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Non Gambling Trip Report (Part 3 Shows)

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by sprat8, Apr 1, 2001.

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  1. We saw 5 shows while were in Vegas. As you can probably tell, we LOVE going to shows! We also went to the art gallery @ Bellagio. This served a dual purpose for us. We genuinely wanted to see the art show, since I homeschool my 10 year old son and he's been studying the great artists. But, we also wanted to go to the buffet and knew we couldn't take him inside because of his age. If you have reservations at the art gallery, you can go inside. So, we did this and had our confirmation number. We were told that when we were stopped by the guard, to show him our confirmation number, he would then call the gallery to confirm and we would be allowed entry. After all of this, we entered Bellagio without a guard in sight. We were never stopped once and just calmly walked to the art gallery. We also took him to view the conservatory. The art is fabulous and we enjoyed it so much! It's a genuine pleasure to view these great works and I wish we were in town when Steve Martins collection goes on display.

    Andre Phillipe (spelling?)

    We went to this show with 2-for-1 tickets. I really enjoyed the show, but my daughter did not. She said it was boring. He must not be doing too well as we were supposed to be in the balcony and were automatically upgraded to the 2nd row!

    Clint Holmes

    This is a GREAT show! We loved it, except for one thing. We were in the 2nd row right next to a huge speaker. I think I'm partly deaf in my left ear [​IMG] Man, the bass booming out at us was physically painful and extremely loud! I would definitely recommend this show, though.

    Blue Man Group

    This show was wonderful! I'd like to go back to see them again, but this time I'd make sure we had better seats. We were in row 24, which is the 2nd to last row in the theater. I found myself squinting to see and some of the time I couldn't figure out what was going on cuz I couldn't see well enough. The toilet paper at the end is a riot!!

    The King in Concert

    This is an afternoon show @ the Frontier that we found surprisingly enjoyable. The audience is small, and the show is only an hour long, but the singer is very good and not bad to look at, either [​IMG] I can't remember his name. Johnny something. It was a perfect way to spend time in the afternoon and I would recommend it. My son loved this show!


    Just as everyone told me, this show is GREAT! We thoroughly enjoyed it. I could have watched for hours more [​IMG] Everyone was wonderful, the stage and special effects were awesome and there was some good humor. I would recommend this show to everyone. We sat in row 18 and could see fine. A few more rows forward would've been perfect, but I'm so glad I didn't sit in the very front as I was originally debating.


    This is a museum of Elvis things, which is iteresting, but it DOES have a little (3 song) show at the top of the hour. The impersonator is just barely 17 and does a great job. Good place to blow some time, and we got some free little "Elvis" beanie bears, too [​IMG]
  2. Go Blue

    Go Blue Tourist

    Sep 23, 2001
    Boston MA
    Sprat, what row should I ask for if I see Mystere? Around 15 or so?
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