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My Very Long Report Days 3-5

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by LVLady, Jun 20, 2006.

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  1. LVLady

    LVLady Tourist

    May 26, 2003
    Memphis, TN
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    If you are still reading this, thanks...........We did a lot of gambling this trip the first few days..........If you don't want to hear about it wait til I post Days 6 and 7 because those were our best two days eating wise and we saw a show finally!!!

    Day 3: Monday June 12th we were up early again. We gambled at tiny bit then picked up my father in law. We took him to Silverton for Breakfast which we all thought was good. We were going to play a while but it was only 10:15 and my FIL wanted to play 3 card poker which did not open up til 11 so we headed to South Coast. The casino there is nice and bright and very clean. No smoky smells at all.
    I sat down at a BJ table and played a bit, winning some then losing some. I finally gave up because my mind was back home on work, as a tropical storm churned in the gulf I realized I needed to get in touch with an agent on a deal we had that was supposed to close on Thursday! If a storm is in the Gulf insurance companies can not write policies in the state. I had given the buyer a flood elevation certificate on Friday and was hoping he got everything done. It is hard to gamble, when you are concerned about a deal you have in the works. Since I stood up from the table and was making calls my husband took my place at the table. He promptly won what I had lost and then added some money on top of it. After we were ahead a bit we decided to head out and go back to MSS, we dropped off my FIL and told him we would pick him up for dinner about 7. I found a double deck game at MSS and proceeded to play, I did not realize however that I was sitting at the only 6:5 table in the building until I got a blackjack. The table was fun and it was up and down for me. The guy sitting next to me was having a hell of a trip though, he hit 45K on Let It Ride!!! He was very kind and fun to hang out with as were the other 3 people who stayed at the table most of the time I was there. Pamela our dealer was wonderful, her relief had me down to my last $5 when Pamela appeared behind her, the dealer gave me a blackjack!! The next 40 minutes were very good to me and I ended up buying dinner that night for us all. I was at the table a few hours and finally had to leave to go get ready for dinner. Had another great day, good dealers and great drink service not to mention the pit bosses are really nice!
    We headed to Flamingo and decided to hit the tables for a few minutes, we ran into Josh again at the same table we were at the night before. We played a bit and won a bit then left after tracking down my father in law. We then went to bootlegger’s bistro, it was too early for the show, but we had a great meal. The minestrone soup was wonderful as was the baked ziti I had. My FIL had a steak he said was really good and I can’t remember what my husband had. We all liked our meals though, with 3 Grey Goose and Tonics and 3 glasses of wine, 2 bowls of soup, a salad and 3 entrees the bill was $135 with tip. We thought it was great.
    We dropped my FIL off at Flamingo and headed downtown, we wanted to spend time there as this was our last night down there. We played a bit at MSS then went over to the California, it was our first time there and probably our last. The dealers were not friendly and at that time the crowd was boring. We walked around downtown a bit then decided to go to the Las Vegas Club and play some blackjack. I wish I could remember all the rules, but I know you could resplit aces, which at one point I had to do 4 times! Or is it 3 times?? Any how, the table we ended up at was quite rowdy. Two young guys in for Union training were at our table, and they were having a blast, one of them was never sure what to do and would ask me and it would always end up being a double hand or a split hand. He eventually decided to tip me, I told him to give it to the dealer, which he didn’t do!!! We were there about a half hour when who appears but Josh from the Flamingo!! He was an adorable sweet kid and I think a good luck charm!! Just a sweet kid having a blast in Vegas for the first time!! By the time we saw him at LVC he was doing quite well at blackjack!! After about and hour and a half we decided to head back to MSS where DH went to bed and I played a bit of VP at the bar!! Not much luck there so I found a Texas Tina game that gave me back my money!! I love when that happens. Then it was off to the room. We were checking out the next day and going to the Bellagio.
    Day 4 Tuesday June 13th. Today was moving day, again we were up early but this time I think it was around 7:00 still not late enough, Oh well, time to get packed, which we did. It was then off to pick up FIL at Flamingo to take him to breakfast at Terribles. He loves the breakfasts there and we enjoy them also. It was quick and good as usual. After breakfast we took him back to the Flamingo and headed to gamble some, I think we went to Barbary Coast but I can’t quite remember then it was on to Bellagio at around noon to see if we could check in. They had a room ready for us, they said it was smoking optional and if we needed to we could change the room. As soon as I walked in I called down and had our room changed, they moved us immediately to room 22-642, a non smoking King Room with a partial lakeview, the room was as nice as they have always been! After unpacking I went to visit Diane at the Fontana. She is such a nice friendly bartender and has been there for years. We said hello and chatted a bit, then I got to work. I played some VP for awhile not doing much with it. It did keep me playing though and the drinks flowing which was the point of it all!!! We went back to Barbary Coast for a bit, played some more. Nothing happening and I had plans to meet someone from one of these Boards at 5 or so to watch the Red Sox so I changed for dinner and headed down. He was already there, Dale and I sat down at the VP bar and the beer **** as I ended up calling the bartender, was nasty to me when I put a $10 to play, stating the beer cost $8, I would have to do better than that!! Okay now first of all, I wanted to say, “The beer DOESN’T COST $8, it probably costs .50 cents to pour, you CHARGE $8 for it!!!!â€
