really hard to describe how overwhelming the whole experience was.

    We walked back to Paris and stopped by the Sugar Factory and we got some gelato from the windy stand out front.

    Hubs headed up to the room and I stayed down determined to earn a few points and spend the last of my bankroll for the day. I told Hubs I’d be up in five minutes. LOL It actually took me a couple of hours to spend about $200. I had a nice bonus win on the community WOZ. I had about a half a dozen bonuses on Mr. Woo. Woohoo! And, I had a few fun bonuses on Cash Wizard. But, eventually my money was all gone and I headed to bed about midnight. Another great day in Vegas behind us.

    Sunday, May 13, 2012

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    Groan! Up at 6am to check-in on Southwest. One of these days I’ll actually take advantage of the earlybird I buy and see what kind of seats we get. I head down and log in to the kiosk and it tells me I’m too early. What the heck? I check the itinerary and dang. Our flight isn’t until 6:25.

    Now I’m up when I’m dead on my feet tired and I should still be in bed and I have to kill 25 minutes. I don’t want to go back to the room and wake up Hubs again. I already did that when I had to go back for my wallet.

    So, I get a mocha and hit the cash machine for $40 since all our bankroll for the day is still in the safe. Ha, that lasts about 18 minutes, less Hearts, some tarnished Silver Swords, I forget what else, but not much for $40 bucks. Now it’s 6:23.

    I head to the gift shop. A pen, a key chain, a golf ball, and what I hope will be a lucky poker chip. NOW, it should be after 6:25. Gesh! I check in and we get A23 and A24.

    I have to have a tiny rant here. What is it with the coffee people at Paris? Before it was the coupons. They couldn’t figure out how to use a coupon and charge the difference if you wanted to get a flavored mocha instead of a plain latte. This time I wanted a raspberry mocha. They didn’t have raspberry. OK, no problem. I told Mike I’d take caramel. But, he kept trying to make it a white chocolate instead of a regular mocha. I had to correct him three times. Then, when I got the mocha it wasn’t stirred, all the syrup was on the bottom. Yuck. And then later I realized it was some fruit flavor, not caramel. (Hey, what can I say, it was 6:15am, I’m not a morning person under normal circumstances, ok?) LOL

    Back up to the room for a few more minutes of shut eye, but not nearly enough. Why do I keep making plans before noon! I guess because compared to the 4am when we usually get up it seems so reasonable from several hundred miles away.

    Brunch at Payard’s at 10am. Not much time for my love affair with the tub today. Sigh!

    The “dining” room at Payard’s is very small. I think it only seats about 50. The menu was pretty limited. But, we both settled on the lobster eggs benedict with the potato waffle and then we split a side of frittes rissoles. (That’s home fries for us home bodies. LOL)

    As expected the eggs bene and waffle were incredible. YUM! The waffle was light and fluffy with just the slightest crisp to the outside. YUM! The eggs were perfect YUM! And there was just the right amount of sauce to give the whole dish flavor without drowning it YUM! And lots of nice big chunks of lobster. YUM! It was a fairly big breakfast and it was VERY rich, we were stuffed when we were done. YUM! I think Anzir? said the lobster waffle was a special for Mother’s Day. It was about $22 each, plus the potatoes, coffee and orange juice.

    Our plans for the day were to head to MGM to try the Lion’s Share machine and then wander back to Paris. Scratch that, we played a bit at Planet Hollywood and Cosmo and Paris. We had some nice hits and a fun bonus game on Gorilla Chief. And, we got a couple of bonus games on Little Shop of Horrors at Cosmo. No huge wins, but lots of fun. And, we had a really nice bonus game one Zeus II at Planet Hollywood where we cashed out at just over $230.

    Back at Paris we had an early dinner at Sugar Factory. I was so disappointed. Our hostess got kind of an attitude when we asked for a booth instead of a table, then she only gave us one menu, and didn’t bother to explain that it was because they were short on menus. Which seemed odd since they weren’t even close to full. Then, my Swedish fish drink was WAY too syrupy and only had one fish in it, totally gross. Yuck! My waiter did bring me extra fish when he noticed me “fishing” for more. LOL Hubs BLT was the wimpiest sandwich I’ve seen in a long time. There was one small piece of tomato, a lettuce leaf and like two slices of bacon. Hardly the piles and piles of bacon and turkey he got on his club sandwich last year. The clubhouse here at the golf course makes much better BLT’s. And my tuna melt was barely warm. If this had been our first experience at Sugar Factory, we would have never gone back. I don’t know if we will bother again. Our server Art was wonderful, but I have to wonder if he said something to the bartender and kitchen about our complaint about the hostess since we had such bad drinks and food. I will say the fries were awesome.

    We stopped by the candy shop and I got a cute key chain and a bucket of goodies.

    We played a bit, but no big wins. I think we got one hit on WOF in the high limits for $125. And, one really bad bonus on Mr. Woo for $8.40.

    We headed to bed early since our flight leaves Monday morning at 6:25am.

    Monday, May 14, 2012

    Check out was surprisingly easy, considering how complicated check-in was. We earned a whooping $38 in credit this trip. Plus, the $10 in dining credit I won on the Plot Your Escape game. The gambling at CET properties was brutal and we did that extra gambling at Wynn and Cosmo this time that cut into our bankroll. No Plantinum for us this year. We’ll be lucky to get a standard room with a strip view next trip.

    Flight left on time and was smooth and uneventful. At one point the pilot said he could see Mt Rainier, Mt. Adams and St. Helens all at once, about 270 miles. It was very clear out. I got some great pics.

    I’m loving my new HD Olympus camera. I hope you all like the pics.

    Over all the sidewalk on the strip was not very crowded all weekend.

    I think if we’d stuck around, gambling for us long term would have been best at Cosmo and Planet Hollywood.

    I couldn’t get Hubs to settle in one place for more than about half an hour. I need a do over solo trip!

    Elton John is an amazing concert- GO!

    I’d rather do a sit down dinner or brunch next year instead of the Grand Tasting.

    We totally forgot to go to the San Generro Fest on Sunday at the Rio. Oh well. Tickets were from Groupon and only cost us $8.00. I forgot to add it to my calendar on my phone and there were no tickets to print, just a sign in at the fest. We should have gone and saved our gambling money.

    Gambling was totally brutal. I tried everything $5, $1, $0.25, and penny machines. Other than our initial wins on WOF it just wasn’t our weekend. We came home with $200, so not a total loss.

    You can find all my pics and videos on Flickr and YouTube under Peath 13.
  2. shifter

    shifter Degenerate Gambler

    Sep 15, 2010
    At the tables
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Woah!!! that's some serious preparation unless you have a 3 hour drive to the airport.
  3. Peath13

    Peath13 Guest

    Shifter- our drive is about 45 minutes, my prep is about 45 minutes, Hubs prep is about 30 minutes, and I had to strip and re-make the bed for SIL. Plus, I don't move so fast at that time of day as I would normally. I'm soooo not a morning (middle of the night) person. LOL
  4. winwin

    winwin Tourist

    Apr 23, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    loved your tr! how do i find your pics on flckr?
  5. Peath13

    Peath13 Guest

    winwin I think you should be able to do a search for peath 13. : )
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