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Odd question...do I have a host?

Discussion in 'Comps' started by snowball, May 3, 2012.

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  1. snowball

    snowball Low-Roller

    Feb 22, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I know this is an odd question but I'll give the background and maybe more experienced players can tell me what they think.

    I get offers all the time, but the problem is I don't get them via email (not sure why) so I end up calling reservations and they let me know what is on my account.

    My general offers are 4 nights comped and freeplay.

    I called the hotel yesterday, and asked about my offers for August. I was told that they were not released yet, but reservations would transfer me to a host.

    So I ended up talking to the host and she gave me 2 nights in a suite "for now, until the August offers come in".

    Before we booked she asked if i had a host yet? I told her no, because I didnt think we needed one. After we were done booking, she told me if I need anything else to contact her.

    So my odd question is Do I now have a host?

    Also, I know this sounds funny, but I really didn't want one. It just seems to me that I would always be too conscious of my play. At least when I don't have one, I don't feel like i have to play a certain amount or feel badly about bouncing around kwim?
  2. Drambler

    Drambler High-Roller

    Aug 24, 2011
    Columbus OH
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Sure sounds like you have a host now. The one on duty must have thought you were worthy of giving out her number. I'm not expert though. Even if you do have a host, play your normal way. Don't worry about it. Worst case is you don't have a host anymore.
  3. saugamike

    saugamike Low-Roller

    Feb 13, 2011
    Ontario, Canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I was in the same situation as you and actually did call the desk and got transferred to a host that told me what he could do.

    Didn't end up booking with him, but after a relatively bigger trip than historically many months after that call, a host personally introduced himself to me at the slot machine I had just decided to kill some time with.

    As others have mentioned, don't worry about the pressure of having to play up to a certain level. Enjoy and let the Host figure that stuff out.
  4. shifter

    shifter Degenerate Gambler

    Sep 15, 2010
    At the tables
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    i wouldn't worry about it. if you want to use her next time, call her up. if you don't, don't call her. you don't have to play differently or do anything different. feeling like you have to play a certain amount to please your host is just in your head.
  5. Peath13

    Peath13 Guest

    I would only worry about having a host if you asked for and were given things above what you would normally get.

    Do you now have a phone number and email contact for this person? If not, I would say you don't have a host if they have not made that connection. Usually they are pretty quick to establish that two way contact if they want you to keep contacting them exclusively.

    If you do have a host. I recommend taking a small gift of thank you each trip. Whatever you are comfortable with and you feel is appropriate. It never hurst to grease the wheels and a thankyou is always appreciated.

    I always like to get that face time with my host even though she is supposed to be a "reservations" host (by phone) only. I always arrange to stop by and say hello and give her a small gift. This time it will be a gift card to Sephora. She's always so helpful and I really appreciate all she does for me. She's arranged 4-5 trips for us now.

    Example: We have a "reservations host who always confirms our promotion details and room. So when we check in I don't have to go through all the, "We'd like a King room, non-smoking, yada, yada, yada...". zIt's really nice. However, each year I've pushed a little and asked for a better room. This year I asked for a suite, and she has put in a request for one. And, for the first time, I'm feeling the pressure.

    As people have said, the worst case scenerio is that next time, you will get less comps or referrred back to the regular reservations desk.

    Enjoy having someone to help with your trip. I do!
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