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Mr Jones Goes to Red Rock and Paris

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by gotavegasjones, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. gotavegasjones

    gotavegasjones VIP Whale

    Jan 16, 2004
    South Texas
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Sorry this is so late. We were out of town again right after our Vegas trip. Today was the first opportunity to write. I think I remembered most of the good stuff.

    Las Vegas Trip Report
    May 28 - June 1, 2006

    This trip had a different feel than our other Las Vegas excursions. Our 8th visit since 2001 was a short jaunt. We took advantage of offers for free nights at Red Rock and Paris. Initial plans for this trip had us staying at Harrah’s and Bally’s on free night offers. When the offers for Red Rock and Paris came it was a no brainier to cancel the previous reservations. We’ve seen most of the hotel/casinos and attractions the Strip and Downtown have to offer. I did not have an itinerary for each day. We didn’t try to do everything. God willing and the creek don’t rise, we know we’ll be back to see more stuff. So, it was a bit more relaxing than some of our trips.

    Sunday, May 28
    Flights from MFE to LAS to MFE were non-stop on Allegiant Air. The price for our air fare was $109 each person going and $99 returning. We arrived in Vegas late in the evening, around 10:20 local. The exit procedure from the plane seemed to take longer than usual. The tram to the main terminal and baggage claim was easy. The bags arrived at the carousel right when we did. We stepped out of the baggage claim area and immediately stepped on a shuttle over to Thrifty to retrieve the rental car. I’m a Blue Chip member so we bypassed the long line at the counter. We’d booked a full size at $126.00 for the week. They didn’t have any available, so we suffered the tragedy of being upgraded to a Chrysler 300M. Very nice car with all the features you’d expect on a luxury model. Getting in and out of Thrifty in 10 minutes was great.

    We then made the trek from the airport to Red Rock. I took the 215 beltway west and quickly realized the beltway isn’t finished. Going this route you spend a lot of time on the frontage road and have numerous traffic lights at intersections to contend with. In the evening or at night after heavy drive time, this is still probably a better route than to drive The Strip or I-15 up to Charleston for the westward journey to Red Rock. We made it to Red Rock in about 20 minutes. Maybe longer?

    Check-in at Red Rock was a bit slow. We were one of two couples at hotel registration. I asked about a free upgrade to a suite or a room with a Jacuzzi tub. The clerk was helpful. She went to check with a supervisor. The hotel was almost full for Memorial Day weekend, so no upgrade. All the staff at check-in, maintenance, room service, restaurants and casino floor was friendly and helpful throughout our stay.

    The room at Red Rock was beautiful. The design is very European with dark woods and sleek lines and marble bathroom. The platform bed was very comfortable. There was a 42” plasma screen TV over a credenza that housed the mini-bar. There was also a 13” plasma screen TV to be enjoyed as you soaked in the deep rectangular tub. They even provided fluffy white robes!

    We journeyed to the casino floor to find a restaurant. The casino is also beautiful. Everything; the marble tile floors, wood flooring, carpeting, the walls, counter tops, match books, hotel stationary, I mean every thing, all have striations resembling Red Rock Canyon in their design.

    The Grand Caf̩ had the shortest wait of the several places we tried. It was almost mid-night and it had been many hours since we had eaten anything. They gave us a pager. The casino was full of lots and lots of young people gambling and drinking. There was a nightclub called Cherry that seemed to be a big draw. I was a little surprised at the youthfulness of the clientele at Red Rock. I was expecting a crowd not too dissimilar to Green Valley Ranch. This is not a criticism, just an observation. Overall, I like the feel of Red Rock; the clientele, the design, the gambling, the restaurants, the spa Рeverything seemed cool. The Red Rock Resort-Casino-Spa is, in my opinion, much nicer than GVR. And, I think GVR is way nice. We explored for 15 minutes before our device indicated it was time to eat.

    The hour was late. We were tired and knew we’d be in bed soon. Not wanting to go to bed right after a big meal, we ordered stuff to share. The Caesar salad, the flat bread pizza and the wine we ordered were good. The salad was crisp and tasty. The pizza was one of those sun dried tomato, lots of basil and cheese things on some thin crisp bread. Very Good! Our meal cost around $20. The table of five very young, drunk, and somewhat loud dudes from California next to us were not enjoyable. After eating we walked the casino, made note of where things were for the next day’s adventure and headed up to bed.

