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NY NY Sept 6 to Sept 8

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by rkintx, Sep 9, 2003.

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  1. rkintx

    rkintx Newbie

    Jul 22, 2003

    My Trip Report

    I just got back from Vegas last night so this is fresh off the presses...

    This was to be my fourth trip to LV in the past 13 months and the third time bringing along the fiance. On this trip, I wanted to accomplish three things. 1) Play a lot of video poker. 2) Play Let Em Ride for the first time 3) Play craps for the first time. On my prior five trips to LV, I had always won more money than I had lost ( the winings ranged from $150 to $800). This is mainly because I’ve always won money on my sports bets that offset the loses at blackjack and VP. In the back of my mind, I wanted to try and finally reach that $1000 winning level that had escaped me. I had it on my last trip but then promptly lost $800 in the last half hour playing $25 blackjack. I knew the chances were high that I would finally have a losing trip but I had bought WinPoker and had practiced the VP strategies for hours. I was also going to limit my exposure to the blackjack tables. Instead of playing for hours trying to earn comps from the casino, I was going to walk away anytime I had won a couple hundred and limit each loss to no more than $200 per sitting.

    Saturday - The trip started very early on Saturday as we drove to the airport for a connecting flight to Denver with a two hour layover. I usually only take direct flights on AA or Amer. West but they had not offered any flights under $350 for awhile. I had jumped on a United offer of $210. As our boarding time came and went in Denver, an announcement was made that said there was a problem with the engine and that the flight would be delayed for testing. The fiance instantly went to cutomer service but she was told that we could not be put on standby until the flight was officially cancelled. Fifteen minutes later they made an announcement they would begin accepting standby for the next flight that left an hour later. However, they only had a limited # of seats. We quickly went to customer service and was second in line. I heard the CS agent say that our flight had not been canceled but would they accept standby for the other flight. I was confused by this and thought we should gamble that our current flight would leave before the standby flight. I stupidly pulled us out of the line and quickly realized that this was a mistake as our flight would not be leaving before the standby flight. I sent the fiance over to an open gate agent as the line to CS had grown to long. She is nice and cute and will always get better results than I from service agents. After five minutes she comes back with confirmed seats on the next flight. I asked how she did that since they were only taking standby. She said the gate agent said we were already booked on the next flight because the airline gods were shining on us. I wasn’t going to complain.

    We arrived in Vegas an hour later than scheduled. The hour delay seemed like a five hour delay as my anticipation was great. We tried out the MGM Grand check in desk at the airport for the first time. We always stay at the NY NY when we go to Vegas. It is such a fun place. I had booked this stay at the NY NY through the link on the discount board of Travel2Vegas. The hotel had later deemed many of those reservations fraudulant. We had not been cancelled (maybe because we are frequent guests) and I was very grateful to get this deal. We only waited a couple minutes to check in and then took a ten minute shuttle ride to the hotel (cost $8). We quickly unpacked our bags. I headed downstairs to make some quick college football bets. I also played some quick .25 Jacks or Better VP and walked after going up $30. We were starving and decided to head out for some lunch. I showed the fiance a list of food deals that I printed off accessvegas.com. She loves steak so she wanted to try the Ellis Island sirloin special. I asked her if she wanted to take a taxi or walk and she said she wanted the exercise. We walked all the way there in 100 degree temp. It really wasn’t to bad as we are used to the heat living in Texas but I think we probably should have taken the taxi. I wasn’t very impressed with Ellis Island. It is pretty run down and dark. We went to the restaurant and ordered two sirloin specials for $4.95, one draft beer for $1.50 and had a brownie with ice cream for desert. The bill came to about $20 with tip. I have to say that everything, the steak, potato, green beans, desert, was very good. It was definetily a deal. I was very glad we came here to try out the special and would recommend it to anyone. We stayed around the casino to play some .25 JOB VP and we each quickly lost about $15. The $20 steak dinner turned into a $50 dinner quickly. Lol. We decided to walk over to Bally’s and then to the Alladin. We played some fifty hand .05 Jacks or Better VP for awhile where I lost around $25. We then walked back to the NY NY, to get ready for a 7:30pm show at the MGM. The show was the comedian Carrot Top . I think his AT&T commercials are annoying but friends of ours swear he is hysterical so we bought the tickets. They were right. The guy was hilarious. I was out of breath from laughing so much. His jokes, props and impressions dealing with Vegas were the best part. The opening act was good too and CT performed for about an hour and fifteen. The only bad thing was paying $18 w/tip for two vodka and cranberrys. What a rip off. After the show, I was ready to play some blackjack. But before that, I went to check out the scores on the college football games I had bet on. I had made five bets and won three. Total win was about $35. I was annoyed because the two bets I lost were by one point (Wash -26 vs. Ind., & Okl. -8 Vs. Ala.). The other bets were won by large margins.
    I shook it off and we headed to the $10 blackjack tables at the MGM. We played for an hour and a half before I decided to call it a night. We had a very early start to the day and it had caught up with us. I did win $100 at the table. After the first day I was up around $125.

