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old trip report

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by rugbysteve, Aug 20, 2002.

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  1. rugbysteve

    rugbysteve Low-Roller

    May 13, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    okay, I admit it.. i am starved for a trip report... anything, someone tell me about buying a scratch ticket, so I figured i'd post an old one from last thanksgiving. i was lurking at a different board back then. Actually, i started writing trip reports before I even had internet access. i used to print them in a newsletter that i wrote.. I would share some of those.. but that was 3 computers ago...this one was from last thanksgiving

    80 Hours in Sin City...
    Well, I planned a trip to Vegas for Thanksgiving to take advantage of the cheap flights, cheap hotel (the Mirage) and avoid the cooking, cleaning and family squabbling of Thanksgiving. I asked around and found 2 other couples that wanted to be apart of the 80 hours in Sin city. A forth couple from California decided to join us there. So we were set, 8 people, 80 hours... bring on the drinking and gambling. We flew out of Boston, and arrived at the airport a full 3 hours early. It was a waste of time, as we breezed through check in.. but it gave the crew time to brush up on our blackjack skills. We flew TWA, changed planes in St. Louis and arrived in Vegas 20 minutes ahead of schedule. All right... let's get to the Mirage and get going. We check in .. no problem, the room is nice, the bed is comfy... but who cares about that.. lets get down to the casino. We meet the crew and immediately leave the Mirage in favor of low rolling at the Casino Royal. The craps table is choppy, and my first $60 quickly disappears, along with a few vodka/cranberries. We grab the crew and head north; onward to Slots-a-fun... since dubbed Slots-a-hell. We stop at Taco smell for a bite along the walk.. Ohh yeah, we are living large... and make it up to the craps table at slots a hell. Well another $40 and several vodka/cranberries disappear here as well. Maybe, it's time for Black Jack. 6 of our crew sit at a table together and I pull a $100 from the old wallet. Well, I play a progressive strategy where I increase my wagers after every win starting at $6 bucks, and going to 10, 16, 25, 40, 60, 100, 100, 100 ... if I keep winning.. but back to $6 after a loss. This makes the game very enjoyable for me, and sometimes I get a good streak and make some cash. Well, not this time.. Once again my cash was traded for a number of Vodka/cranberries. Having taken a $180 beating for the day... I decided I was done gambling for awhile and would just concentrate on binge drinking. So I got myself a Long Island Ice Tea in one of those big yard glasses and proceeded to watch my friends. Some did ok, some did not. My lovely wife Babe E. Cakes (all names have been changed to protect the guilty)... ok, I should explain... we all pick out "Vegas" names and then call each other by them for the course of the trip... I'm Buck by the way... Buck Naked... nice to meet you. As I was saying, my wife Babe E. Cakes had hit an unlucky streak as well, and we decided to head back to the Mirage and get ready to go out clubbing for the evening. So we collect our friends...well most of em, Ivanna Humpalot and the Donger decided to stay and play Blackjack... the other 6 of us headed back to the Mirage... on foot. I love walking the strip, sipping on a cool drink. So we get changed and head out to the Palms... a new casino near the Rio. We check out the new club on the 54th floor. It's supposed to cater to the "a" list, but as a "c+" person myself.. I fit in fine. The club was nothing special, the casino was nothing special and I think the Palms will need to find another reason to lure me back there again. We did stay and continue to get nice and toasted until about 3am (6am for those of us on east coast time). On the way back, I mentioned that I was hungry, and the wife said she was too... but that I could either get food or sex, but not both. Well, the next morning I was really hungry! I got up about 8am and the wife wanted more sleep... so I told her we were all meeting at the Bellagio Sports book, and to just meet us there whenever she was ready. I love Vegas (this was my 19th trip) and cannot stand to be in the room, I like to be out and about. So I went down to the Bellagio sports book, saw that none of my friends were here, and decided to wager on the Packers giving 6.5. Then, I took a seat in one of those great leather chairs in the sports book, and soon enough a hot young girl wanted to bring me free booze... well, it's only 8:30am, and I was on a bender last night.. but what the hell... Absolute screwdriver please! A few screwdrivers into the morning, the lovely Babe E. Cakes showed up... She asked about the rest of the crew and I said there had been no sign of them, but that I had wagered $20 on the packers for her... so she sat down and ordered a bloody mary. I decided to have one too. Now, I love to drink (as you have guessed) but I don't generally care for Bloody's.. but the bloodies at the Bellagio kicked ass... they were yumm... so that became the drink of the morning. Eventually, everyone gathered, and the men watched the game, while the girls talked girl talk (hairstyles and orgasms I assume). So, the Packers are leading 29-13 with 6 minutes to play, and I am starting to feel pretty good about my $100 on the packers and the $30 parlay I have with them and the Broncos. The girls decide to go get in line at the Bellagio Buffet (our version of Thanksgiving) and we say we will be over at the end of the game. I am thinking my unlucky streak has ended, and wondering if I should roll my winnings into another game. Well, Detroit is marching down the field, and I'm actually cheering for them to score, so that my friend the Donger will win his Total point over 48 wager. Well, they do score and he wins the over, and we are all feeling pretty good... maybe all the bloodies has something to do with it... when Detroit makes this sneaky "long" onsides kick.. and recovers the ball... ut-oh.. Can’t let another score in. Well, they go for it 3 times on 4th down.. and make a first down each time. Finally with 17 seconds left on