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NSF'n Fun

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Coaster Kikky, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. Coaster Kikky

    Coaster Kikky Tourist

    Jan 8, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Over... and out

    Monday, last full day in Vegas.

    Since I'd had something to eat at 5am, I skipped breakfast and decided to just head over to Bellagio since I hadn't been there this trip.

    Finally saw the chocolate fountain, that was cool. Glanced at the conservatory - nekkid trees... yuck. I hate fall and winter. Bare trees depress me.

    Sat down at the bar near the Pai Gow tables and put in $20 in the VP machine and ordered some sort of vodka drink. They no longer had the yummy pomegranate one I'd had in the summer. Oh yeah, I ordered a lemon drop type martini. Lost the $20, drank a coffee with Baileys, then dropped another $20 and moved along. I wasn't going to stop at Fontana Bar until I saw Josie. She was my favorite bartender there from a few trips back. If you talk to her long enough she'll give you free shots of tequila. And the girl knows her tequila too. Got another vodka drink, then got two shots of different tequilas, all the while losing small sums of money (these weren't $100 drinks but they weren't "free" either). I did see her give a shot of tequila to a guy who wasn't playing - he had ordered a beer and asked her about tequila so she supplied him with a shot. I hope he tipped her.

    As I was leaving Fontana Bar I got a text from Terry saying "Get up and Drink!". I replied that I'd already had 2 vodkas, a coffee and Baileys and 2 shots. He told me "you Are an Expert!". I've been well trained, what can I say.

    Went over to Caesars to give them some play and checked my comp balance. This riles me. The other morning Paris told me I only had $8 available to use. I KNEW I had more comps with Harrahs than that but hadn't checked the amount lately so didn't know the exact figure. At Caesars the machine told me I had $69 in comps available. Get your act together guys! Anyway I printed out a slip for that amount and knew if I/we didn't use the full amount it would go back into the account. Gave Patti and John a call and told them to join me for lunch. Patti said ok, John said he'd catch up with us after he attempted to catch me in the drinking department. He caught me... then passed me...

    Patti and I had lunch at Augustus Cafe (reviewed in my food TR) and John joined us midway through. After that we wandered up to TI where I showed them the beauty that is Isla. The bad news... I had promised John a glimpse of the tequila goddess only to find she had quit a week or so before. So no 6000 foot tall blonde sexy beauty who knows her tequila. They're holding auditions. I volunteered... they didn't say "no thanks" but they weren't exactly encouraging either. Except the bartender... we ordered shots then John ordered some Sin City amber beer before we were done with those. The bartender said he would have to charge us for the beer. Then said "you're going to be here awhile aren't you?" Then looked at me and said "oh.. YOU'RE here all the time!". Busted. So he comped us both the shots and the beer. Then another shot later.

    After awhile we staggered back to Mirage and had a couple more drinks. Then I had to run off to go to Paris and change for dinner. Hubby and I had reservations at Mix at THEHotel. Unfortunately after that, I ran out of gas and thought I'd be fine with a 30 minute rest but my tummy just kept feeling worse and worse. When the gang told me they were heading back to the Strip I just had to tell them sorry, I'm in bed.

    In the morning, I packed up, and Patti and John joined me & hubby for a farewell breakfast at Paris buffet. After that, it was the routine cab, airport, bye bye... ending a very fun (overall) trip.

    I forgot to mention this little bit earlier: At Wynn, if you order a drink while playing video poker at one of the bars, a person will come up, get your players card and write up a "comp" slip... I told them that had to be one of the worst jobs in existence, having to chase down comps like that. I thought it was a pretty cheapo thing for Wynn to do, when my players card was in the machine along with the minimum $20.

    So that's it....

    Is it March yet?? Bring. It. ON!
  2. DonD

    DonD Super Moderator

    Nov 5, 2004
    So Cal 91748
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great report Becky, yea that thing at the Wynn about them having to sign a comp ticket is BS as far as I am concerned. It bothered me the last time we were there. Sorry that we missed you and your hubby. Don
  3. sin

    sin VIP Whale

    Jun 25, 2004
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Wow Kikk, I'm amazed you remembered that much! :poke:
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