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My Opinion of The Grove for a Wedding

Discussion in 'Vegas Weddings' started by raraavis, Jul 14, 2012.

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  1. raraavis

    raraavis VIP Whale

    Jan 31, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I am going to do a review of each wedding venue I visited, and the first section of each review will be the “Background.” If you have already read the background from another one of my reviews, feel free to skip to the actual venue review.

    I got engaged in December 2011. After a month or so of trying to settle on a state (yes, I said state), we decided on Nevada (Las Vegas specifically of course). My family/friends are primarily in Michigan; fiancé’s (we’ll call him J from now on) are in New York City area. We live in NJ. If we had it in either Michigan or NJ, we would have well over 250 guests since we assumed that most people would be willing to make the drive (or short flight if they choose) to either location (p.s. we have many friends in Long Island, and it would be at least a 1.5 hr drive for them to come to our area in NJ). Then J kept saying it wouldn’t be fair to his friends and family if we got married in Michigan (where it is at least half the cost of NJ weddings btw). So I countered with the same argument for my friends and family, haha. We were at a stalemate. Well I had mentioned Vegas when we first got engaged and told J it is my number 1 choice. But J was hesitant about having a destination wedding. After thinking of the pros and cons of being married in the mitten (aka, Michigan) or in NJ, J finally agreed that Las Vegas was actually the most practical and fun thing to do. Next on the list was to make sure our very closest family and friends would be ok with flying to Vegas for our wedding because frankly they are the only ones that matter!

    We booked a good deal at Bally’s for Sun-Thurs and stayed with my dad the other days of the trip (he lives there). My initial plan was to see 13 venues, but I decided not to see the two at mt. Charleston. So I only saw 11 venues over the course of 3 days. It was a lot!!

    Basically the type of wedding I want is a non-religious ceremony followed by a traditional wedding reception. I do not want to get married in what I deem a “wedding factory”, which is what some of the venues I saw felt like. In the same regard, I do not want a chapel wedding at all. I did check on the strip, but nothing met our needs or was within our budget. I began my search in January and finally narrowed it down for our June trip. My tastes revolve around golf/country clubs apparently. We are planning for a Thursday wedding in October 2013.

    The Grove
    8080 Al Carrison Street Las Vegas, Nevada 89131

    I met with Donna on Friday June 22. The Grove is a bit farther from the strip than I would prefer for my wedding, but we checked it out anyway because my dad’s fiancée’s daughter had her prom there. I had a negative impression of them before I even got there though. Their website is really just not user friendly, and their own pricing is confusing. I emailed Donna weeks before we were even heading out there to ask for clarification about the packages. I told her exactly what I was looking for and asked if they had the space to accommodate that. I can’t really explain more because it honestly was confusing. Well her answer wasn’t any less confusing. :bang: She didn’t answer the question “Can The Grove physically accommodate my guest count?” It is a simple yes or no question. I sent another email in response asking that again, and she still couldn’t tell me. It was so frustrating. :grrr: Finally I just gave up on the email thing and figured I would clear it up when we got there. I only wanted to keep my appointment because I don’t want to cancel and regret it when I am back in Jersey. It was a waste of our time though. I won’t get into the package prices here because they’re way too confusing, and there are too many options. This place had the same feel as Rainbow Gardens: faux fanciness.

    Donna was nice enough in person, but it couldn’t make up for the place itself. The price isn’t that great for what they offer I think. She quoted us about $5500 for a Thursday wedding (that was a $1000 discount). I would have to get my own photographer even though they “provide” photography. What is included in the photography package is a rip off. Another one of those packages that prefer to nickel and dime you. I read reviews that complained about the photographers that came in the package. Someone even said they (Sunset Studios) blocked or got in the way of the photographer the bride hired. Silly.

    There was just nothing that awed me about it. The website pictures are misleading and make you think the various ceremony sites are nowhere near each other, but they are pretty much right next to each other. Chalk this one up to another “wedding factory.” The Grove was the last place we saw, and I had already decided on my top 5. The Grove would have had to be awesome to replace any of my current faves. Sorry Grove.

    Do I recommend it to others? Well it depends on what you’re looking for. I would say check it out for yourself. It wasn’t a bad place; it just wasn’t for us.
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