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Mirage Trip 8/21-8/25

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by precious14, Aug 28, 2002.

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  1. Hi, thanks to all for your help in planning this trip (our second to Mirage). Husband and I went from 8/21-8/25 via Usair from Phila.(FF miles put us in first class; first time for me-very nice). Not much to comment on flight up or back other than running late on both. I haven't flown since last summer and expected to see major changes---there weren't in my opinion but fortunately we arrived and departed with no problems. My husband has flown since 9/11 and informed me he sees changes but it varies from airport to airport.

    Arrived at airport and decided to take a limo($35 or $38 plus tip). Very little work on our part as it was located directly out the doors by our luggage. We were too tired to ask for a tour of strip but managed to wake up once we hit the doors to the hotel. Funny how that happens [​IMG] Check in went smoothly but was disappointed the VIP check in wasn't open (arrived approx 8:30pm). Only wanted VIP check in because had hopes of getting upgrade (pay or not)as our room was being comped. Seemed like front desk wasn't able to accommodate any changes. I'll get this out of the way now.......while appreciative of getting comps since it's based upon play it's not like we do anything extra to get it---it's their system so why not use it fully. We don't play for comps but aren't foolish to pass them by if offered.

    Had signed up for casino credit prior to arrival. I emailed them the day before we left since no one had contacted us. A young woman called an hour after getting the email and said it was cleared. We knew there wouldn't be a problem but since the form has an area to check off how to be notified we thought we were denied when nothing came. Once at casino there were no problems in drawing on it. One interesting and confusing thing to me......old slot card had both our names on it. New one only has single person. A minor glitch was in getting them linked (here's hoping they are since they are different numbers but we never noticed).

    Room was 6122......note that room and NEVER enter it. While it may be questioned how a person would stay in a room with problems, we felt compelled to because it was being comped. And no I'd never do it again--it was one of the dumbest things we've ever done :( We shouldn't have allowed the word 'free' to hinder our right to a decent room. While the website and all information states that the rooms have been redone, we were left wondering if they
    forgot this room. It was a non-smoking room on a non-smoking floor yet an odor permeated throughout the place. I bought Febreze and did my own quick spray job. Carpet had either chemical or bleach stains near window and under table/chair area. Other stains were noticed on carpeting too (let's not think about that too much okay?) Toilet didn't flush properly, tub drain didn't drain properly and apparently the vent in the bathroom is more to drown out the noise of shower than anything else since it made no difference.

    The first time we stayed at Mirage we were in a handicapped room. While I was correct in thinking the bathroom would be laid out differently I wasn't expecting to be confined to a bathroom the size of a closet. Perhaps that's an exaggeration but honestly I would never have imagined it to be so small. Even though our room was comped surely people were paying hard earned money to stay in the same type rooms! Housekeeping was spotty....example would be used glasses not replaced one day and carpet not vacuumed for two days (we left tips 3 out of 4 days for fear of not getting clean towels) Another thing that while not to be expected was a turndown service. We had received it on our last trip without asking yet no sight of a chocolate for us. Of course as a joke I went out and bought a candy bar to fool my husband who wondered how they knew he liked that type(what can I say....he's mine) It wasn't that important to make a fuss over.

    Gambled on slots--both dollar and quarters. Won some/lost some. Husband played blackjack and thoroughly enjoyed himself even if he didn't always win (but we did get to witness a gent at his table who was up $80,000 paid off his marker for 40,000 then ended up back with a marker for 20,000 within 30 min time all at this table--wow is all I can say) The dealers were truly some of the nicest people we've met. Cocktail service at tables was much better than at slots.

    Dinner at Kokomo's and Onda's. No disappointment with either of them. At Kokomo's we ate French onion soup (might not be called 'French' ), shrimp cocktail, NY strip steak, filet mignon with sides of garlic mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes and asparagus. No drinks to comment on as I drank water and husband drank cranberry juice most of trip. Desserts were the apple pie ala mode which was truly a little pie! and the key lime pie which was more like a whipped mousse. Both were excellent. Onda's brought shrimp cocktail, Caesar salad (very good), veal piccata with sides of potatoes and asparagus and eggplant rolatino (bear with me as I'm not sure the correct name) which came with spaghetti. Desserts were the chocolate mousse in a chocolate coffee (shaped) cup that even had a cookie spoon dipped in chocolate! And there was the crème Brule which according to my husband was also delicious. I guess you can tell I like my desserts.

    We had various breakfasts and even one dinner at Caribe Cafe. Service was good and no real wait. I'd pass on the Caesar salad there though as it was bitter tasting. Managed to grab a bite at the Deli at Venetian which was good but we must have come at a bad time for the sandwich maker as he barked at us and other customers. My husband actually changed his sandwich order because he didn't want to repeat a run-in with the guy. It was quite funny.

