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Mirage Trip Report June 3-6

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by GoGiantsfan11, Jun 10, 2004.

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  1. Hi All,

    Well headed back to the Mirage this time around.. our 4 trip to Vegas in 3 years.. We stayed at the Mirage, TI and Luxor(that was a trip win) in the past years and really love the Mirage and decide to go back again. Went out with my husband, two other couple and two single guys all in our low-mid 30's.

    Left on America West out of JFK Thrusday night..no problems on the flight arrived early only to wait on the runway for 45 minutes until some planes left the gate. Well, we must not have been the only plane held up because when we went to baggage claim area it was mobed!! So crowed I could not even get outside to get in line for the taxi cabs. So we all decide to get a limo.. cost us $76 plus tip to the Mirage. Arrive at the hotel around midnight and the three couple decide to throw in 20 bucks each and the girls would go up the counter and try and get and upgrade. We left the 60 dollars on the counter as we asked for an upgrade... WE each got the one bedroom penthouse suite for one night and then we has to move the tower deluxe room for the other nights.Dumb on our part we checked out of our penthouse at about 1pm and they had given away our tower deluxe rooms.. But we still got rooms with nice views and hey to stay in the penthouse one night it was so worth it.


    Cravings at the Mirage- Went to eat breakfast there on Friday morning and I hate to say it but was not impressed at all.. The food was OK.. not bad but not great either.. Personally did not care for the decor either.. The chairs looked like they belongs in an hospital cafeteria..also no Keno in cravings. To each his own but I would not go back.

    Caribe Cafe at the Mirage- Ate there for breakfast two mornings and thought the food was much better then Cravings.. Crumb cake was great! Everyone in our group all seemed to agree.

    Onda at the Mirage- Had 9:30 dinner reservations after the Danny Gans show but did not get seated until about 10:20pm.. not a big deal hung out at the bar and got some drinks. Food was range for good- excellent depending on what you order.. Thought it was nice place and resonably priced but would probably try some place new next time..

    CPK the Mirage... Food was excellent.. ate there the last night before catching the red=eye home

    MOn Ami Gabi- This place was outstanding.. Food and atomsphere you can beat. We got a table for 8 outside patio against the rail overlooking the fountains. I had the filet Migon and it was to die for along with the mashed potatoes.. All 8 of us said the best food they had.. We will be back to Mon Ami Gabi everytime we come from now on.( on a side note.. we sent a couple of guys over early to get us a table outside for 7:30 when the rest of us were ready to go over to Paris the taxi cab line was crazy.. Too hot to walk it in our nice clothes so we got a limo to take us down the block to Paris.. most expensive 2 minute ride I will ever take but so worth it)
    Shows: We saw Robert Schimmel at the Monte Carlo(BTW not impressed at all with this hotel or casino JMO) HE was Awesome!!.. never saw the guy or heard before this time.. He had all of us laughing for 1 hour and 1/2 straight... Highly recommened if are going to Vegas as long as you can take and handle some of his humor

    Danny Gans- My husband and I saw him about 4 years ago and really liked him and the group we went out with want to see him this time around.. We all thought it was a Great Show... After a lot of negative reviews about him lately I got nervous but I thought he did another outstanding job his George Burns in right on..

    Nightclubs.. Did not hit any this time around but hung out alot at the Ava Bar and lounge at the Mirage.. They had the best Band playing there called ISIS.. They play I think every tuesday-saturday night you can information about the band at the mirage website their website is www.isisband.com

    Gambling- Play all tables roulette, craps, BJ and casino war... Held my own all weekend and only came down 200.00 to to bad .. Hubby got his butt kick in craps over the weekend .. No comps again this trip.. even though we had about 3000.00 to spend in gambling we don't play slots and only play 10.00 a hand everything eles..I did jump on to $25 a hand for a little while but just got killed..When I asked about our rating they had us down for 1 1/2 playing 37.50 per hand.. not enough for any comps.. she told me you need fours hours.. Not so.. two of my single guys got dinner comped for our whole group at CPK at a rating of 37 a hour for 2 1/2 hours. Another couple plays mostly slots some BJ but racked up 5000 pts on the slots and got 350.00 taken off his room bill and a free night stay when he comes next time.. BTW he only brought 1000 for the weekend to spend..guess he was just playing right to get comped.

    All in all another great trip to Vegas.. Loved the Mirage.. has everything I am looking for in a Hotel and more.. Pool was wonderful especially in the 108 degree weather we had. We always went the pool around Noon and never had a problem getting 8 seats together except on Saturday.. so we just tipped the pool guy and he found us seats right in the area we like to sit around. The Mirage will probably be the only hotel we now go too...

    Trip home was a red-eye no problem except alot of turbulence so I could not sleep at all.. And America west no longer shows a movie during red-eyes.. Planning on going back again next year if I don't win a trip sooner.. Any questions just ask.. I have seen and been in most hotels on the strip over the years.. Thanks for reading.. Karen
  2. milehiman

    milehiman VIP Whale

    Sep 21, 2002
    Scottsdale, AZ
    Nice trip report.

    Mon Ami Gabi is one of our favorites too. Sitting outside watching the fountains and eating great food is combination that is hard to beat.

    Just out of curiosity - what type of humor would you classify Robert Schimmel as having? He comes to Denver every once in a while and I've thought of seeing him, but wasn't sure.
  3. jenaphir

    jenaphir Well-Known Member

    Mar 24, 2004
    thanks for the review cravings. it just seem impossible to get a great breakfast buffet north of ballys, except for maybe the flamingo and harrahs. but we have eaten at harrahs way too many times for it to be exciting any longer. sigh...

    how nice it must have been to get a penthouse! your big win of the trip!

    thanks for sharing your report!
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