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Paris 2/23-2/27 part 2

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by mardaho, Mar 6, 2009.

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  1. mardaho

    mardaho Low-Roller

    Feb 1, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Wednesday February 25
    Up around 7ish and headed down for coffee and a danish, we had free buffets at the Wynn today so we were going
    there for a mid afternoonish lunch so we didn't want to be too full, well by the time we got there we could have had
    a full breakfast and still been hungry.
    Today our friends are moving over from Bally's but first we want to hit the Margaritaville to buy some t shirts
    my friend went there yesterday and they told her if she comes in before 11 am she can get 20 percent off
    this didn't work anyway cause they had a buy 3 get one free so we did this and saved a little more
    gambled at the Flamingo a bit and I even cashed out 100 bucks on my 20 so I ordered an irish coffee and watched
    my hubby lose his. We had free tickets to see Vinnie Favorito at the Flamingo and we were going to go tonite so
    I went and got the tickets, then we went back to move our friends over, they got a room on the same floor but in a
    different hallway, Paris floors are set up really neat you get to your floor and there are 3 differerent spokes of rooms
    that go off the middle, the hallways are not too long so even if you have a room at the end of the hall(which we did)
    it's not that bad of a hoof. We could wave to our friends from our window. We never had a problem with elevators or
    anything, we had a 17th floor room and our elevators skipped 4 thru 15 so it was always a quick trip.
    After getting them settled we were off to the Venetian, Palazzo and Wynn, and of course we had to stop at Harrahs
    and Casinos Royale(for a Margarita, have to have Margarita on the bridge on the way in to the Venetian and watch
    the gondolas) Our friends were going to see Terry Fator at the Mirage so while we gambled at Harrahs they hopped
    over to get there tickets. Found a bank of machines at Harrahs that were a blast, They were called super spin something
    on the first line if you had 4 hearts show up you would get so many respins and any hearts or wild would
    stay and at the end of the respins all these hearts would change to one symbol, sometimes you won sometimes you
    didn't. The bonus round was also a blast, cause you could get this respin feature in the bonus round, Look these up
    in Harrahs they are just outside of the sportsbook tucked in a corner against a wall, you could see the sportsbook
    tv's from here. I found them in Bally's too but they were always full, in Bally's they are just down from where you check
    in towards the middle of the casino. Went to the venetian and watched to gondolas and enjoyed a little sunshine
    we should be seeing it here in a couple of months. Hubby and I were sent a card that said we had 50 dollars in free
    play, after checking at the desk he had 15 and I had nothing, the guy didn't know what I was talking about, I should
    have brought the cards, at the desk they said it was only valid if you were staying there, After checking the cards when
    I got back in the oh so very fine print it didn't say anything about this, but it did have a disclaimer about maintaining a certain
    level of play!!! Then why send a card that has in bold print, that I automically have 50 dollars downloaded to my card!!
    No such thing, ggrrrr Oh well, played a little, never get a good vibe from here, but I was getting very hungry, Friends
    wanted to see Palazzo, so we went there for a "quick minute" we all ended up playing the Wizard of Oz and I cashed out
    100 off my 20 YAY. Okay the stomach is growling and the head is spinning, too many miller lites and captain and diets
    on an empty stomach, So off we go to the Wynn to get our 4 free buffets (2 for me 2 for hubby) so we treat our friends
    well when we get there it's 2:45 if we wait till 3:30 we can get the dinner buffet, well yup we wait, so now it's been about
    18 hours since our last real meal. Got the buffet at 3:30 and stuffed ourselves silly. We could barely move when we
    were done, Crablegs yum, Crème Brulee' to die for (had to have 2 cause everyone wanted to taste my first one)
    After that we rolled out and played a little more here, I think I doubled both my twenties in this place(one before and one
    after dinner) Time to head back so we can go see our shows. We went to the flamingo and played a bit and then went
    to the show. This Comedian was hilarious, but you really have to be in the right frame of mind , cause he is very
    harsh. He plays the entire audience and tha't his show. His show is vulgar, sexual, racial, gay, straight, big, tall, old
    he picked on some guy with a big head, he just bounces back and forth between different groups and remembers all
    the names and ties them all together. Had an older couple walk out in the first few minutes. You really have to go to
    it with an open mind and if you get offended at all about anything, I wouldn't go. I liked it!!! Laughed so hard. Had a hard
    time getting a drink though, one waitress wouldn't wait on us cause it wasn't her station. After the show started still
    no drink at the cocktail waitress sat behind us for awhile, After like 15 minutes she finally asked us if we ever got
    waited on. So she finally got us 2 miiler lites, okay this cracks me up, 2 miller lites, that will be 16.25 please. Not
    so funny that is was over 8 bucks a beer but how do you get the 25 cents?????? I figure maybe the tip was built in
    but hubby gave another 2 anyway. Good thing it's only an hour show. Go see this show if you have an open mind it
    really was entertaining, but brutal. Our friends called and said they were running late so we would meet them back
    at Paris. Gambled a bit more but didn't win tonite. Today was not so good in the gambling department, but I figured I
    only had 2 days left and 3 days of gambling stash. Didn't do terrible but spent more today that the other 2 combined.
    Off to bed
    Sorry no time right now for day 4, I'll try to get to it this afternoon :wave:
  2. gotavegasjones

    gotavegasjones VIP Whale

    Jan 16, 2004
    South Texas
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Good second installment.
    later, GVJ
  3. gmoney590

    gmoney590 VIP Whale

    Jul 8, 2006
    Tacoma, WA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I've found out that you have to read all the fine print; but I agree with you why send something out that says you've got x amount of free play if you really don't.
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