    Visited Caesars, Bellagio, Treasure Island and Venetian casinos and shops. Just MY opinion on all these things but Caesars is too complicated with all the construction going on---don't foresee a stay there until it's done (did like their shops though). Bellagio was beautiful but I think we had such great expectations we were a bit disappointed. That's not to say we wouldn't consider staying or gambling there (in all probability that's our next stop). Treasure Island seemed like a fun place but since we traveled without our children we found it to be overwhelmingly family oriented. Not making any judgments on children in Las Vegas---just not for us. Our children are 17+ and express no interest in joining us to which we are grateful [​IMG] Not to worry we do take them out of the house from time to time. Venetian was very nice. Particularly like the idea of food court when wanting a quick bite. Their casino was a bit confusing but I'd guess if you're a guest you get acclimated to it. This is the only place we got 'cards' from and didn't like the idea of not allowing combined play for two people (husband and wife) nor did tables and slot play go on one account (or at least that's what we were told).

    And now that I've written about children, I saw many children being wheeled around at midnight as some people have stated (after that and it was too late for me [​IMG] My husband couldn't understand my laughing at his getting hit by a stroller (at Mirage). He wasn't privvy to the thread on children/strollers/etc... in LV. We never ventured near the pool but I'm sure it was packed as we saw many families going to and from that area.

    Side trip to Hoover Dam--went on a Friday and virtually no traffic. My husband was in awe and I was awfully bored (obviously my true colors are showing). I appreciate the wonder of it all but since I'm afraid of heights just the ride along the winding roads was exciting enough.

    Shows--- Lance Burton at Monte Carlo was very good (second time for us). I ordered tickets from their website and received seats in row 1 (1+2). At first we were thinking it'd be a big mistake to be so close but after Lance included us in a couple jokes we thought differently. I'd highly recommend this for families. Also saw Danny Gans at Mirage. Outstanding is all I can say about his 'voices'. We were in row E seats 1+2. While his voice certainly is the most important part, I'd still recommend making sure you're in the center area and no further back from E if possible. It was hard to see his facial expressions which are also interesting.

    Tickets for Gans were purchased over phone using marketing # just as I did to book the room (and that's when they told me our room would be comped). Now this is where the trip takes a bad turn. First tickets were comped, then not, then yes and finally no. This took a lot of our time in dealing with ticket counter on site and also slot hosts. We had no problem in paying for the tickets but did have a problem in being told 'casino guests don't sit in the first 15 rows' only 'VIP's' by the ticket manager. I'm sure you're shaking your head on that one. My normally calm husband couldn't be contained. We danced around the issue for 5-10 min. then took the tickets as they were ( We were heading to church and it seemed rather contradictory to be arguing over a few tickets. For those Catholics interested we have gone to two churches that were minutes away. Found the one right on the strip this time).

    After mass we went to slot host area and asked if we had one (every time I asked about this I was told 'we all do it' and this including the 'Sr' host on duty). I asked politely if there was any type of paperwork on comp system and given nothing (asked a few employees at various times at the Club Mirage desk). 'Sr' host looked at our play (this was our 4th night by the way and leaving in the morning) and gives us a VIP card. As I told him 'what good does it do now?' He also told us to be sure to put all food on room---we knew that already luckily from boards such as this. I explained ticket problem and he suggested we go back to ticketing counter and get ticket charge removed from our credit card and put onto room since it would be 'taken care of'. I'm not looking for a handout but restate if they offer, I'll take it. Back to ticket counter and confused manager does as we state (and I share how 'Sr' host said we were VIP's and he's never seen tickets given out in our area.....always in the front 15 rows). I'm still not sure where the communication broke down on the whole thing. We did thank the ticket manager since it doesn't seem to have been his mistake at all.

    'Sr' slot host also told my husband to see 'table host' (who knew there was one?) for his comps. At the end of the evening my husband went to the designated area and waited TWENTY minutes as 'table host Matt' talked to two males/friends---they were not employees nor gamblers. At all times my husband was in field of vision. He finally got 'waved' in to the little cubicle and in FRONT OF THE TWO GUYS his play was discussed. 'Matt-the table host' told my husband he would take off $100 in food and since the room was already comped there was nothing else he could do--there is no question he was implying with tone of voice that his time was valuable and this was a nuisance. My husband was treated like he was begging for something when in fact he was told to find a host. That stopped my husband from further gambling. We might accept a less than satisfactory room, glitches in tickets, not getting clear cut answers on whether we have a slot host but to have an employee of a casino treat us like they personally were giving a handout to us was the final straw.