the clock... it's 4th and 8. We stop em here and I go collect some winnings.. finally... Well, you know what happened. Detroit scores the Touchdown... and my luck continues to be very poor... ahhh, it made it very exciting anyway.. Those bastards!! So we go stuff ourselves silly at the Buffet and head back to the rooms for rest. Well, in Vegas I don't need any rest... So I go downstairs to play Poker while the wife takes a nap. I immediately get 3 aces and bet it hard down to the river (the last card) and get beat by a 60 year old lady with a flush... damm, will my luck ever change? Now, I don't play a ton of Poker, but I understand the basic beating strategy... the same way I understand the basic blackjack strategy or basic craps strategy. Now, you have all been at a blackjack table where someone hits their 16 against a dealers 6 ... or plays the field bet and all the hard ways in craps... and you think to yourself... damm, are these people stupid? Don't they bother to learn the basics of the games before they play them? Well, it’s the same in Poker... especially in Vegas. People will sit there and play with no concept of the strategy... and these are the people I like to play poker with. So, when it was finally time to meet up with the crowd again, I was up $100 and happy to cash out ahead of the game. I ran up to the room, grabbed a much-needed shower and through on some club wear for our trip to NYNY. We met the crowd at the Piano bar, and resumed our fun seeking ways. The place kicks ass and I would recommend having a few pints here on your next trip. We stayed for a few hours.. Consumed a few more and then went to the new Coyote Ugly bar. Well, we had fun... they put the girls up on the bar to dance, and the girl bartenders blow fire a few times... but the place can't compare to the attitude and vibe of the real place. It doesn't have the no rules attitude of the real bar. Okay, it's 5am... we have consumed way to much alcohol... so it's back to the mirage. Friday morning, we meet the crowd and decide on the Mirage buffet. It's okay for lunch; I am more interested in drinking and gambling... so we decide to again hit Casino Royal. They have a good sign up deal going on right now... where you get coupons and can use them after a blackjack to increase your payout. Its worth doing, so I did it, and made a quick $60 at the BJ table. All right... maybe the luck is turning. We again head up to slots a hell... make another $80 there playing BJ... and set our sights on the Stratosphere . We go there under the assumption that we are gonna show our Vegas virgin "busty Babe" the view from the tower. But the line stretches out the door, and the rest of the crowd has seen it... so we instead find a BJ table and play some more. Now the luck has turned and I make another $60 bucks here... not bad for clawing my way back into the game. While we are gathering the crowd, our friend Rock Hard hits for 330 quarters on a slot machine and has to wait for a hand pay cause the machine is empty. So we are sitting around waiting and his wife PE Willow hits for 130 quarters on the machine next to it. Okay cool, we keep waiting... of course they are in no hurry to pay... and our other friend Busty Babe goes to play a slot on the other side of Rock hard's machine... and finds that it has 2 credits remaining... well, she spins and wins 10 credits... spins a few more and ends up cashing out with other 200 quarters.. not bad for no money in. So, we all leave the Strastophere as winners.. all 8 of us.. when does that ever happen? We head over to the Holy Cow Brewery and each has a free beer. Pretty good so we have a few more, and start to get that warm alcohol induced feeling again. We leave and begin to wander down the strip when we come across a liquor store... So I go in and purchase some red bull, bourbon, and a 6 pack. Well, the six pack doesn't make it very far in this crowd, as we got stopped in the pirate show mob scene... but at least the Vegas virgin got to see one on the attractions. After fighting our way through the crowd, we agree to meet up at 9:30pm for cocktails in Rock Hard's room... they had the best view. So, the girls get some rest... the boys go play craps... lost 8 bucks... drank 4 drinks a fair trade to me. We go back and gather in Rock hard's room. We drink down the red bull mixed with Bourbon. If you don't know what red bull is..its a stimulate.. like drinking 3 cups of coffee, and good when you are getting worn down on your trip. At about 11pm we head to the Beach... A great nightclub just off the strip. I trick the crowd into walking there, as I have a drink in my hand, and I love to walk. We get to the beach, and I give everyone the VIP entries I had found earlier in the trip. We go inside and the boys immediately like the thong wearing beer servers. and when I say thong.. I mean dental floss.. and these girls are smoking hot... ohh yeah... but not to worry... the girls got their fill from the hot bod shirtless male bartenders. So me and Babe E. Cakes hit the dance floor and boogie until the wee hours of the morning... not sure what time we came home or what exactly happened... but am pretty sure we all had a good time. The next morning I got out of bed at 9am and went and got a rental car..okay minivan.. damm, didn't think I would ever rent one of those. collected the troops at about 11am and headed to the old downtown Vegas. Now, I am getting tired of writing this, and you must be getting tired of reading it, so I will just say that I lost some money at a few spots.. I recommend the daiquiris at the Bayou.. with the extra shot of grain alcohol and I thought the dealer "Stan" at the Four Queens was a dick.. but it may be the grain alcohol that affected my judgement. Lastly we went to the Hard Rock... ate at the Pink Taco.. pretty good... and had one last hot roll at the Hard Rock Craps table.. made a few bucks on my way out of town. The girls at the Hard Rock are smoking... The trip was a blast.. got on the 2am red eye out of town and arrived back in Boston with a little less cash, a few less brain cells, and plenty of fun memories. If you actually read this whole trip report.. then you must be in need of a Vegas trip yourself! Feel free to let me know what you think. Peace, Buck Naked
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