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New Converts

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by jlc, Apr 15, 2004.

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  1. NOTE: This isn't my trip report but one regarding two new converts I've turned into "Las Vegas Junkies"!

    The young couple next door just got back and are hooked as are the rest of us. She turned 21 last Friday and he was looking for something special to do for her. Back in January I suggested Las Vegas to him (we had just gotten back from our latest trip). Then I really reeled him in with the pictures. He and I set the trip up to surprise her (I love to spend other people's money). The other neighbor works at a tanning salon and arranged for a tanning package for her to "win." It had to be used before the Easter weekend. The birthday girl knew she was going somewhere but didn't know where, so she used her "prize." He packed her suitcase and on the day they were to leave, put everything in the car including the BD girl. When they got to the airport is when she found out where they were going. They were gone a week and got home late last night. They came over and brought us gifts this evening for suggesting and helping set up such a wonderful trip.

    They stayed at the Luxor. They are already planning their next trip!

    For her BD he gave her a spa package and then took her out for a nice dinner and then to see the Blue Man Group.

    They just took their film in to have it developed (I meant to send the digital camera with them but forgot :( ). When it comes back, we'll live the trip again through their pictures.

    I gave him the address for this great site and he said he would check it out every day but was too shy to post anything so he just "lurked" and read the posts. He did say he learned lots from the experienced members. Maybe now that he sees his "report" here, he'll give us the entire report in first person. [​IMG]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.