    The next morning prior to checkout I went to slot host area. Host removed food but not tickets (side note----table host obviously did nothing since I was present when slot host spoke to front desk and had food removed). Since 'Sr' host was no where to be found and it hadn't been noted anywhere I had no argument on tickets. Oh I'm sure I could have caused a scene but that's not my style nor my husband's which would explain his not attacking 'Matt' the table host.

    Side note---I went back to another line at the player's club and asked if they had any info to give me. Woman checked my card and told me I was due cashback(naive' as we are we hadn't known this was due). First she told me host had to give it to me. I walked away only to be called back by her and she gave me the check right there. I asked what would have happened to that money and was told it sits for 18 mos. then 'goes away'. Interesting that the host who took care of the food hadn't mentioned it to me--or is this not his job?

    We decided to limo back to the airport and bellman arranged it. It cost $25+tip for a sedan which was perfectly fine.

    In closing, the trip was fun and we will go back. We're hoping to make a trip in the Feb./March time frame and make it a twice a year thing. I asked 'Sr' slot host if I should ask to speak to someone for our next trip in Feb. and he told me to just call the # on the back of the card for wherever I want to stay. While we're certainly not high rollers, we do believe our play shows we are loyal customers when we are in town and stay at their hotel. Obviously it meant nothing to a few which causes us to branch out next time to another hotel/casino. I have written already written to Mirage and while I don't expect anything more than 'sorry about your experience, not what we strive for' type letter, I felt better in venting. I included praise for those that were worthy of it and appreciative of the comps we were given. But they crossed the line in not giving the respect due to us.

    So there you have it......the good, the bad and the table host [​IMG] [​IMG] Thanks for reading!
  2. bigdogmom

    bigdogmom VIP Whale

    Mar 9, 2002
    Prescott Valley, AZ
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I stayed at the Mirage in April (comped Wagerworks room) and although my room was fine, I also noticed a funky odor in my non-smoking room. I think they use some AWFUL vented-in "air freshener".
  3. Steveinohio

    Steveinohio Tourist

    Jul 12, 2002
    precious14 ,
    If they follow the same guidelines that other MGM properties have, you may have another comped stay due to the problems you had. At NYNY we had a experience that was unplesent (not totally bad) and 3 months after i wrote, I got a letter and 3 personal calls from the GM offering me free stays in a Jucuzzi suite on my next trip (with in a year). You never know what you will get back, maybe nothing, maybe they will realize your a valuable customer and they might invite you back.
  4. Lmadrid

    Lmadrid Tourist

    Feb 21, 2002
    Boston, MA but originally from San Antonio, TX
    Well, I'm glad you managed to hstill have fun with all the problems you had. We were at the Mirage the same time as you. Since I'd made all the arrangements for 6 people I was ready for something to go wrong. I'm surprised it didnt. We had rooms on 17th, 19th, and 23rd floor, all with great views.
    I had wanted to try Kokomo's but never got the chance. I'll make a point of it next time. I didn't try the ceasar salad at Caribe Cafe, but did have one at California Pizza kitchen. It was great!!!!

    Regarding Player's Club:(for whomever's interested)

    -For every 100 slot points you earn, you get back $1...i.e., i had 2,000+ points after 3 days and got $20 back.

    -The person standing at the desk is the one who printed out the check. I just had to take it to a change booth.

    -This same person directed me over to the Host. This host is the person who took care of my bill. He credited all my food/drink charges, and reduced my room rate down to the casino rate. It saved me around $150.

    -At Mirage, we couldn't be rated at Blackjack unless you were betting $25+ a hand, consecutively.

    -The card is currently only accepted at MGM, Mirage, and Treasure Island. Bellagio later this year, and NYNY and Golden Nugget early next year.
  5. precious14

    precious14 Guest

    Hi! Thanks to all for reading and the responses. About the ceasar salad.....the one at Onda's was excellent. I had it at Kokomo's on last trip and that too was great. We wanted to go to California Pizza Kitchen but line was TOO long for us. But if I'd only had that VIP card earlier..... :(

    Maybe the odor was coming in from our air vent. The thing made a rattling noise anytime we had the air on it's coolest setting(which was needed)

    Thanks for giving me some info on the player's card. I was confused if they were adding points for bj or not. My husband played 50+ all the time so I wasn't sure if my cashback had anything to do with him or all my slots(got $132---it'll make sense why I was bothered no one mentioned it to me). I told the 'Sr' host I hadn't a clue on what we were supposed to do which is why I was disappointed he hadn't volunteered for me to collect my check at the end. Oh well, I'll see what if any response I get. BUT we enjoyed the trip overall so back to LV we will go!!
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