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My Opinion of Wellington Place for a Wedding

Discussion in 'Vegas Weddings' started by raraavis, Jul 14, 2012.

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  1. raraavis

    raraavis VIP Whale

    Jan 31, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I am going to do a review of each wedding venue I visited, and the first section of each review will be the “Background.” If you have already read the background from another one of my reviews, feel free to skip to the actual venue review.

    I got engaged in December 2011. After a month or so of trying to settle on a state (yes, I said state), we decided on Nevada (Las Vegas specifically of course). My family/friends are primarily in Michigan; fiancé’s (we’ll call him J from now on) are in New York City area. We live in NJ. If we had it in either Michigan or NJ, we would have well over 250 guests since we assumed that most people would be willing to make the drive (or short flight if they choose) to either location (p.s. we have many friends in Long Island, and it would be at least a 1.5 hr drive for them to come to our area in NJ). Then J kept saying it wouldn’t be fair to his friends and family if we got married in Michigan (where it is at least half the cost of NJ weddings btw). So I countered with the same argument for my friends and family, haha. We were at a stalemate. Well I had mentioned Vegas when we first got engaged and told J it is my number 1 choice. But J was hesitant about having a destination wedding. After thinking of the pros and cons of being married in the mitten (aka, Michigan) or in NJ, J finally agreed that Las Vegas was actually the most practical and fun thing to do. Next on the list was to make sure our very closest family and friends would be ok with flying to Vegas for our wedding because frankly they are the only ones that matter!

    We booked a good deal at Bally’s for Sun-Thurs and stayed with my dad the other days of the trip (he lives there). My initial plan was to see 13 venues, but I decided not to see the two at mt. Charleston. So I only saw 11 venues over the course of 3 days. It was a lot!!

    Basically the type of wedding I want is a non-religious ceremony followed by a traditional wedding reception. I do not want to get married in what I deem a “wedding factory”, which is what some of the venues I saw felt like. In the same regard, I do not want a chapel wedding at all. I did check on the strip, but nothing met our needs or was within our budget. I began my search in January and finally narrowed it down for our June trip. My tastes revolve around golf/country clubs apparently. We are planning for a Thursday wedding in October 2013.

    Wellington Place
    6985 West Sahara Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89117

    I met with someone from Wellington on June 16. I cannot recall the names of the women we spoke with. One was the florist I believe, and the other might have been Amanda. They were nice and tried to answer my questions. Unfortunately, that is the only nice thing I can say about this venue.

    First, I want to mention the horrible smell that hits you the minute you walk in. :vomit: J and my dad said it was probably the food they were going to be serving for the wedding they were preparing for. Um, the smell was gross, I sure hope it wasn’t the food that was going to be served (found out later it was). That’s a huge turnoff. Who wants to have a wedding where the food smells like a nursing home? Second this place is in a strip mall. Talk about classless. :poke: Wow, I could just hop right over to the rite aid if I needed something. :rolleyes2: Can you say "wedding factory"? Also, everything was indoors, and I wanted an outdoor wedding. You see, this is exactly why it is important to visit prospective venues and not just base your decision on the internet.

    The woman I spoke with to make the appointment, Erica, was very rude on the phone. I almost cancelled my appointment right then and there. I explained that I am from the East Coast, and this appointment would be my only opportunity to visit Las Vegas until the actual wedding. Erica told me she could meet me at 1pm on June 16, 2012. I had 11 other venues to visit on my trip, so my scheduling of all the touring appointments was very specific.

    We arrived about 20 minutes early and had no problem waiting. The woman who met with us (the florist) was confused that I had an appointment with Erica on this day because Erica wasn't even at work that day. Seriously? :eek:

    Regardless, the florist was nice enough to show us around, but she didn't have time to answer my specific questions. I had over a page of questions about Wellington. The florist apologized but thought I just wanted to see the venue. Common sense would dictate that I wanted to ask questions since I am from the East coast and this will be my only chance before my wedding. Once again, I don't really blame the florist. She had a wedding to prepare, and I was an unexpected distraction. Then Amanda said she could speak with me for a couple of minutes. She was pleasant but unfortunately had to cut me off from my questioning and left. She was never rude about any of this.

    This lack of organization and Erica's demeanor are the reasons I immediately knocked Wellington Place right off of my list of possible places to hold my wedding. There are so many wedding venues in Las Vegas; competition is high, so I was surprised when I was blown off by Erica.

    I definitely don’t recommend this place for a wedding or any event. :nono:
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