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My 2 trip reports 2001 and 2002

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by hgmom, Mar 25, 2003.

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  1. hgmom

    hgmom Tourist

    Mar 20, 2003

    My Trip Report

    I am new to the board (I love it!) so I thought I would post a little about our 2 trips to Vegas that we have taken the last 2 years. We do a trip in May for our anniversary each year and plan on making it tradition. The kids are getting bigger, so this may be our last kid-free Vegas trip for a while since we still think they may enjoy it next year.

    May 2001 : My first trip to Vegas since 1995, and my first Vegas strip since turning 21...1 marriage and 2 kids later hehe (I am 26 now). This was my husbands 1st trip and he actually was fighting me because "there's nothing to do in Vegas besides drink and gamble!" or so he said...

    Booked a package on www.onlinevacationmall.com which now I know was a rip because we paid $920 for 3 nights at the Stardust and r/t air from Dallas on Sun Country Airlines. Now I know you can usually do better pricing it out separately!

    Stardust was great, we really enjoyed it. Got a really nice, clean room in the West Tower overlooking the strip. I work for a national hotel chain (no hotels in Vegas though) and I wasn't used to not having a coffee maker in the room, but then remembered...this is Vegas! Didn't mind the location, although we did do quite a bit of walking to get to the other end each day. One of the lounges (can't remember the name os it) was really hopping on the weekend with an awesome band. I enjoyed watching them as my husband was losing our money at BJ! The cocktail waitresses were kind of slow. Older ladies, no doubt had been there since the place opened! [​IMG] A pretty smoky casino, but I'm a smoker so it didn't bother me any.

    Right away we started winning at BJ. We would win a little, cash out and go to the next casino. We did that all of our 2nd day and ended up with almost $700 on the plus side by the time we were down by the MGM. Beginners luck I guess, and a little help from a really nice lady dealer at MGM who taught us how to "win" and play the right way so not to make other players at the table mad at us. We ate on some of that money and bought souveniers. Then came the sad part [​IMG]

    I just wanted to go IN to SEE the Excalibur. I did not plan on gambling, neither did my husband. Then greed set in and while I took $20 to the slots, he hit a BJ table. I won about $25 more dollars in slots and he walked away with a mere $300 in his pocket. We walked in with about $600 and out with about $300. Maybe it was less, I can't remember. I just knew that we still had one full day and a half yet -- what were we going to do with our time? We couldn't gamble away the rest of our money! Good thing the room was pre-paid!!

    The last night, we finally broke down and decided to bet about $50 back in BJ. We sat at 2 tables, and played on that $50 for hours at $5 tables. Made good friends and especially with a high roller gentleman from Hawaii. He was so nice, reminded me of my uncle who is also Hawaiian. He took out a $2K marker at the table. We played at his table until 4am (our flight was the next day) and around 330, he notied we were down to nothing. We were about to walk away and he "gave" us $25 in chips. Told us to play it. We ended up winning about $175 back and gave him his $25 so we walked away with a $100 win for the night. God bless that man!!

    We really didn't come back home ahead, but not completely broke either. We did ok I guess, and we had fun!

    May 2002: Bought separate air and land -- $189 r/t on American (post 9-11) and $77 per night at Treasure Island over a weekend. Great deal! Got a really nice room overlooking the Mirage Volcanos and we could even see the Bellagio Fountains from our room. 14th floor I think. Staff was great, got a surprise with 4, 2 for 1 buffet coupons. I love buffets, I'm not picky I just love to be able to eat whatever I want and however much I want -- I'm a petite girl, but I really can put it away!

    With my husband's head as big as a hot air balloon, he thought he'd be slick and try to win some more at the Stardust since we did so well our first trip. Lost $250 in 2 hours. No more blackjack. Oh, did I mention the first night we arrived late, around 9pm and I was sick, had a fever so I didn't go down to play with him. He said it was my fault he lost because I wasn't there to stop him while he was ahead. :eek:

    Spent the next few days just checking out the sights, saw "Legends In Concert" at the Imperial Palace (did NOT like the casino, or hotel ...dirty and old) but the show was GREAT!! I think I posted more about it under the topic "Shows and Entertainment".

    Couldn't see the Bellagio fountains past the dollar signs in our eyes the first year, but saw them this time. I felt like such a loser, I had tears in my eyes as they played some of my favorite opera songs. *sniff* I could've stayed there the whole day and watched them!

    We learned how to play craps from our "friends" at the TI craps tables. Loved those guys, they were a real hoot and made losing fun! I guess that is their job right? [​IMG]

    Lost some, won some....lost some more. Then we found our savior -- nickel slots. We had alot more fun playing them and the money went farther as well. I won $195 on one at NYNY and my husband won $135 at TI. Loved the "Yukon Gold" video slot where you get the bonus round to pick your odds. I will play it again this year.

    We did not leave Vegas last year with ANY extra money, we got a bit carried away and actually had to cash a check to give us money for our last day. But it was a great stay, great hotel, great weather.

    So, that's it. There is probably more but I am just tired of typing. So we are going again this May, and because we are on a budget -- we're staying at the Orleans hotel I've heard great things and we are really looking forward to it!
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