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My Daughter's First Trip to Vegas, April 1-7,2018 (Part 3)

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by caldwell2, Apr 14, 2018.

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  1. caldwell2

    caldwell2 Low-Roller

    Nov 13, 2005
    New York, NY
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Day 4:

    I was actually very glad for today, April 4, because my wife was flying in. Also I was meeting my BIL, SIL and Niece also who were driving in from California. My wife’s flight was going to get in at around 5pm so I started looking for something to do with my daughter before hand. It turns out that Mac King has a 1pm show at Harrah’s. For me this was perfect as it left me enough time to check in to our new hotel and leave enough time to get to the airport to pick up my wife.

    So after I wake up I start packing everything while letting my daughter sleep as long as she can. After she finally wakes up we head on down to the 24 hour restaurant at the Red Rock and order breakfast. I had a $50 food credit for the room and I hadn’t used any of it up as of yet, so I ordered enough food to fill me up the rest of the day. After check out we headed over to the UPS Store in Downtown Summerlin so I could ship back my daughter’s recent purchase of Sara the Unicorn. I also included a bag filled with all the toiletries from the bathrooms I had collected so far this trip. From there we went to The Venetian to store our bags before the Mac King Magic Show. Got our tickets from the Box Office and headed to the line when lo and behold I get my first (and only) Celebrity Sighting. Donny Osmond! He was bringing his grandkids to see the show. He was whisked out of the VIP line and seated in the front row. Meanwhile, my daughter and I got our second score of the trip…As we handed our tickets to the usher, which were the cheap seats, she quickly folded the tickets and handed them back to me saying, Follow me Sir and led my daughter and I to the second row. My daughter did not get picked to help with a trick this time around but she still enjoyed the show. To me, the comedy was geared completely towards the adults but the magic was perfect for all ages. After the show I check my phone to find out my wife’s flight was delayed two hours due to a late arriving crew. So by this time it is almost three o’clock so we head back over to the Venetian to check in.

    For the second visit I had booked us a Bella Suite. The layout was perfect. I loved the sunken living area. No Charmin in the bathroom though. We then head over to Harrah’s to meet up with my BIL and SIL. They also knew about the delay in my wife’s flight so I suggested going to the “New” Downtown Container Park. That way we could do some catching up while my daughter played in the Play Area and I could see this neat treehouse thing in real life. We parked across the street from the Container Park and checked it out. The play area is excellent and the shopping is also excellent and full of variety. After an hour there we decided since it was still light out to walk the Fremont Experience. I wanted to see the Zipline that was put in. I was also amazed at the number of Prime Rib Dinner Offers there were from the various casinos off Fremont. One day I will go back and have the Prime Rib Dinner at the El Cortez for $12.95, which is available 24/7. As we finished up there the traffic to get back to the Casino was heavy so I left a text for my wife to let me know when she got in so I could call her an Uber. Once she finally got to the Venetian we ate at the food court off the casino floor and caught up. My SIL won a few hundred at the Slots. Then it was upstairs to bed.

    Day 5:

    Breakfast at Denny’s again, though without the Niece as she had a late night. We met her later outside The Linq and head over to the Shops at Caesar’s. Look at the map and decide to walk to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch. We timed it, unknowingly, as people were starting to surround the fountain for the hourly show. So we checked into Cheesecake and watched the free show. This is one show that I did not initially plan to do, nor do research on. Very interesting nonetheless, though it was very hard to follow as the audio wasn’t that great. I hardly ever eat at the Factory so I was very surprised to order the lunch size Cobb Salad only to be greeted with the biggest salad I had ever seen. From there we went back to the room as our Niece then had to drive back to California to get to work the next day.

    After our niece left we arranged to have an early dinner with my wife’s Brother at Yard House. They asked us to meet them at 5:30. I was wondering why so early but then realized they wanted to make it there before the start of Happy Hour. Before we met them I did some research into doing another Magic Show with my daughter. I found David Goldrake at the Tropicana. It was on the cheaper side and kids were free. Sign me up! Decided to leave the Yard House around 6:40 to get to the show. Even though I had rented a car I didn’t feel I had enough time to get it so I ended up taking a cab from the Linq. So, from the Wheel at the Linq to the Tropicana it cost me $15. The show was very good, and at the end he mentioned some of his helpers/costars were in the movie The Greatest Showman. David did mostly illusions, to include a water escape. I wanted to see how cheap Uber was so I decided to take Uber back from the Trop back to the Venetian. Guess what?!? Uber was only $8! My daughter and I decided to get out at The Mirage along the Strip because we still had not seen the Volcano. My timing was very good this trip as we only had to wait 3-5 minutes before we were able to feel the heat. After that it was back to the room and time for bed.
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