    Monday, May 30
    We were up and going by 7am. Some coffee latté’s from Starbucks helped us get going. We went back to the Grand Café for breakfast. She ordered a fruit plate, yogurt and a muffin. I had a skillet breakfast which had eggs with lots of veggies and sausage. We managed to eat about half of each. The remainder of the fruit plate and muffin was consumed the next morning. We were seated on the terrace overlooking the pool area. This is a nice place to have an early breakfast. At this time of day the area was quiet and relaxing. The landscaping is beautiful. The cost for this meal was again in the $20 range.

    After breakfast we wandered the pool area. I like the pool at GVR more, but this is awfully nice, too. It was still early, so there wasn’t any talent hanging by the pool. Most of the folks at the pool were staff getting ready for a busy holiday crowd.

    Mid-morning we decided to take a run at the casino. Played some WOF and Video Poker. Each of us had some luck at the WOF and walked away with tickets worth more than the cash we inserted. We got lots of play at the Optimum Play bank of VP machines. I probably ran several thousand dollars though the machines with an initial $100 investment playing at the .25 and $1 level. I played 9/6 JOB and Double Double Bonus most of the time and a bit of Deuces Wild. She wanted to find a low limit Black Jack table. So we did. We settled at a $5 minimum table and played for a couple of hours. She colored up with a profit. I eventually lost my $200 buy in. The dealers were good; the cocktail waitress kept my Maker’s Mark on rocks fresh, the other players who came and went at the table were enjoyable.

    Sometime mid-morning Hurricane Mikey called my cell phone. I’d left a message on his cell Sunday evening from the airport before our departure to let him know we’d be in town for a few days and would like to hang out at some point. He called as we were both making some money at .25 WOF. We made some plans to meet up on Wednesday afternoon for some lunch and martinis at Commanders Palace.

    Late afternoon we recognized that we were hungry. All the restaurants were packed with long waits for a table. We noticed that the deli/grill by the sports wasn’t crowded. The menu for the joint looked good and seemed reasonably priced. We ordered a big burger with fries, a salad and a couple of sodas. Once again we shared everything. The burger was good. The fries and salad were OK. This deli/grill is an attractive place to get a meal close to the casino action. Most of the restaurants at Red Rock are situated on the perimeter of the casino. This meal cost $14 and change. We used points accumulated on our Stations Cards to pay.

    The sports book at Red Rock is way nice. There are many large screens to watch sports. And lots and lots of screens and seating for horse race bettors. The seating looked comfortable, though I didn’t take a seat.

    A plan for the evening was then set in motion. The plan was to hit the room for a nap and then see The Da Vinci Code at the movie theatre complex, which is also located just off the casino floor, and then spend some more time in the casino. Tickets were purchased for the 8:30pm showing. A short elevator ride later and we were relaxing in the room. The elevators at Red Rock are FAST!

    We spent almost two hours in the room relaxing. We freshened up and decided to grab a snack before viewing the film. Again, everything is crowded. We hit a taco joint in the food court and had a very light meal.

    The movie was entertaining. I never was able to finish the book. It just bored the heck out of me. So, I was surprised that the movie held my attention.

    After the movie we played some VP for a very short time and were in the room well before mid-night.

    Tuesday, May 31
    I was up early again and went to get us some coffee from Starbucks. I had a gift card that was not honored at any of the Starbucks shops where I attempted to use it in while in Vegas. Each joint said they were part of the casino and not connected to the Starbucks system to swipe the cards. This was the only really irritating part of the trip. I played a twenty through a Deuces Wild machine. It evaporated rather quickly. I took the coffee back to the room. We drank our coffee, munched on the remains of yesterday’s fruit plate and muffin. I headed for the spa. She went back to sleep.

    The Spa at Red Rock is well staffed. The amenities are what you’d expect from nice joint. I enjoyed a soak in the big Jacuzzi pool, some time in the steam room and the sauna. It was early so I had the place to myself for the most of the time I was there. The shower was one of the rain type dealios. The water rained down on you from above. I liked it!

    When I got back to the room my beautiful wife was up and getting dressed for the day. We packed our stuff, took our bags downstairs and checked out. At check out I asked the clerk to contact a Host and see if they could take anything of our bill. The room was free, but we had about $68 in room charges. The conversation between the Host and the clerk by phone was brief. Host asked for Stations card number and after a few seconds time authorized the clerk to take $60 off of the bill. The other $8 was for tips and I gladly paid those charges. Our experience at Red Rock was great. We’ll be back, especially if they keep sending great offers! (Just this week we got an offer in the mail for free nights with 80 dates to choose from between now and mid-September. The other nights are pretty cheap compared with their standard rates.)

