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Password Payout

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by tiny_gal, May 27, 2006.

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  1. tiny_gal

    tiny_gal Tourist

    Jun 12, 2005
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    So we arrive at TI and get free upgrades ( the $20 trick) to Petite Suites. What a kick ass room, two bathrooms,a jacuzzi tub in one and a large shower in the second bathroom.

    Head down to play some slots as we wait for some friends to show up for dinner and I find myself at Password. I like the TV type slots and find this one to be new to me so I throw in $20 and within 15 minutes I get to the bonus level on this nickel machine and hit the bonus for 15600 credits having Mary Ann picked as my Playing Partner. I am about to cash and decide to spin once more and get a 1000 credit payout. I cash out finally up $850 and figure I am done gambling for the night. Run into our friends and they are spinning so I sit down and play Texas Tea next to them and throw in $10,BAM another $200 payout. Now for sure I am done for the night of gambling and it costs me a dinner for 6 at the Grand Lux, which I happily paid for .

    The next day was just a continuation on my luck,,,,finally found Sticky's Marty the Dolphin game hidden in a corner and watched as Marty got up about 5 bonus levels and paid me $150. With my luck going strong, I decide to test it out and play the $1 Horoscope machine near Marty and third spin in, I win an additional $100. I cash out up another $250 for the day and decide gambling is done and shopping is instore with TI's money. Spend like crazy and head to our Delmonico Steakhouse Reservations. If need a recommendation for an appetizer , I strongly advise the Pretzel Fondue, it was amazing!!!

    Third day and I still have the Karma going and tip every person I can ( woulda tipped the egg guy if I had seen him ) figuring it was bringing me good luck. I play Great Scot and the loch ness bonus kept working and paying out big time. I cash out of the Luxor up around $150 and go back to TI and head for the Texas Tea machine and it erupted. I had 5 oil wells in one line and wasnt even a max bet it still paid me out $300.
    I usually break even or up or down about $100 in a normal trip but figure for sure I am already up around $1500 after three days and was going to leave every penny behind. Make reservations based on Hoya's reviews of Commander's Palace and we do the tasting Menu for dinner accompanied by the wine pairing and also one did the Cocktail Pairing drinks with each part of the meal. What a great way to spend an evening! I am very happy I read the reviews on this site as this was a great experience and something I normally wouldn't do but was in mood for a unique eating experience. We had Josh as our head waiter and he made the night even better as he had some New Orleans experience and kept reliving tales of his days back in the French Quarters. At nights end Chef Carlos comes out, takes our tasting menu and writes an inscription on it and then signs it, asks about our meals and heads back to cook. What a night! great food, great service and a nice added touch on the menu signing. Would definately say to give this place a try if you want a nice dinner out.

    Our show for the week was Avenue Q and I had been waiting forever to see this show and it lived up to my expectations, adding to the fun of it was Steve Wynn came to watch the show once last time before it closes this week . I hope this show goes on the road because it is an amazing show with great actors and songs and deserves to be seen After the show we gamble some and this is the only place I am having bad luck in, no bonus rounds , machines werent even letting me play for awhile before it ate it all up. I realized it is a nice place but tight machines. I play some egg game and the machine freezes up during a spin and I call an attendant and she pays me out what I had left in the machine and tells me may take a bit to reset and can they give me a lunch buffet comp in place of me waiting around so I agree on a comp'd buffet for two. Tha's about the only luck I had on machines in that place and can't see venturing in there again to play without a reason ( show, dinner etc).

    Overall just because I won, this was the best Vegas adventure yet. My Steve Madden collection of shoes went up by 8 pairs, lots of clothes, some great meals ( Grand Lux twice, Delmonico, Commander's Palace, Mon Ami Gabi, PF Changs, Wynn Buffet to name few of the better ones)

    Shopping in Vegas is awesome!! went out to Boulevard Mall, Fashion Mall, Aladdin Shops, the Outlet Mall and couple other smaller places and loved every minute of it.

    Thanks to all for the reviews on Restaurants as I read and used them in my decisions down there.

    I would stay at TI again in a second, love the location and the feel of the place but because the rest of my group had bad luck there, we will probably try the Mirage or some other place and see if they have better luck next time.

    Overall impressions,
    Tried Pai Gow for the first time and think would be way more fun if had a whole table of people you know and can get more entertainment out of it but would play it again for sure .

    Read the reviews on here for great places to eat, they are very helpful, unbiased and usually as described.

    Find I am leaning more towards staying at the TI, Mirage end of the strip now...my first few trips I loved the Luxor end but feel for ease of getting to other casinos, some of the restaurants I like more and overall comfort level I am liking theTI area of the strip more.

    What happened to Monty Python Slot Machines? I know Aladdin had them last time I was there but I looked all over and couldnt find it anywhere.

    Looking forward to seeing how these new shows opening will be............Phantom and Monty Python are the two I am most looking forward to reading reviews on.
    I think the big Hairspray ad on the side of the Luxor detracts from the awe of the building

    Always wonder how someone can get grumpy or mean in Vegas and figured out all comes down to if you lose lots. I had a limo driver tell me that a couple months ago he drove a guy to the airport cause his wife just lost $10000 on gambling and he left her on the spot.

    I will miss Vegas and will be reading other TR's abnd reviews until I begin my planning again.
  2. Coaster Kikky

    Coaster Kikky Tourist

    Jan 8, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Congrats on a successful trip!! And a great trip report too!! I love hearing about all the great places to eat on this board, and figure I only need a few thousand more trips to Vegas to manage to try all of the places on my list.
  3. ponyboy

    ponyboy Guest

    I love that slot machine Password
  4. HoyaHeel

    HoyaHeel Grammar Police & Admin

    Feb 24, 2002
    North Carolina
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I hate finding slot machines I love, because inevitably they're GONE by the time I make my next trip to Vegas:blink: Glad you had a good trip!
  5. VegasBlush

    VegasBlush Tourist

    Apr 20, 2006
    Ohio.. so not Vegas!
    ~Congrat's on all your good luck and thank's for the TR!
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