    No worries I put $20 in and played a bit, losing it all in a matter of minutes, then trying to get the Bartender to change the channel to the SOX was a challenge!! I didn’t like this bartender at all. He ended up taking a break and the kid who filled in for him was very nice. Scott it was great meeting you and your Dad, you both were fun to talk to!!!We made plans before leaving for dinner to meet up with Scott and his Dad the following night before they left!
    We stayed there for about an hour then we had to go meet up with FIL. Tonight’s dinner was at the Burger Bar. I thought the food was good, DH thought it was okay! FIL complained his burger was over cooked, however he always finds something to complain about anyway! We all had basic burgers and fries, the service was good and I loved my burger, I think I had the ridgefield or something like that. The burgers were priced reasonably and I think the bill for all of us was somewhere around $60.
    After dinner we dropped my father in law off and headed back to South Coast to play, we wanted to check it out at night. Found a good table and have fun playing with the Pepsi Boys…….There were 3 guys there for some kind of a convention and they worked for Pepsi, after all the drinks of the day, I ended up calling them the Pepsi Boys!! While we were there I turned 36, the whole table sang Happy Birthday to me, it was quite funny!!! After a few hours we decided to call it a night, or atleast head back to Bellagio we had won about $50 and had a great time. We went back to Bellagio where DH headed up to the room and I went to play for awhile. Shawn was the night bartender and made some great lemondrops. Played for about an hour listening to the band Isis and had a great time. I decided then it was time for bed, and made the long trek to our room!!! Another wonderful day in Vegas had come to an end.
    I think I left out my shopping spree that day!! We spent a few hours at the Fashion Show mall shopping which is always fun!!! Bought a few outfits and a great pair of sunglasses!! Oh and did I mention the gelato at Bellagio?? YUM!!!!!!!!!!
    Day 5 Wednesday June 14th. Today is my day to do whatever I want, as it will turn out, it just moves along as any other day. We woke up around 9 and called over to the Flamingo, told my FIL we would pick him up shortly and go for Bagels. I had wanted to do the Café at Bellagio, but I didn’t think he would care for it. We headed to Tropicana to Bagels N More……..we usually hit this place at least once a trip, the bagels and coffee is very good. After breakfast we decided to do a bit of shopping, as I still needed a pair of shoes to go with my new outfits. We went to the Boulevard Mall and to Macy’s were I found the perfect shoes. We then headed back to Bellagio for pool time. We hit the pool for about 2 hours, had a few cocktails and decided to get ready to start our evening. I finished getting ready and hit the Fontana, I had a lemon drop or two and played some VP………amazingly I won!! Dale came and got me and we made our way across the street to Flamingo where we were having dinner at Ventuno.
    We used to love Ventuno however something has changed, the menu was missing favorite items and the food was bland!! I had tomato soup to start ( I decided soap wasn’t the way to go this time!!!) and angel hair with a pomodoro sauce. The soup was good the pasta just okay. My father in law had Veal which he liked and Dale had Chicken Parm which he said was just okay. This used to be a regular stop for us, but I don’t think so anymore, too many other places we like eating at. Total Bill for all of us was about $112 plus tip.
    After dinner we made plans to meet up with Scott and his Dad again, no game this time, but they were headed home. Before meeting them we decided to play rapid roulette, we had gone through the forum shops earlier in the day and passed through Caesars where I won $40 in a few spins( I just remembered this part of the trip LOL). Well, this time rapid Roulette was not as nice to me!!! We finished up there, I checked the Sox score at the book and we walked around the casino waiting for Scott and his dad. I put $4 in a penny big mouth bass machine and cashed out quickly with over $20, but I think it was closer to $40. At this point I got a call from Scott and he met us near the machine. We then found a bar for a beer and chatted before taking them to the airport for their flight! Two very nice men, it was fun meeting them, they were Red Sox fans and from New England!!
    After dropping them off at the airport we headed to Silverton, I sat down at a table and was winning,/losing/winning/losing………this wasn’t any fun, but the dealer was nice and the pit boss was very nice….I chased my money and caught it!! I played a few hours at that table and ended up $100 ahead and we decided to head back to Bellagio. Regular routine me to the VP, DH up to the room where he usually takes a bath to hydrate the skin~
    I played VP for a little bit with no major wins or loses, after about 45 minutes and a lemon drop I decided to call it a night. It was around 1:30 and I figured going up to the room a winner would be a good thing!! It truly was the perfect Birthday, we had a blast!! Played tons of cards and just enjoyed our day together! I know I am forgetting something, but I can’t figure out what, I should have taken notes!!
    More to come………..including seeing the best view in town!!!!
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