    While we were waiting for the car to be brought up to valet a group of folks came out of the lobby area. They were being escorted by a bunch of young, good looking casino employees. It was a group of about six people. They passed within three feet of where we were standing and were headed to a maroon stretch limo. The casino folk, while being very nice to us, were showering appreciation on this group. Hugs and kisses were being exchanged. I looked closer and realized it was Tommy Lee and a few friends. This dude has some serious tattoos on his body and he was dressed to reveal many of them. While I appreciate his taste for blond, B-list actresses, I’ve never been a fan. It was an interesting end to our stay at Red Rock.

    We made our way east on Charleston to I-15 and headed south. The traffic was fairly light on the freeway. Our next stop was the Rio. We dropped the car at the valet and went to see a casino we hadn’t visited during our recent trips. The only reason we’ve ever gone to Rio was to gorge ourselves at the Village Seafood Buffet. This visit had a different purpose.

    We wanted to participate in the Harrah’s properties promotion where you could receive prizes and coupons for use in their restaurants. The deal is you get a paper coupon/card from the Total Rewards people. They swipe your Total Rewards card and the computer reveals if you’ve won anything. The prizes can be cash, points on your Total Rewards account, and some other stuff. Then they stamp your paper/coupon card. You take the paper card to other Harrah’s properties. When you have it stamped at 3 properties you get a coupon for $10 off in Harrah’s properties restaurants and gift shops. If you get the card stamped at all of the Vegas properties you get an additional coupon for $20 off! At each property they swipe your Total Rewards card and you have a shot at the prizes each time.

    It was before noon and the promotion did not start until 12:00pm so we tried to find a Black Jack table with low minimums and decent rules. None were found. We settled at a bank of VP machines with 9/6 JOB. We also put some money in a couple of slot machines. Whadayaknow – we won some money. Between the two of us we took about $145 of Harrah’s money from the Rio before we hit the promotions desk to swipe our cards (neither of us won anything) and get the card stamped.

    We inquired about our Total Rewards points. We had a few and decided to use them for lunch. We decided to eat at Sao Paulo Café. Man what a good experience. My wife ordered a big shrimp cocktail and a baked potato with the works. I ordered from the Asian/Chinese portion of the menu. The Beijing Street dumplings were real good. The Sizzling Chicken in Black Bean Sauce was excellent. We thoroughly enjoyed this meal. This price for this meal was in the $40 range. We paid with Total Rewards points.

    After our great lunch we played a bit more VP and again cashed out with a win. Hit a ticket redemption machine to claim our loot and then the Valet to retrieve the car. The drive over to Paris was a breeze. The traffic on this day after Memorial Day was light.

    Check-in at Paris was productive. I asked the clerk if a room with a Jacuzzi tub was available. She informed me that for an additional charge of $85 or $135 I could satisfy my bathing dreams. I said, “What if I treat you nice and you treat me nice and I’m upgraded at no additional charge?” She says, “We can do that.” I reveal a $20 bill and ask, “Does this help?” She says, “Sure does.” And before you know it my wife and I are on our way to room 2450P, a very nice Suite LeMans. The view was pretty bad; the back side of another Paris tower and Bally’s. No big deal. I got my tub!

    The room was similar in layout to other Suite LeMans in which we’ve stayed. This one was different in design. The colors were spring like and flowery. The others we’ve stayed in were darker fall and winter colors. I’ll say it once again, “The Paris Hotel and Casino has some great bathrooms!”

    We sort of unpacked and hit the Total Rewards desk to continue our trek for free food. This time I won $50 on the card swipe. My wife then won $25 when hers was swiped. We got our other card stamped and we were off to Bally’s. They didn’t swipe our card at Bally’s ‘cause it is considered part of Paris, but they did stamp the other card and we were off to Flamingo. At the Flamingo we didn’t win anything, the line was long to get your card stamped. It was getting late. The promotion runs between 12:00pm and 5:00pm each day, but you don’t have to get all the stamps in one day. We hurried over to Harrah’s to stand in a long line, for a long time. We were the third to last folks to get in on the promotion there that day. We each won 500 points towards our Total Rewards account. It was too late to hit Caesars for the last stop on our quest. Maybe we’ll finish tomorrow? We did each receive the $10 off coupon.

