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part two report 14-25 june from dutchie

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by DutchVegas, Jun 27, 2002.

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  1. DutchVegas

    DutchVegas Low-Roller

    Sep 4, 2001
    Ruinen The Netherlands
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    After dinner we played some videopoker here, I was amazed about the number of video poker games over here.Seems to be a popular game with the locals.
    We both lost about USD 50,00.

    Total loses now upto about USD 150,00.(including the 5 dollar notes we stick in machines passing through, which counts to , rather quickly I must say)

    next stop Texas Station, well if you know Boulder its about the same, lots of video poker.No luck here.

    next stop the Palms , nice place but no luck either.Its starting to get ugly now with our luck.Thats not why I came to Vegas.

    next stop back to the Venetian, for some black-jack and again no luck here.
    At this point together we lost almost USD 600,00 in three days, what the … happened with our luck we had last X-mass.Ah well its holiday so lets keep enjoying ourselves.

    After this casino hopping I got very hungry, so we decided to take a late night buffet at the Board walk casino.Still its better then the buffet in Mesquite.And when you are hungry what the heck everything is fine.

    We got in our room at about 2.00 am and went to sleep.

    june 19

    Get up at 8.00 am we get used to the time now.
    After watching some story on TV about the Smart girl which is missing(is she still??) we went over to the MGM for my Wagerworks buffet comp.
    We had a hard time getting it arranged, if I knew this before I would have been more then happy just to pay these bloody USD 25,00 for the food.But hey I did get the points the easy way.
    The buffet was outstanding, the second best we had during our Vegas visits.
    Don`t ask what I had , I can tell you it had something to do with cheese again, man I can eat tons of that stuff.My wife is always puffed up after one chunk, but I can eat at least 10 pieces if I want to.I am addicted to the stuff.

    After lunch/breakfast we go back to the Venetian.
    And walk the strip up and down, bad idea 108 fahr. is to hot.But we made it, and had a good workout.

    Upon our return we showered and dressed ourselves for Bleu Man Group at the Luxor.

    We attended the 10.00 pm show.
    I loved it, but be aware , my wife does not like to be enclosed in little rooms or be wrapped in something she starts to panic, well that was a bit of a problem at the end of the show, I wont tell how and what it has to be suprising if anybody wants to visit it.

    Again gambling no luck today.
    Total loses about USD 800,00

    june 20

    up at 8.00 am again.
    Drived to the Silverton casino.
    Had their breakfast buffet.Average but better then the boardwalk.
    We played after breakfast some 5 cent surfing video game.
    When you get 3 surfs up signs you get 3 free bonusspin and the al combinations are winlines.
    But what happened when you have 5 surfs up signs you get 15 free spins.

    Well that happened to my wife, and during these free spins she got again 15 free spins and about 8 times 3 free spins.
    You guessed it already jackpot time.
    about 20000 credits is about USD 1000,00 thank you silverton.
    I made a promise to my wife that moment that I only will play 5 cent video games from that moment on.

    Next stop Primm

    Did the roller coaster, whoehoe, nice one.
    Again played video games together with the wive and this time I was lucky with some fishing themed game.
    I fished a bottle out of the water and went on some vacation to Lake mead and got the biggest fish 350 x bet I was betting 18 coins tata 6300 coins.

    Our vacation was turning out to be good(LOL).

    We checked out the rest of the resort and I think its pretty good.

    After this we returned to the Venetian, were I breaked my promise for some black jack again.

    Well this went again not so good.
    I lost about USD 350,00 in one hour.
    I have no idea but its not working for me with black jack

    So we decide to buy some cheesecake in the Grand lux again.

    june 21

    We have to check out and go to Laughlin for our two day stay at the Colorado Belle.

    I did speak to a host this time and asked if I was comped anything.
    Well he promised that he would look at it when we would come back on Sunday for our last two night in the Venetian.

    We decide to eat at Green Valley Ranch.
    Wow what a nice place I really could see myself staying there.
    We also got a tour to see some hotel rooms, they have really nice rooms.I honestly can say .BTW we did lose about USD 50,00.

    We arrived in Laughlin at 1.00 pm but could not get our room, so we checked out the place a bit and came back at 2.00pm.
    This time we could get our room, E deck above the casino, 5 meters from some big Airco oulet.

    Changed rooms again to a delta lanai suite , what they mean a delta dirty suite a la motel Bates.
    My goodness what was this, back to counter again, Orleans tower 2 floor, well we finally settled in in our mini room.
    What a dump.

    We did make use of their buffet, again what a dump.
    Their casino is nice and buzzing with people.But these people, I do not want to offend anybody but this is not the public you see anywere in Vegas.

    Again losing 5 cents slots/video poker/black jack

    june 22

    Today we drive to the Grand Canyon.
    Nice surprise upon arrivel we did not pay an entrance fee, it seemed to be a free weekend in the whole country in any national park.
    It’s a long drive but I was easily compensated by the place.
    We took the old route 66 to Clewiston and the last miles to Williams the I 40.

    This is one great place.

    About 11.00 pm we came back in Laughlin, and went to our room which was :

    * Not cleaned
    * Our toilet was broken
    * and the shower had no warm water.

    After 5 calls to the front desk I repared the toilet myself, we used our own towels and shower with freezing water.

    Went to sleep quickly, because we were bust.

    june 23

    Went downstairs to check out.
    Asked for the manager, and before I could say really anything he made the bill as I wanted it.zero USD.
    I do not know how they keep pulling in these truck loads of people everyweekend, but go to Vegas its much better, much better , much better , mych better, have I said it is much better.

