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Planet Hollywood 10/30..11/3

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by HOUtoLAS, Nov 4, 2010.

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  1. HOUtoLAS

    HOUtoLAS High-Roller

    Jan 31, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report


    I had reserved my parking in advance with The Parking Spot. I used my reward points. It was pretty packed, but found a place to park.

    Had a frozen margarita and quesadillas at Hobby airport. Then on to the non-stop Southwest flight. We sat on the last row of the middle flight attendants drink area. Didn't know that until both of them in our area did not take our order. Asked one of them, which one was ours, and it was other naturally. When she served everyone else, I asked if we could order. Did scored free Jack.

    Flight was going to be rough towards Vegas with 20+ MPH winds. I knew this and told my buddy midway through our movie, that I should head to the bathroom now. Before I could unbuckle my seat belt, DING, please buckle up it is getting bumpy. Too late, I head for the back. I braced myself, but it wasn't bad yet. Headed back, and locked myself down. It was bumpy when we were coming in. We made it in one piece, which is all I ask.

    We now are in Terminal B. It used to be C for SW.

    Cab it to Planet Hollywood. Quick. About $12 fare. Give him 20 and say thanks.

    Check in was long, but Diamond Check in was vacant. 21st floor room. Check. How many keys. Two. What about the roll away? Oh crap, we won't need that, as the third guy is staying somewhere else. It may already be in the room. No problem, we will push it to the side. Off we go.

    Open the door to the room and the place looks good. Two beds. No roll away. All good. It's me and a friend. What's Alien Nation? I have never heard of that movie. My friend informs me it was also a TV Series. We get the TV Series room of it. All I needed was the comfy bed and the flat panel TV on the wall.

    Need to change a bunch of 20s into 100s. Take 500 to cage. Take 500 to Mississippi Stud (MS). We planned to meet up with the other guy at Flamingo Poker Room, but I use this excuse to play some MS. I get my 400 in green and 100 in red, quarters and nickels. It is a $5 table, which I wouldn't have thought it would be. I played $15, as I was going to hit and run. Plus it would look strange buying in for 500 and playing 5. I hit a few quick hands and was up 200. 15 minutes later, off to the cage.

    Flamingo Poker Room had a wait for 2-4 limit. We said hey to our buddy, who had been there for an hour. I played some quick VP and dropped 160. Damn. We got into a limit game on the same table, and played for a couple of hours. I could do no wrong and was up 86, when we cashed out.

    Played some Mini Pai Gow. My friend loves that game. A few cute girls at the table. It didn't take long for one of them to leave and she told me to watch after the other. No problem. Poor girl had a straight flush and did not bet the bonus. Missed out on 100. I felt bad telling her that, when she asked. She finally went broke and I was tired of playing. Moved to MS table. Did play $5 a hand here, so I could play for a while.

    When we were done there, went back to Planet Hollywood and there is much better talent there. Played blackjack at Double Deck and Single Deck. Enjoyed Single Deck. Not great odds.

    Played VP in the high limit, $1 triple play BP 8/5/4. Held my own for a while.

    Called it a night after a long day at 2:30am.


    Wake-up. Shower. Time for lunch. Cafe at PHO. My friends thought it was pricey. I eat Philly Cheese Steak. Ok.

    We play poker at the Flamingo for a while.

    Around 5pm, I head to the Diamond Lounge to pickup some extra cash from the fee free ATM. The only problem would be it is not there anymore. Got some wings.

    Halloween night, we head down town. Pickup a taxi at PHO and got the best cabbie ever. He gets us there for 19 and change. Plaza end of Fremont. We give him 30 and thank him.

    I finally made it into the Golden Nugget since they updated it. Very cool fish tank in the pool area. Walked around there. Just recently saw the CSI episode that was filmed there. If staying downtown, that would be a cool place to hang. Went to Magnolias, so my buddy could eat. The wings I had were killing me, so I only get a drink.