    We were planning on going back to the room and then heading over to the Monte Carlo Brew Pub to join a MEET of some folks who frequent the Las Vegas Talk message board. On the way back to Paris we stopped in Barbary Coast. As soon as we walked in I saw a Silver Strike machine. First time I’m aware of seeing one. I’ve read other people’s trip reports mentioning them and intended to play one on this trip. $20 in the machine and I’m the proud owner of two Silver Strike coins. Then the machine proceeds to let me win another $35. Two Silver Strike coins and $35 – I’m happy.

    The beautiful one says, “We oughta find a good Black Jack table.” We do. We each buy in for $200 at a $10 double-deck, hand dealt game. At this price it may be the best Black Jack game in the Mid-Strip area. We both do pretty well initially. She is getting some real good hands and is raising her bets as she builds her stack of chips.

    At this point I realize we’re not gonna make the MEET at Monte Carlo. (Later, I saw the meet picture on the LVT website in the “Meet Discussion” section. Good turnout, sorry we didn’t make it peanutmnm. We’ll catch up with you on a future trip.) We, mostly her, were having a great time playing BJ.

    I was up and down and eventually colored up with a loss of about a $100. She continued to build her stack. When she colored up she’s about $200 ahead for the session. After a couple of hours we decide to head back to Paris and start thinking about dinner plans.

    Walking through the passage way between Paris and Bally’s we spy the restaurant Ortanique. We stop and make reservations for an hour later. Hit the room and relax for awhile, dressed for the evening then made our way to dinner.

    We ordered a bone in NY Strip for our entrée. She ordered some interesting looking salad and I tried the smoked lobster bisque. While waiting for our meal to commence she enjoyed a glass of wine and I had a very fine margarita. We enjoyed the meal a whole bunch. The drinks, the appetizers, the steak and tip totaled almost an even $100.

    A little exercise was needed after the meal. Upon leaving the restaurant we walked out on the strip. We enjoyed a Bellagio fountain show from in front of Paris. We were tired. Both of us tried to get excited about playing some VP. We threw some money in a couple of machines and decided to head for the room.

    We got in the Jacuzzi tub, added some bubble bath stuff and had a mountain of suds in no time. After a great soak in the tub we were really relaxed. Once again we’re in bed reading, watching the news well before midnight.

    Wednesday, May 31
    I was awake and enjoying a Jacuzzi before 6:00am. I managed to not wake her and slipped out to grab some breakfast at the Le Café Ile St. Louis. A bagel with cream cheese and coffee was satisfying. While I’m sitting there she calls on my cell to ask, “Where are you?” In just a few minutes she joins me and orders herself a more traditional breakfast of eggs, bacon and corned beef hash.

    When breakfast was accomplished we went to the room to grab some stuff. We decide to go over to Barbary Coast and play some Black Jack. She continues her hot streak. I can’t get anything going this morning. I lose a $100 fairly quickly. The dealer, pit critters, my wife and the other players are getting a kick out of my bad luck. Every time I have decent cards the dealers makes 21 with 4, 5 and 6 cards. A few times I have double down opportunities and again the dealer wins ‘em all. Big bets, little bets it don’t matter, I don’t win but one of every six hands. After I had dropped $200 I decided to do something else. Left my wife to her hot streak and roamed the casino.

    The Silver Strike machine was good to me again. $20 in nets me two coins. I stroll by the BJ table and she is still winning. I tell ‘em all that I gonna go play some craps. Everyone at the table cautions me not to do that. Even the Pit critter encourages me not to after witnessing my bad luck earlier.

    The craps table was idle. The minimum bet was $5. I bought in for $100 and let the crew know I needed help. They were helpful. I rolled the dice, set a point. Then, I backed the pass line bet with odds and spread some $26 across the inside. I rolled a few more numbers and won some money. I decided to start pressing the place bets and after a couple more rolls later I seven out. Well, I still got some money. I start over. Same scenario. After 30 minutes I’ve lost my buy in. I guess you’d call the session I had, “choppy.”

    When I made it back to the table my wife was playing I see she’s given back a little of her profits. They all got a kick out of my tale of woe at the craps table. I went outside to call Hurricane Mikey around 9:30am. Lunch at Commanders Palace is a go. I go back to check on the beautiful one and she’s holding her own but not winning every hand like earlier. I tell her about the lunch plans and she’s ready to color up. The Pit Critter felt sorry for me and gives me a comp for the Victorian Room, Barbary Coast’s coffee shop. We knock around the BC for a while, losing money in small increments at VP and WOF machines.

