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Oct 9-15 report!!

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by maxpiette, Oct 19, 2002.

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  1. maxpiette

    maxpiette Tourist

    Apr 25, 2002

    My Trip Report

    5 guys to Vegas, 2 1st timers.
    Will never rent from thrifty's car again.. made us go back 3 times to get the car we NEEDED.
    Golfed twice.. Paiute and Revere... SWEET!!! GREAT price .. Thanks EZLINKS!!
    Went to the Invensys PGA at Summerlin.. great finish.. all chokers down 18!!
    Stayed at Aladdin 2 nights.. was EXTREMEMLY Pleased with room and hotel..check-in sucked..
    decent comps for 25$ BJ for 1- 8 hrs session..Great times in Desert passage mall.. great shops.
    Best Restaurant this trip.. P J .. something (chinese) on the strip at Aladdin.. great atmosphere and great food!. Curve the nightclub sucked.. don't know how you could get anymore stuck up people in 1 place.
    Monte=Carlo Pub was also a hit with the guys.. great atmosphere and down to earth people.
    Stayed another 4 nights at Ballys-check-in only took 30 seconds... pleased as usuall....huge rooms, great location, great atmosphere, decent pool.
    for once... i took $$ from Bellagio, but got hammered quick at Ceasars.
    Finished the 6 days up $2000, after losing a quick 1000 in the final 2 hrs before flight time.
    Great trip, great times, and nice girls.
    What's with the no-sleep factor.. my body hurt, my mind was num, and i still could not sleep.
    At home 1 night of partying like that would put me out for 3 more days... I went 5 strait days non-stop.. even going 2 +50 hrs strait no sleep.. just can't figure it out.. well, in my mind it's oxygen all over.
    Cheers!.. and until next time..
    Thank you guys for all the advise and help on making this sweet ride a great time!!
  2. bigdogmom

    bigdogmom VIP Whale

    Mar 9, 2002
    Prescott Valley, AZ
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I think the no sleep thing is adrenaline. And the restaurant is P.F.Chang's. There's one here in Denver; it IS very good!

    Sorry to hear about Thrifty; I booked a car with them for my next trip. I'll keep looking for a decent rate elsewhere, though!
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