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Planet Hollywood Oct.20 - 24

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by LynneNY, Oct 29, 2007.

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  1. LynneNY

    LynneNY Tourist

    Jun 9, 2007
    New York State : small town
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Well, we have been back in New York State now 4 full days and I am finally
    getting some energy back after this Vegas trip and the long flight home on
    Air Tran into Rochester. My age may have something to do with why Im been
    so tired since we returned...:peace: Im not a young cookie.:licklips:

    Actually Rochester just began these Air Tran NONSTOP flights to Vegas in late August...which I think is a great thing.

    We previously have stayed at The Mirage in our other visits in 2002 and 2004..
    so this stay at PH was new for us.
    We checked in on a Sat. afternoon about 430 PM and NO ONE ELSE was
    checking in....I WAS ASTOUNDED. :licklips:
    Told the girl it was our 30th anniversary and asked for a renovated
    room with fountain view. ( She had us at first in a "mountain view " room.)
    She said 'we're pretty full but let me check " Bingo we got one of their regular
    rooms ( which they call deluxe ) renovated and with a gorgeous view of
    Bellagio, the fountains and Caesars..as well as everything beyond in the background. I didn't end up having to give her a Twenty at all.!!

    . ROOM 2395...on the 23rd floor.
    NEVER a problem getting an elevator...never a long wait .
    The room was quite large...flat screen large tv for those who care.
    We didn't care about the TV. But that gorgeous view out the window
    impressed us every single morning and every single night. Amazing.

    Very large bathroom. :licklips: Our room was always clean .
    Two complaints...
    #1 The lighting in the room was poor in my opinion.
    Needs brighter bulbs or something. !!!!!

    # 2 ALSO at night around 1130 PM when I wanted to take a nice hot bath...
    we had no hot water. Not even lukewarm. This happened on two out of 4 nights....called the front desk..and they wanted to send someone up RIGHT THEN at 1130 PM when I had my robe on and so forth. I DID NOT WANT some guy in the room monkeying around for who knows how long when I was dead tired and it was so late.

    WHEN we left, at check ,out I submitted a guest comment card about the hot water .

    GAMBLING...we are slot players (quarter slots nearly all the time.)..once in awhile
    a dollar slot or a nickel slot. PH slots were good to me the first day and after that ..forget it.
    BUT my husband ( who always does well on slots no matter where ) he did pretty good .
    We also visited NYNY, Mirage, Harrahs, Flamingo, Barbary Coast, Paris, Ballys,
    Binions, and Golden Nugget.
    Binions to eat a special expensive dinner in their 24th floor steakhouse.
    ( made these reservations a week before we left NYSTATE ).

    I had some luck on a machine in The NUGGET. AND on a dollar slot in The
    Mirage a I won about 50 bucks on 3 pulls....that is good for ME folks.
    Harrahs , BALLYS, PARIS....all sucked big time. LOSER was my name.

    Hubby came home with at least 400 EXTRA bucks from his winnings...this
    is above what he put into the slots.
    I came home with about 160 bucks extra......and we don't really care.
    We dont go expecting to win big . We take only what we can afford to lose.

    We go for the excitement of being in one of the most famous cities in the world.
    ( we live in a very small city in rural southern NYSTATE...where not much happens and excitement is quite limited no matter what month of the year. !! )
    So we are just always happy and smiling whenever we are walking around
    the throngs of people on the Strip...:wave:

    This trip I finally had my margarita at Margaritaville. Thanks to the tips on
    these boards...about going all the way to the top floor patio and bar to eat.
    There was a long line downstairs as it was 5 PM ..and Jimmy Buffet was in town , too.
    So all these parrot heads were hanging all over Margaritaville in every square inch of the
    place. !

    Of course , being at Planet Hollywood, we had to eat at their buffet..one of the top rated in Vegas. And we got comped $10 off per person from the slot
    club card. We don't do buffets often.....cause I can't eat that much food..and also cause we are seriously trying to lose weight.
    BUT yes...the food was good...the things we had anyway. Who can eat everything that's at
    a buffet ???
    And we had the nicest waitress. ..who chatted with us about stuff and
    was just really a sweet woman.
    She told us that on Sat when we checked in....there was a big birthday party
    at PH for Arnold S. .and Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone were all there
    Sat and Sun. NO WE NEVER SAW THEM....

    In Caesars Forum shops a few days later, while strolling around, we encountered Lou Ferrigno ( Incredible Hulk ) outside some shop signing
    autographs.. THEN ....about six steps away at some sports shop was
    Pete Rose signing autographs..etc. Hubby got photos of each of these guys.

    The only show we did was to go to the Sahara to see The Platters , The Coasters and The New Temptations in concert at the famous Conga Room.
    WE really enjoyed it. Great show. They sounded fabulous for their ages believe me. :nworthy:

    Cab rides to downtown cost us about 20 bucks down and back.
    Thats a lot more than we paid in 2004.
    BUT hey ....what can you do ?

    Are we ready to go back ? Well .....maybe next year.
    Ill need to take some high energy Red BUll with me or something !!
  2. gmoney590

    gmoney590 VIP Whale

    Jul 8, 2006
    Tacoma, WA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Sounds like you had a really good time. I can relate to slots. I, too, am a LOSER most of the time.
    Birthday Bash
  3. DBear

    DBear VIP Bear

    Mar 14, 2006
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Lynne, glad you had fun! Question about the $10 off PH comp. Was it a comp because of your playing or was it because you signed up for a player's card. I'm going in about a month and that's the 1 buffet I want to try (tried most of the others). Curious to know if I can get $10 off without playing anything.
  4. LynneNY

    LynneNY Tourist

    Jun 9, 2007
    New York State : small town
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Dbear.....At the end of our second day we went to the Players Club
    to see what comps we had. She said we could get 10 bucks off each at
    the buffet and also some free play...ten bucks worth or something like that.

    We did not play slots all the time at PH....only at night..cause we
    went to other casinos during the daytime.
  5. Reston

    Reston VIP Whale

    Oct 7, 2006
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    So that's where Arnold was while California was burning....
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