    Sunday – We awoke around 8:30 am and I quickly took a shower so I could get downstairs to make some NFL bets before the betting lines got to long. I studied the updated spreads and decided to made around nine bets between $110 and $55 per bet. I noticed the line to the ESPNZone was extremely long. It looked liked people had been in line for several hours to get a table for the opening weekend in the NFL. I love watching football and I was a little envious but I had to much other gambling I wanted to do. I did notice that the NY NY had set up five- 55 inch TV’s and a projection screen with row seating in a Theatre that I believe used to house the BOO! improv show. That was a nice addition to their sports book. I met up with the fiance and we decided to head straight to the Palms for breakfast and some extended VP play. I had never been to the Palms so I wanted to check it out and play their full pay VP games. We took a taxi over there for about $18w/tip. We bought some light breakfast and then signed up for the players club. We walked around alittle to check out the casino and to find the full pay machines. I had printed out the locations of the full pay machines from a link to a website that I found on a message board (maybe travel2vegas.com). After playing for about twenty minutes and losing $10 I got up and walked around. I came across the poker room. I love watching the Texas Hold Em tourny’s on cable so I thought I’d jump into the 2/4 limit table and pay for some lessons (as in lose money but gain experience). I was making procedural mistakes in betting and raising as was expected for a newby. I even made a major mistake of folding after the river with a hand that would have split the pot because I didn’t realize I had a straight. Typical beginner’s mistakes. After losing a quick $60 I soon caught on and started winning a couple big hands. I think the experienced players were not taking my raising seriously due to my previous stupidity and wouldn’t fold against my raises. A couple of flushes brought me back to even. I then couldn’t catch a hand and began pressing for some hands on the flops and turns. I never caught a hand and walked away down $55 but I really enjoyed the action. It was a lot of fun and will try it some more on another trip and know to be more patient. It was time for some lunch and we ate at the café’ there for around $20. The food was just average as I had the fried shrimp and fries that was extremely greasy. The fiance’s chicken sandwich was not bad though. I then went back to playing some 10/7 .25 double bonus VP and lost $40. I switched to 9/6 JOB and lost $10. I decided to play some blackjack and quickly went up about $150 but didn’t stop. After about an hour and a half I quit with a $100 loss. I found the fiance and we jumped in a taxi to head downtown. She had never been to Fremont St and it had been about five years for me. The taxi driver dropped us off in front of the horseshoe and the taxi guide gave us each free drink coupons. We went in side and got our free drinks. We walked around and sat down to play some Roulette. I lost my $40 after about twenty minutes. We walked around and went into several casino’s dropping $20 here and there at various VP machines. We walked over to the Golden Gate as I wanted to try the .99 shrimp cocktail. We decided to just get dinner and we each bought a jumbo hot dog for $2, a shrimp cocktail, and $1.50 draft beers. It was pretty good for the price. I saw that a Let Em Ride table was open for a $3 min. I decided to accomplish one of my goals. I sat down and instantly pulled two pair. But I then only caught a 10’s or better for the rest of my time and left after losing $40. I decided that I didn’t like this game as it just wasn’t any fun. I probably will never try it again. The dealers at the Golden Gate were also very unfriendly. I would like to believe it is because they didn’t seem to speak english very well. The fiance said she asked the dealer to tell her the count on her blackjack hand and the dealer refused to do it. She said the dealer was also very uncooperative with answering her questions. I liked the cheap food but I will never gamble there again.

