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Monte Carlo Aug 28-31

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by austinaggie, Sep 2, 2002.

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  1. Howdy All,

    my little sister and I returned EARLY sunday morning from our trip to Vegas, and we had a great time! The strip has grown SO MUCH since I was there six years ago, that I didn't quite no where to start. We stayed at the Monte Carlo, so we kind of got the feel of the place, had some beer(s) and food at the Brew Pub, then headed off down the strip to check out the Aladdin and the Desert Passage shops. Loved the inside of the Aladdin, although, I didn't much care for the jewels on the columns inside the casino. Did a little nickel VP playing here, and never once saw a cocktail waitress in the area. Although, as were were leaving, I saw one exit the High Roller Room....figures. We called it an early night and headed back to the MC. I played for until 1 am on nickel VP until I finally got so tired, I couldn't tell the difference between a heart and a diamond.

    Thursday, we headed out to Hoover Dam in our rental car and enjoyed the drive and the scenery. That dam is still so amazing to me, engineering is cool! After the dam tour we went over to the Hard Rock for lunch at the Pink Taco and to do a little gambling. I didn't have very much luck at the HR, but, the ambiance is still kinda cool. Lots of hot guys checking in, so we waited around a little just to watch. Later we
    headed back to the MC and took the tram to Bellagio, THAT HOTEL IS HUGE! Loved the inside and the blown glass ceiling in the lobby area..incredible! We got lost in the casino a few times and then decided to head over to the Barbary Coast. I like this casino for some strange reason. It's small and not really up to date, but hey, they have penny slots! Big Elvis was playing so we stayed and gambled until the end of his show. Hurricane Mikey was right, this guy is HUGE, but an awesome voice. We walked over to the Flamingo to snap some pictures of the live Flamingos and see what this older hotel had to offer.
    Thursday night was "going out" night and my 23 year old sister decides to go to Coyote Ugly inside of NY NY. We get dressed up and head on over and check out the casino and a couple of the shops then head to the club. The cover charge is $10 bucks and I can't believe that they charge those over 21 to come in, considering most people over 21 are going to drink once inside. The place is Packed beyond belief and these crazy people on the bar are throwing water everywhere. I didn't see the movie so my sister had to explain it all to me. I purchased us both a beer, which came to $10 and the beers were HOT. I can't stand hot beer so that put me in a foul mood [​IMG] We watched crazy women dance on the bars and throw water at folks for a while and finally, I couldn't take any more so we left. It was still early so we headed back to the MC and took the tram to the Bellagio to see the water show. I was very impressed with the fountains and nearly cried during one of the performances. I can't wait to go back and see more!

    Friday was Mandalay Bay day. We headed over around noon to check out the casino and see Shark Reef. I loved Shark Reef, not a lot of little kids, thank goodness, and very well layed out. We looked for the "fire and ice" bar, but couldn't find it. Didn't do any gambling here, we just checked out the hotel and all the tropical stuff. We headed back to the MC mid-afternoon so my sister could nap. I decided to take the opportunity to go and gamble more at the Barbary Coast. Big Elvis was singing again, so I drank some beers, gambled and listened to Elvis tunes. After I left the BC, I headed over to Paris check out the casino. Pretty cool hotel, with lots of action going on everywhere. I watched Black Jack for a while and then left and headed back to the MC. Friday night, my sister and I decided to do some drinking at the MC Brew Pub. We had a great time and only spent $18 bucks on 6 beers. Great value for the dollar, and great beer!

    Saturday, we got up early and packed our stuff. Check out was at 11, so we headed down, checked out and got the car out of valet. WE had saved a few things left to do and we both wanted to see the Venetian. I was very impressed with the hotel and the casino. We had a drink at the bar by the Sports Book and gambled at the bar for a little. We watched the gondalas and check out some shops and headed over to the Mirage. The Mirage is one of my favorite hotels, why, I don't know, but it is. I love the HUGE aquarium behind the check-in counter and the rainforest section in the middle of the casino. We headed over to TI for a few minutes and I gambled a little more there, but had crappy luck. After I had spent the last of my allotted gambling money, we decided to drive the strip one last time and then head to the airport.

    All in all it was a great trip. Got to spend time with my sister and check out the new casinos. I didn't get to gamble as much as I would have liked, and I still did not get up the nerve to play table games. Oh well, that just means I'll have to make my next trip very soon, so I can scratch this gambling itch!

    sorry for the long report!

    austin aggie!
    gig 'em [​IMG]
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