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NYE 2012: Clubs free for women?

Discussion in 'Vegas Nightlife' started by Snowbelle3, Jun 13, 2012.

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  1. sco5123

    sco5123 VIP Whale

    Jul 29, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I know I am way ahead of myself but can women still get in for free to clubs (you know guestlists and such) on new years eve?

    Also is it better to experience the nightlife outside or inside?
  2. worldtraveler661

    worldtraveler661 VIP Whale

    Jul 25, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Generally, they arent going to be free. There are certain days the popular clubs have no guestlists such as Marquee on Saturdays and big holidays.

    I say generally because GL for women will be available but the amount on that list is limited and you have to know those certain promoters to get on that list.
    There's so much more to vegas nightlife that is said on forums and boards. There's the whole thing of who you know gets you in..free. :)

    The not so popular clubs may have GL free for women for NYE. You just have to ask when it gets closer.
  3. Auggie

    Auggie Dovahkiin

    Jan 8, 2009
    Burnaby, BC
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Yes and no.

    If you are thinking of going to a club on NYE you might not be able to book that now (they might not know who will be their big celebrity draw and how much they'll have to charge).

    But if you are thinking about things like NYE dinner reservations, reserving a hotel room or booking a flight its not too early to start thinking about that sort of thing.

    I remember when we did the 2009/2010 NYE I first looked at airfare in August and it was a little steep so I thought I would wait... by mid September the prices had gone by about $150 per person and by first week of October they were up about $220 per person from what they were in August.

    Most people will be making dinner reservations for NYE probably around late August to early September so it is better to beat the crowd than be a part of it.

    And with the hotels you might want to book something now to make sure you have a room, but make sure you are able to rebook if you find a cheaper rate.

    Hotel rates will seem pretty high now and they might go down in September after the first big push of early NYE bookers start booking things... and if bookings fall below expectation by around mid November the hotels will start sending out offers and deals for New Years Eve (although a lot of those will be for exactly 3 nights, not 2 nights or 1 night, and might include club or party tickets so they are a deal, but not quite a deal).

    Clubs will have guest lists, but there won't be a blanket "women get in free" at any of the big clubs. The big clubs are going to have special NYE parties with celebrity guests so they'll be charging a few hundred dollars per person for tickets to get in.

    Even just a lot of the bars will be closed off to the public and be selling tickets to get in on NYE.

    There isn't any one answer to this, its all about your personal preference and what you want to experience.

    Thing is, once you make your choice you are almost stuck with it on New Years Eve: around 8PM the hotels put up barricades and they don't let people in unless you have a room key or meet some other requirement (maybe a players club card is enough, or a key from a sister property).

    If you are inside it can be quite an effort to get outside, especially if you are center strip - there are a lot of people trying to get out, but there isn't anywhere for them to go because the sidewalks are all packed shoulder to shoulder already and fences block the sidewalks from accessing the middle of The Strip.

    As for being outside: it will pretty much be you and a few hundred thousand of your closest friends out there. People will be dancing in the street, drinking, screaming, shouting, having a good time, etc. Its going to be pretty lively.

    The big warning would be: when it gets close to midnight you want to make sure you are not on the sidewalks or just outside any of the hotel/casino entrances - around 11:30PM people just start pouring out of the casinos to get on The Strip. As mentioned there are fences up so people have to push and shove their way to a checkpoint where they can get off the sidewalk and that can get pretty rough. At around 11:50-11:55PM almost everybody left in the casino will come outside en masse...

    Note that local liquor laws prohibit people from bringing bottles or cans out of the hotel on NYE. Most hotels will have drink stations where you can you pour your drink in to a small plastic cup, but that might be something to check on. Also stores stop selling liquor and alcohol of any kind the day before so you might want to stock up.

    For being inside: while the outside is a big lively free for all party its still party like in the hotel and casinos, but it will be a bit more subdued. If you are actually hoping to gamble you will find it hard to find anything you want to play available - from about 6PM on almost 99% of the machine games in the casino under $5 will have somebody sitting at it and there will be people circling about looking for anything open. If you are in to table games they will have waiting lists you can sign up for, but be sure you are nearby when they call your name otherwise they'll quickly pass you over. Also, table game limits can be jacked up on NYE (depends on the casino).

    Inside the casinos will also have their own parties going on at each of the bars and in the club if they have one and despite how busy it is the drink service should be very very good wherever you go - so many people, so many drinks, the waitresses probably clamor to work that night than try to get it off as one might expect.

    So inside or outside can both be pretty different experiences. We went outside for the 2009/2010 NYE and we are thinking of going again this year... if we do we'll probably stay at either Monte Carlo, NYNY or Excalibur and spend the evening inside celebrating the new year instead of going back out on to The Strip.
  4. addicted

    addicted High-Roller

    Aug 24, 2011
    Lincoln, NE
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    My only thought: being outside means being freezing a$$ cold!
  5. MangoPort

    MangoPort High-Roller

    Oct 20, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    There are virtually no clubs that women can get into for free New Years Eve unless you are absolutely incredibly hot and dress like a bimbo, and even then nothing will be pre-arranged, you'll have to have someone come up to you and offer to get you in for free.

    Off-strip might be a different story, same with the bars, but for a nightclub on the busiest and most profitable day of the year it's not likely to happen.
    Coming from Canada
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