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Nevada Internet Privacy Laws

Discussion in 'Misc. Vegas Chat' started by zignerlv, Nov 8, 2019.

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  1. zignerlv

    zignerlv VIP Whale

    Aug 29, 2006
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    Nevada Senate Bill 220 supposedly allows customers to get casino to divulge to us "all the data they have on us". Well I looked into the bill. Guess what? It's not even CLOSE to that. It has nothing to do with that! And, I don't understand how it can even be possibly interpreted to be that!

    What is it? It's the Nevada Internet Privacy Law. In the shortest summary possible, It's about the now common Internet privacy concept that you should be able to opt out from companies with websites being able to sell to other companies the personally identifiable data (name, address, SS#, phone number) that you input on the website. The bill's function is to require the company to give you the ability to opt out from them being able to sell that data. That's it!

    The next important thing to note is that the bill has no language requiring sites to supply you with the data they have on you. None!

    There are of course several articles on this bill which you can search for, but the one I'd start with, which is the most concise is this one https://www.clarip.com/blog/nevada-sb220/

    Maybe I should end this post right here, as this is clearly enough to show how this bill has nothing to do with data that covers a customer's casino play, but just to bury that thought even more, note that "The information covered by the law is any of the following PII (Personally Identifiable Information) collected through an Internet website or online service and maintained in an accessible form: 1) first and last name; (2) physical address which includes the name of a street and the name of a city or town; (3) email address; (4) telephone number; (5) social security number; (6) in-person or online contact information; (7) any other information concerning a person collected from the person through the Internet website or online service of the operator."

    Your name, your physical address, your email address, etc are examples of personally identifiable information that this bill covers. It covers information about your identity. How long you played at a slot machine, how many dollars you put into it, and how much in comps you earned, are NOT personally identifiable information! And, that data was not collected from you through an Internet website.

    At the risk of confusing the issue, let's say the bill did allow customers to request all the data that this bill addresses! Well if it did, you'd just get back the same basic personal data that YOU gave them. Name, address, SS#, email, etc, which you already know.

    Caesars Resorts (and probably most other casino companies) already has this opt out option available to us, and it is discussed on their privacy page, with the opt out information being in section 8, here: https://www.caesars.com/corporate/corporate-social-responsibility/play/privacy?404;http://caesarscorporate.com:80/privacy/

    Sometimes bills/law are complicated and I can understand a wide variety of interpretations. This, however, is not one of those cases!
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