    Then it was time to start heading for lunch. We needed to get the car from the valet at Paris. Why would we need to get the car from valet when Commander Palace is right next door in the Dessert Passage? Well, that has to do with our desire to have lunch with Mikey. The “ghetto sled” is in heaven now so we need to retrieve him from “Rueben’s house” around 11:30am.

    Mikey does live in a house similar to the digs Rueben has in Ocean’s 11. The one with Clooney, not the one Sinatra butchered. The drive out to his place was quick and easy. We visited there for a bit and then made our way to the strip and left the car at Aladdin’s valet.

    The Aladdin is somewhat torn up as the Planet Hollywood renovation is underway. But, it shouldn’t deter anyone from visiting. Just give yourself a little more time to navigate if you are heading some place specific ‘cause there will be detours involved.

    Our lunch at Commander Palace was good. The menu for lunch is limited to a few offerings. My bride had a lump crab cake and a trio of soups from the appetizer section. Mikey and I both had the 1880 lunch special. His was a mahi mahi something or other and I a bowl of smoked pork stew poured over rice. I forget what our appetizers were. We all had dessert. And, of course we each had several martinis. The martinis were ok. They were not chilled enough and suggesting they could be didn’t get a correction from the bar. We had a good meal. The service was outstanding and the drinks got us all buzzed. The total bill, including tip, was $99 and change.

    We went to the cigar shop next door and had a smoke after our meal. After sobering up we found the valet and headed back to “Ruben’s” to drop Mikey off. We had a good lunch and nice long visit with Mike.

    I was hoping to make it to Caesars’ before 5:00pm to complete our coupon quest. Alas, the traffic and poor decision making while navigating the strip area nullified that attempt. We made our way back to the Paris valet and retreated to our room for some R&R.

    After a pretty long nap and some time in the Jacuzzi we were hungry again. We still had a coupon from restaurants.com for Commanders Palace that we weren’t able to use at lunch. So, we decided to use it for dinner! We didn’t get to the restaurant until 9:45pm and the last seating was 9:30pm. Darn! Have to use that coupon next trip. We looked for and found Max’s in the Dessert Passage. We ordered a salad and a pizza to share. Both were excellent. The prices were terrific. Max’s is a cool place to get a decent meal on the strip. I paid less than $20 for this meal.

    She and I strolled around the Dessert Passage for a little while. Then, we spent some time in the Aladdin casino. They had a Silver Strike machine. $40 coin in netted me 3 coins. She played some and won a coin. We then made our way over to Bellagio.

    We watched a fountain show. The song was Elvis singing Viva! Las Vegas. The show was awesome. The fountains shot way up in the air. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them go that high. We then made our way to the lobby so I could gawk at the Chihuly glass installation. I have to do this every trip. I love his craft. Someday, I’m gonna own a piece of his work.

    The conservatory was already decked out in a Patriotic Americana theme for July 4. It was very rustic with miniature trains running past well known landmarks on the American landscape. Very cool.

    We roamed the casino and found a Silver Strike machine. I put in $20 and won three coins in about 10 minutes. She put in some money and won a coin. We like these Silver Strike machines.

    Other than a little money run through a couple of VP machines we did very little gambling at Paris. I’m not real fond of the Harrahnization of the casino. We tried to muster some enthusiasm to give ‘em some play. Didn’t work, so we went to our room, relaxed in front of the TV and lights were out around 1:00am.

    Thursday, June 1
    By a little after 7:00 am we were up and getting ready for the day. We packed our bags and checked out of the hotel. The bags were left with the bell desk. We then made our way to the Victorian Room at BC to use the comp I’d acquired yesterday. Our breakfast was very nice. She had eggs, bacon, hash browns. We both had coffee and orange juice. I had a wonderful skillet breakfast of eggs, meats and lots of veggies. I could only eat half.