    Downtown is packed. Costumes everywhere. Hot chicks in costumes everywhere. Memorable: Topless lady with sponge bob painted on her torso. Jacko-lantern girl - see through orange full body tights, with black eyes and mouth strategically placed. Fifth Element girl. To name a few. My buddy took lots and lots of pictures. I don't have them.

    We stayed downtown for a few hours. I got tired of standing up. Headed for the bus stop. $5 ticket for 2 hours, and we hop on the Ace 10 minutes later. Not many stops later, we get dropped off at the Bellagio right across from Planet Hollywood. It was dark and I didn't notice that we could cross the street there at the light, so we went to the overpass walkway at City Center. Pretty convenient. I did not mind taking that bus.

    Oh, I forgot that we also stood in line at Mermaids, so my friend could get a fried twinkie. That was 15 to 20 minutes and they did not have any fried things at that time. So, he got nothing. Luckily there was a smoking hot chick ahead of us with a skimpy outfit, or I would not have waited with him.


    Wake-up. Shower. Time for lunch. Pizza at Caesars food court. Watch slide show of pictures taken the night before. Oh, we missed the nipple action it seems. And the sucking of the nipples. Our buddy did text us after we left, that the crowd was thinning out, but getting raunchy.

    Played some MS at PHO. Got on a good run and was up a bunch. Flushes, straights, trips. Then pissed 450 away in no time. Played for 4 hours.

    Our evening plans, was Monday Night Football. In Vegas, that is 5:30pm.

    Go to Diamond Check in to see host on duty to get an extra person in the Diamond Lounge. Looks over play. No problem. Off we go to see the 100+ plasma, and to watch the Texans give the Colts a game. Well, we had some wings and drinks, but no game to speak of. The TV was awesome though.

    After the game got out of hand, I played more MS. I wish they moved that game to the Pleasure Pit, as those girls were nice. I found myself turning around after folding my rags to sneak a few peaks. I love Planet Hollywood.


    Wake-up. Shower. Time for lunch. I grabbed a sandwich from Earls and split it with my friend. Planning on Rio Buffet that evening.

    Over to Flamingo for marathon poker. I get bored after 2 hours and head to MS.

    At this Mississippi Stud table, I play $5 hands for ever. I start with 200 buy in. Pull out another 100. Then another. Next thing I know, I am in for 500. Table mates are fine. The dealers were not so great. Then things started to pickup. We got a few cards rolling. Then a few better dealers came along. On an up swing, I bump up my bet and catch a full house. That gets me healthy quick. 10 black chips. At my high point, I was up to 1400, and then leave at 1200.

    I try a little VP at PHO and end up winning 300.


    Wake-up. (Not yet time for Shower and lunch) This is the day we leave. So, I throw on some clothes and go make a run at VP. I am down 400, when I put my last 100 in I plan to play. I start hitting and working my way up. 2 quad Aces at once. That is 800 win at BP. I was dealt four to a Royal 4 times this morning and did not hit one of them It was a 3 play machine. I was pissed. I did get back to 1000 loss for the trip. Not bad compared to 2500 down, when I woke-up Tuesday morning. Or technically, 2900 down at MS table Tuesday night before the comeback.

    Shower. Sandwich at Earls. Off to the airport. I did get the random screening, but it was only a shoe swipe for explosives I guess. I did not get wanded or patted down.

    I did win 80 playing WOF at the airport.


    Halloween in Vegas is excellent. Will plan this again next year.

    Planet Hollywood. Excellent. Especially with $5 MS. Now, I need them to move it to the pit.

    Ace Bus from downtown to the strip was good. I imagine it would be just as good the other way.

    Next stop NYE.
  2. sin

    sin VIP Whale

    Jun 25, 2004
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice report. Thanks for posting!
  3. rlhendrix

    rlhendrix Low-Roller

    Mar 17, 2009
    Woodstock, GA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Enjoyed it
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