    At that point, I had been on a long losing streak and was down about $300. We decided to walk outside and watched the 7:30pm and 8:00 light shows. After that, we strolled down the sidewalk and decided to get our faces imposed on a Elvis and Showgirl photograph. It looks really funny seeing my face with Elvis hair and clothes with my fiance face on the scantily clad showgirl body. I got a kick out of it and bought the photo for $25. We then walked over to the Golden Nugget to play some VP. I love playing multi-play VP and knew they had one .05 ten-play 10/7 double bonus machine. I found the machine and started playing. I kept feeding in the bills and was soon down fifty bucks when I suddenly hit a Aces - four of a kind for 800 nickles. Later on the draw, I drew four-5’s for a ten-play payoff of 2,500 nickles. I quit when I hit a straight flush which gave me a total $100 win. I wanted to end the evening on a positive so we took a taxi back to NY NY ($20w/tip). My brain quickly remembered the NFL bets needed to be checked. I went up to the room and got my betting slips. It turns out I lost three of my $110 bets but won all of the $55 bets plus one $110 bet for a total win of $35. Pretty disappointing total for me as I usually win a couple hundred. It was time for bed and I went to sleep down around $200.

    Monday – We woke up early Monday and headed to Nathan’s for breakfast. We used a two for one coupon that I got from the NY NY funbook we had requested at check in. We decided to sit down and play some $10 blackjack. After about an hour I quit up about $100. I got up to play some VP when I noticed the crap table was at $5 min and only had about four players. After watching for several rolls, I decided to accomplish another goal and try some craps. I soon caught the hang of the betting and was staying about even. It was a lot of fun as the other guys at the table were really getting into the game. I was down about $25 and decided to head off to the .25 five-play 10/7 double bonus VP machines that the NY NY has. After twenty minutes, I caught four-3’s on the draw for a five-play payoff of 2000 quarters. I quickly quit and pocketed my $500 win. I was now up around $400 and it looked like my streak of always leaving Vegas a winner would be intact. I went back to the craps table and played for another hour and had a blast, losing about $40. Some guy showed up spreading $300 to $500 hundred a bet which dwarfed us $5 bettors. He made it really fun and he really jumped up the intensity of the table when he was shooting. I definitely will play craps again as it was a blast. It doesn’t seem like an easy game to win money but it sure was fun.
    I then spent some time losing $10 to $20 here and there in video blackjack and slot machines just to have some fun. I got bored after an hour of that and decided to press my luck on some $25 a hand blackjack. I decided to just see how far I could go on $200. A huge hot streak soon developed and I pressed by betting $100 a hand. I won about five of those in a row and then quit when the streak ended. The total win was for about $550 dollars which put me up about $850 dollars for the trip.. With my streak of another winning Vegas trip in hand, I set my sights on that illusive $1,000 win barrier. I headed back over to the row of 10/7 double bonus VP machines that hours earlier I had hit the 2000 quarter payoff. I picked another machine and began winning small payoffs here and there. I eventually hit four – 3’s on one of the hands for another 400 quarters and a straight flush for 250 quarters. When my win total reached $150 dollars, I quit to reach the $1,000 win total for the trip. I had finally had achieved the $1,000 win level. I shut down the gambling for the trip to perserve this.

    We checked out of the hotel room and decided to get lunch. We went to the slot club and the fiance inquired about the amount of comps we qualified for if any. The lady said at first we didn’t qualify for any but she then said how about $10 after we politely expressed some disappointment. We took it and went to the Chin Chin Asian restaurant. I didn’t care for the food and it was a little pricey for asian food (bill was $24w/tip and comp). After lunch we headed to the airport a little early. We checked out the aviation history displays near the D terminal for awhile before boarding our flight for a thankfully uneventful trip back home. Another winning trip for me to Vegas (the fiance lost her budgeted $300 however). I achieved my goals and checked out a couple new casino’s. We also had another fun time at the NY NY. Of course, can’t wait for the next trip, maybe in early December.
  2. Coaster Kikky

    Coaster Kikky Tourist

    Jan 8, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    What a great trip report! Thanks for taking the time to write it up.

    I know the website you mean for the list of full-pay VP. I've seen it here too, and am hoping someone can repost it before I leave for my fun in the sun (18 days!). I printed it out twice before, but things could change since then.

    Congratulations on your successes! Many of your endeavours mirror ours (VP, I want to learn craps, hubby wants to play poker) - hopefully we will have similar results [​IMG]

  3. paulajpa

    paulajpa Guest

    He guys I went to vegas in June and becaue of good ol Mikey I wanted to play craps but I couldnt understant how to play to save my life ,, well Monte Carlo lessons helped me leave vegas a winner all from craps and I had the best time of my life playing it was great .. so next time if you have time take the lessons they are free and helped..

    I am going in April god that is to far away... :(
  4. HurricaneMikey

    HurricaneMikey A-List Buffoon

    Jan 25, 2002
    Southeast of Sin City
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Hey RK--great report. Good to hear about taking the first steps into the poker and craps games. Even better that they were fun for ya.

    Paula--glad to be of service. ;)

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