    We decided to go over to Imperial Palace to check our points and to see if they have a Silver Strike machine. The slot attendant told us, “we used to have them but they took them out.” I asked if that occurred after the Harrah’s buyout. “Yes” was her reply. We had a good amount of points on our account at IP but no cash back coming. We didn’t feel like using the points for any of their souvenir stuff so we were going to leave. I saw a carousel of MegaBucks machines. The progressive was up around 20 million so I suggested we play $20. She agreed and we started to play. At first I was just watching her. She hit a couple of good spins and was at $188. She decided to cash out, keep the ticket and put another $20 in another machine. In about three spins she was at $240. She cashed out, kept the ticket and put $20 in another machine. While she was doing this I decided to run $20 though the first machine she played. Of course I burn the twenty in about 3 minutes. Then, I put another $20 in and started to play. I actually got a good hit and was at $145. I looked over and she was grinning from ear to ear and some people have gathered behind her. Her machine was rolling up credits like crazy. She got 2X 7 5X on the pay line and when the machine stopped adding credits she had $908 dollars. I lost the rest of my coin in and she busted another $20. We took her tickets to the redemption kiosk and left Imperial Palace with more than $1300. Not a bad start for your last day in Vegas.

    After our exciting visit to IP we make our way back to Barbary Coast where we each won a couple more coins from the Silver Strike machine. We found a hand dealt, double deck Black Jack table. We played for a little more than two hours. I bought in with two hundred and colored up at $200 after having been up to $390. At least I broke even after having a fun time at that table. She had her only losing Black Jack session of the trip.

    We went back to Paris and used our $20 worth of Harrah’s coupons from the promo deal to have lunch at JJ’s Boulangerie. Sodas, turkey sandwiches and potato salad hit the spot.

    We had just a little time before we needed to leave for the airport. I tried to convince her we should stay another night or two. I knew if I called around I could get us free rooms at Bally’s or Harrah’s. She was not game for that idea. I suggested we each play a hundred through some $1 slots. We did and I won $250 and she won $100 in about 25 minutes of play. We ran a bunch of coin through those machines in that short period of time.

    We went to the bell desk and asked for our bags; they alerted the valet to retrieve our car and a few minutes later we were refueling the rental car at a gas station near the airport on Paradise. We were blessed with a quick in and out at Thrifty. Check-in at the airport was a little bit of a drag. Allegiant Air charged us $25 for our heavy suitcase. We had all our stuff in one big suitcase. Next time we take two! Security was painless and we had less than an hour to wait for our flight. We arrived home around 8:30pm local time. Our son picked us up and we were home unpacking by 9:15pm. I was already beginning to think and plan our next trip to my favorite vacation spot.

    Hope you enjoyed the report. I appreciate all the TR's (mostly) I've read here. Thanks.

    later, GVJ
  2. SH0CK

    SH0CK Stylin' and Profilin' Quasi Tech Admin

    Nov 2, 2001
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    That, sir, is the way to do it! :thumbsup:

    Nice trip report, sounds like you all had a great time. :nworthy:
  3. vegasdrea

    vegasdrea Buckle Bunny

    Nov 29, 2004
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    wow! sounds like you and your wife had a great time. Thanks for the details on Red Rock, I live about 6 miles from it and I have yet to visit! I've heard that "Cherry" has been pretty successful at attracting the young, local crowd. Tommy Lee is gross! I've seen him out and about and he gives me the creeps! Thanks for the report! Great Reads.


    P.S. I love how you call her "beautiful", it's very sweet.
  4. HurricaneMikey

    HurricaneMikey A-List Buffoon

    Jan 25, 2002
    Southeast of Sin City
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice report, Scotty...

    Glad to hear that you hit it big at the IP on your last day in town--nothing better than that! Funny that you mentioned, over lunch, that time the same thing happened to me and Eddie...

  5. peanutmnm

    peanutmnm Scotchy

    Jun 25, 2005
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Good report MRJones!

    Sorry we missed each other, but I'm glad you didn't break her hot streak at the tables. I'm kicking myself for not sending you my cell number.

    Next time!
  6. gotavegasjones

    gotavegasjones VIP Whale

    Jan 16, 2004
    South Texas
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Muchisimos gracias a todos! I had fun writing up this TR.

    SHOCK - you're right! Doesn't hurt to be nice and give the clerk an opportunity to help.

    vegasdrea - we did have a great time. One day soon go have some fun over at Red Rock. I suspect you'll like it.

    Mikey - That's right, I did bring up a old TR about you'se guys having a great session at the craps table just before leaving Vegas. I think y'all had that session at Imperial Palace too!

    peanutmnm - We'll catch up in Vegas again. I do regret not making that meet though. Please post your TR on this site. It is a great read and the pictures are way cool. Folks here would appreciate the offering. And, if you don't I'll post a portion of level1's report - the one with your telephone listing!

    later, GVJ
  7. Jer

    Jer I kinda did a thing...

    Jan 20, 2002
    Southern California
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Love reading your reports... And good job with the wins!!!!
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