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Neighbors from hell

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Tammy58, Apr 8, 2007.

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  1. Tammy58

    Tammy58 Frugal Slot Jockey

    Jun 16, 2004
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Sunday April 1...get to Manchester airport...NO lines...were at the gate in 20 minutes. Mom in law and her sis got a blue preboard, hubby and I had A pass and went in normally. Managed an empty seat between us for the first time, no eye contact, played around with my carryon junk, had cushion on middle seat. Played a game on the plane and won a free drink , had a beer. Those who managed an empty seat in their row were all in rows 10-17... plane 20 mins early on arrival. Great trip out. :thumbsup:
    Check in for Flamingo at airport, they had me down for wrong room..thank you for telling me to have my confirmation with me, they copied it and gave me my GO Luxury...asked about upgrade..they wanted $60 per nite more I turned it down, was in poor location and I was already pssd off about the reservation being wrong...long line at the HET check-in...all females working, have heard upgrades better when male working. This was Sunday at 4:30 PM.

    Go Luxury room 26026, pink NOT as overwhelming as some have stated, lot of tan mixed in with it...2 rooms down from elevator, beds and linens soft and comfortable, big bathroom, view of the Bellagio fountains, Bally's. Fan from a/c was VERY noisy, called guest services and it was fixed by the time we came back to our room later. Nice sounding sound ipod/CD system, big screen tv, free safe, nice walk in shower and tv built in mirror in bathroom. NOT a good room if you want to eat in it or entertain others, chaise lounge thing was fine for laying back on the side arms and watching Bellagio, has no back on it, only 1 chair in room and an ottoman for sitting at side desks, no table and 2 chairs which we have always had in our rooms.

    11:30 pm...next door neighbors come into their room, whooping and hollering in the hall, turn on stereo full blast, lasts about 30 minutes, 2:30 am same thing. Next morning talked to reservations desk about it, she said call us and we will call security. 10 am pounding starts again, it's daytime, whatever, 3:30 pm starts again, we know we will not be sleeping again tonight with this shit, yes its vegas, yes people get drunk and party, but I was exhausted and wasn't putting up with it any longer. Hubby got on phone, security was there in 5 minutes and we never heard them ever again. :grrr:

    Caution--net service worked sorta but stunk, hubby was ticked, couldn't access home email, work email and many other sites, their net would time out before things ever connected half the time...this is the 4th hotel we have had a laptop with us in vegas and have never had a problem until Flamingo.

    Cab both ways ----never tunneled
    Monorail --- before you buy a 10 ride pass grab their coupon books right there where u buy tickets, there is a $7 off coupon in it.

    Gambling---as usual stunk, only place we hit on slots were our usual winning spots, Palms, Rio and MGM...everywhere else might as well be flushing it down toilet. After all our trips out to vegas we finally went to the Tropicana, hubby loved it?????

    Shows---The Producers monday nite---very good ----Hasselhoff a riot would give it a -----9/10

    Manilow tues night, totally different show than last year, no question of course a 10

    Menopause weds night-good funny....think I may have been showed out, would have been a 8 or 9 if I had seen it Monday, but after seeing the other shows first I now rate it a 6.....didn't help that I was drooling over other patrons entering Manilow while I was going into Menopause. I was SOOOOOOO depressed. :cry:

    Food-----Pizza Palace at IP I rate a 6, if you want good tasting pizza go outback at O'sheas to the Food Park...mama mias pizza was great there, especially the ny style with pepperoni and sausage, I had pizza while hubby hit the bunny ice cream stand.

    After our 2 mile walk every morning stopped at McDs for hashbrown for me, cinannamon buns for hubby...walked from Flamingo past Mandalay Bay, next day all the way to the Hilton, next day out to Palms.

    Bally's buffet - lunch- not bad, some good items, rate a 7
    Carnival World Buffet rio - lunch , about the same rate a 7, more variety than Bally's

    Flamingo breakfast/brunch buffet ...had it at 7 am for breakfast....Burger King next door would have been better I give it a 4....who wants lunch food at 7 am? Breakfast items where limited and no better than Gold Coast which is much cheaper.

    Best food of the week and we will go back again......All American Grill at Rio, hubby had Sloppy Open Burger, I had Prime Rib french dip....huge portions, cheaper than buffet, best food we tasted all week.

    Weather 85 every day came home to snow and 20s. I REALLY NEED TO WIN THE LOTTERY SO I CAN MOVE.....I can't stand another winter in New England.
    Trip home was uneventful..wasn't able to pull of the empty seat trick, last peron standing in aisle took it, he wasn't overly large and wasn't a talker so worked out fine.

    We will be back again, already leaning towards Rio for next trip...we always like things there (gambling, food) better than anywhere else.

    If I can get hubby to upload some pics will put them in the photo section at top of the home page.
  2. gmoney590

    gmoney590 VIP Whale

    Jul 8, 2006
    Tacoma, WA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice TR Tammy. Good luck on your attempt to win the lottery. We are continually trying to do that; along with our attempts to break the bank in Vegas. So far we haven't had any luck.
  3. Steve in RI.

    Steve in RI. Low-Roller

    Sep 25, 2002
    Rhode Island
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice trip report Tammy. Thanks for the tip about the monorail discount. I'll try that on my next visit.
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