    Back to the Venetian.

    We arrived at 7.00 pm (we did a tour in the Hoover dam, earlier that week it was closed for some kind of festival.)
    We got a room on the 25 th floor with Desert In golf club view, pretty nice.

    We grabbed a bite to eat on this place on the market square at the canal shops, pasta.Nice food.

    In the evening we first watch a movie and then went downstairs for some gambling.
    Both played 5 cent slots and lose and lose and lose.
    About USD 300,00 together.
    24 june

    Our last day in Vegas.

    First we collected our wager works Bellagio buffet.
    This went easy within 5 minutes we had our comp slip.

    Went to their lunch buffet, amazing really good.

    next stop the Luxor for our one club card we had about 500 points on this card so I wanted to see if we could get some goodies.
    We arrived at 1.00pm and gamled to 7.00 pm al kind of slots 25 cent 1 dollar 5 cents we played and played total loses only USD 50,00.
    By this time we had about 750 points
    We got a buffet and some pyramid key chaines/stuffed animal/cap and some gloves.

    We used the buffet, and went back to the Venetian.

    Our last night of gambling first I went to the host and talk with him again.
    He comped us our movie and gave us a USD 25,00 food coupon, which we used for cheesecake in the Grand lux.
    The last night we did not so bad we losed about USD 200,00 but had lotts of fun.

    June 25

    Check out at 5.00 am to Alamo and take our 8.15 flight to Washington, nice surprise the plane back to Holland was not fully booked and since we were really early she could give us an upgrade to Bus.class from Dulles to Amsterdam.

    Thoughts after my trip

    After spending 9 days in Vegas and two in Laughlin, do not go there is not like Vegas in any sense.

    Buffet food is in my opinion good.

    Vegas is the most amazing city I have experienced, we have nothing like it in Europe.
    Paris/Amsterdam./London they have something but not like Vegas.

    If you stay for a longer time like we did, make sure you get nice suites, you need more then just a place to sleep. also a place to retrite and watch some TV and have a drink and sex and what adult people do.

    Gambling is fun as long as get play time for your money, if you lose it like I did in the start of my trip its not fun at all.
    Its not bad to lose, you should always be able to take the lose off-course, but you should get fun for it.

    Drink service is good anywhere we came except the Venetian, the last night we lose and lose just got two drinks pretty lame.
    The whole week they were hard to come by in the Venetian.

    Parking is a breeze everywhere except again the Venetian with their Mickey Mouse parking place.

    Alamo has finished for me.The place was in a total mess.
    Three times in a row.
    Last year in December arrived in LA it was terrible/this year on my vacation on Gran Canaria it was also a mess.

    I will go with Hertz from now on.

    United is my new airline partner private as bus.like.
    KLM has done it for me, I was afraid to try them out but they our much better then KLM.

    I now stayed in the Venetian 3 times.The way you have to hunt down the comp. guy and the way he tries to talk you out of any comps gave me a bad tast.
    I had the feeling I was not getting anything but after asking and asking he gave in.( a movie and some cheesecake what a cheapskate)
    This will be def. our last time in the Venetian, I spoke to this guy at the bar which was a Vegas vet and he said to me if I gave that kind action and playing 25 dollar bets for four or five hours I could do better in other places.

    The rooms in the Venetian are superb but the staff at the Luxor is much better and more friendly.
    Next time I will stay in the luxor for a longer time.I know have a name to call and a matching number.

    We gambled about USD 1000,00 al our winnings were gamled to.
    Our gambling budget was USD 1500,00 for 11 days.

    Our aprox.total cost for the trip were

    * Flight/insurance/tax USD 1500,00
    * Car rental USD 677,00
    * Hotel costs USD 1200,00 incl.tax
    * gambling USD 1000,00
    * shows/fee/entrance USD 400,00
    * Eating/drinking/gas USD 1500,00
    * Shoppingjeans /nike /Lacosta /Hillfiger/etc.etc
    USD 1000,00

    Total about USD 7500,00
  2. bigdogmom

    bigdogmom VIP Whale

    Mar 9, 2002
    Prescott Valley, AZ
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    I loved reading your trip report! A european view of Las Vegas; how interesting! I am surprised you like Las Vegas so much; europe and especially the Netherlands is so beautiful. Ah, but I appreciate both, too. One old, one new.

    I'm so glad you told us about your experience in Laughlin. I've thought about going there, as there are cheap deals from Denver. Now I know I'll pay a little more and go to Las Vegas.

    Your experience at the Venetian was sad. I'm sure there are a lot of other nice hotels in Las Vegas that would love to have your business.
  3. punkypete

    punkypete Tourist

    Jun 17, 2002
    Very nice trip report. [​IMG] Thanks for sharing with us!
  4. DutchVegas

    DutchVegas Low-Roller

    Sep 4, 2001
    Ruinen The Netherlands
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Well bigdogmom, about Laughlin I can be short.
    It`s in no way comparable with Vegas.

    The rooms I have seen (3 ) in the Colorado Belle were terrible.
    Even the Stratosphere or the Manor rooms in Circus Circus are better IMHO.

    And the place get bored really quick, there is nothing to do.
    You can rent a speedboat or a jetski but you have to be a freaking millionaire with these rates.
  5. Ellen8723

    Ellen8723 Guest

    Wonderful trip report! You have a great sense of humor too. I love the nickel machines too. Trying and getting the bonus is entertaining and hopefully rewarding. [​IMG]
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