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My Allegiant Airline Bill for Phoenix AZ

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Chat' started by BackInVegas, May 31, 2012.

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  1. BackInVegas

    BackInVegas VIP Whale

    Mar 14, 2008
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    My wife and I are flying to Phoenix to bring her father back to live closer to us. His health is failing him and we are going to be his guardians. We already have Power of Attorney and pay the bills.

    My wife selected Allegiant to fly on. No idea what she selected as whatever she wants is fine with me since it is her father.

    I love all the fees that Allegiant slaps on the bill.

    Fed Excise Tax - 19.68 gotta pay the tax man

    Segment Fees - 7.60 not sure what this is, but I guess it can't be included in the price they advertise. The flight to Phoenix?

    PFC - 9.00 This is what the Airports charge Allegiant, obviously, there is some profit built into this for Allegiant.

    Sept 11 Security Fee - 5.00 someone has to pay the TSA agents. It is us.

    Seat Selection Fee - 29.99 we must sit together on the way pack.

    Priority Boarding - 10.00 We did this as we want to be the first ones on the
    plane to get her Dad settled.

    Carrier Usage Charge - 20.00 not sure what this is. This seems to be some random dollar amount that Allegiant charges just because.

    Trip Flex - 10.00 this is in case he has another problem happen and we have to change out flights

    Carry On Bag - 26.00

    Just a mere $150 in fees and taxes.

    I will be glad once this event is over and we proceed on to the next part of taking care of him locally and not trying to do it by phone and trusting people on the other end. I have learned that the Elderly Care Specialists in Phoenix do NOT impress me. I would have thought they were more knowledgable and compassionate down there where they deal with the elderly all the time, but they seem to be more nonchalant about it. We were paying for top notch care supposedly.
  2. dfalk

    dfalk VIP Whale

    Mar 7, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Ya their fees are just ridiculous, but yet I still fly with them. From my airport they are the only non stop flight and are always $150+ dollars cheaper than the others.
  3. mrstealth

    mrstealth VIP Whale

    Aug 7, 2009
    Midwest - Sister Bay, WI
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Personally, as dfalk stated, Alligiant is usually cheaper (or the only non-stop alternative) to Vegas than most competing airlines. Also, I guess I personally prefer their "menu" pricing as it allows me to pick and choose the options I want/need, not have them forced on me or to pay for things I don't want or need.

    $76 of the fees you quoted are options you chose to pay, so not sure why you are so upset about those as those could have been avoided.

    In addition, you cannot count federal taxes, TSA fee's, etc as "alligiant fees", those fee's are charged by all airlines, not just alligiant.

    ** Now, having said that, one thing you should be aware of is allegiant does not fly into Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. They use the Mesa airport which is a very small airport. I am not sure if you are planning on renting a car or not, but because the airport is much smaller, you have less options for transportation (and usually costs more), so please plan accordingly.

    If you have rented a car recently at any airport, many times the "fees" are as much as your actual rental rate. If I rent from alamo and the actual rental is $75 yet my total rental fee is $145 (after all of the taxes & facility charges are added).
  4. queuetee

    queuetee VIP Whale

    Jul 12, 2008
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Sounds like they are options he took because he needed/wanted them for this particular situation
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