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Mirage-longer Version Trip Report

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by larsvegas, Jul 20, 2006.

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  1. larsvegas

    larsvegas Tourist

    May 3, 2002
    Twin Cities

    My Trip Report

    I posted a quick synopsis of our trip July 10-13th. Here is the longer version.
    We travelled with my sister and her husband who were celebrating their 35th
    anniversary. This was our 15th trip.....

    LAS VEGAS 2006

    July 10, 2006 (Monday)-VEGAS bound! We arrived at Robin & Steve’s at 5:10am. I looked in the back seat for our luggage and realized our tote was not there. Randy forgot it in the foyer. OH MY GOD!!! Our tickets were in there! I yelled to Steve, we’ll meet you at the airport and off we went, 75 MPH back home. Got the tote and drove straight to the HHH Charter terminal. Found a great parking space and arrived at 6:15am for our 7:30am flight. We couldn’t get seats together, but each had an aisle in row 10 & 11. I sat behind Randy. Robin & Steve were in row 21. The flight was uneventful. We actually arrived 30 minutes early, at 8:30am Vegas time. We got our luggage and took a taxi to the Mirage. We asked the cabbie not to take the tunnel. Total bill w/tip $20.00. We tried to check into our room, but were told the earliest was 11:00am. Since it wasn’t even 9:30am, we checked luggage with the bellman and went to the CRAVINGS breakfast buffet. $12.50PP. It was good, but not great. We were hungry and it was convenient, so it did the trick. Well, what next but to gamble, so we did. At 11:00am, we went back to the front desk to check in. Robin & I went together with our $20.00 bill showing for each. Requested the deluxe tower room. Nothing available yet, told to come back in a couple of hours. We left and walked over to Caesars Palace. The spiral escalator was awesome. We checked out the forum shops and gambled a bit. I hit a $50.00 jackpot. We went back to the Mirage and made sure we went to the same girl. She worked really hard to find us what we wanted and finally was able to fulfill our request, however rooms still needed to be cleaned. Come back in 2 hours! This didn’t sit to well with the hubby’s. They got a little hot under the collar. Steve hit the blackjack table, Randy hit the slots (he won $200.00) Robin & I hit the bar. We each had a frozen margarita-no charge as long as we put $10.00 through the machine, which we did. We checked out the pool and visited with a couple of gals from Canada. We went back to the front desk at 2:30pm. My room was ready, but not Robins. We went to the room, got the luggage and unpacked. Robin & Steve’s room was ready shortly afterward. Time for a rest.

    We met in our room for drinks at 5:30pm. Champagne and 2 glasses were delivered at 5:40pm. (Just in time) We took a taxi to Paris and had a wonderful meal at Mon Ami Gabi. I had the French Onion soup with Lemon Chicken and green beans for my
    Entrée. Robin had French Onion soup and the Salmon special. Steve had Steak, and Randy had only the French Onion soup, with bread, as he wasn’t feeling the greatest. Afterwards we cabbed it back to the Mirage, but had to get out in front of Harrahs, because traffic was horrendous! We played at Harrahs for a bit, with no luck and went back to the Mirage and to our room. It was early, 11:00pm (CST 1:00am, having been up since 4:00am CST).

    July 11, 2006 (Tuesday)-I got up at 7:30am and went to the pool. Since we brought our small coffee maker from home, it was a joy to make coffee in the room and take it to the pool with me in my covered cup. I went in the whirlpool and then sat by the pool for a bit. It was quite pleasant and not hot at all. I stayed about 45 minutes. We met with Robin & Steve about 9:45am. We picked up a rental car from Dollar at the Mirage. We got the usual White Dodge Stratus. We headed out to Red Rock Casino. What a beautiful place. This casino opened in April and is very nice. We had an early lunch at the food court and had our first ever “Fat Burgerâ€, yummy!!. We gambled for a bit and Randy hit his first ever progressive on a quarter sizzling seven machine. It was probably the smallest ever progressive, but still it was a progressive. We left there and headed to the Wynn….
    This was another very beautiful casino. Colorful, bountiful, flowering hanging baskets in the entry way were simply gorgeous. The layout was easy to navigate, but no wins here. We went back to the Mirage and freshened up. Next stop-Barbary Coast and the Big Elvis show. Robin & Steve had never seen him. We arrived at 2:45pm and the lounge was quite full. We did manage to secure 4 stray seats against the wall. This was perfect. Got a drink and settled in. Big Elvis was great as usual. We really enjoyed the show. Gambled for a while then went back to the Mirage and ate at the California Pizza Kitchen. No wait in line as it was early. (5:00pm). We went back to the room for a while and then met around 7:00pm to go downtown.

    We parked at the Golden Nugget. Went to the Fremont and played video poker for a while. Robin and I each hit 4 of a kind. Randy and I then each put $20.00 into a Blazing Seven dollar machine and hit $300.00 with $18.00 remaining. We pulled out and wandered for a while playing machines here and there. Saw a guy hit $3000.00 with a $1.00 investment. He looked stunned. If he had put in $2.00, he would have won $6000.00. He just looked like a guy off the street and said it was his last dollar! We then went to the Four Queens and played there for a while. Watched the Fremont Street Experience and then went back to the Mirage. Saw numerous homeless people sleeping on a bridge. At the Mirage I hit 1000 quarters on a double cherry machine and picked up another $250.00. In bed by 12:30am.

    July 12,2006 (Wednesday)-Robin and I met at 8:00am and went to the pool. Lounged for an hour with coffee. Called home to Mom, but she was gone. The four of us got together about 10:00am and decided to take a drive to Green Valley Ranch. We had the breakfast buffet and it was great! We gambled here for a while, and then went to the Bonanza Souvenir shop on Sahara and Las Vegas Blvd. Steve went to the Sahara to play Blackjack and we met up with him about an hour later. The heat was getting to us and we went back to the Mirage and had a drink at the Sports Bar. The plan tonight was the Fab Four show & dinner. Back to the room to get ready. We met at 5:00pm and drove to the Aladdin. What a mess in the parking area. After a million mile walk through the desert passage, we finally found the theatre. The show was fantastic! We got a great picture of the four of us. Next stop Monte Carlo. We ate dinner at the Brew Pub. Nice setting, good food. We stayed here till about 10:30pm. Randy and I hit some small jackpots on their signature machines. We headed back to the Mirage after stopping for gas, again traffic was horrendous and it took us an hour to get back. Randy and I played some Triple Cash dollar machines and I hit my biggest jackpot of the trip, $300.00 on the 4th pull. Randy played the machine next to me and hit for $200.00. We played a bit more and called it a night. In bed by 1:30am.

    July 13,2006 (Thursday)-As was the pattern; I went to the pool at 8:00am. Today I had the whirlpool all to myself. I stayed for an hour and then went back to get ready and pack. We checked out at 11:00am. We took the Monorail to the MGM and had lunch. Robin & I had the buffet; the guys went to the food court. Robin & I agreed it was the best meal of the trip. Everything you wanted was available, $15.95 for lunch. We stuffed ourselves, since we knew we would get nothing on the plane and wouldn’t be home till 11:30pm (CST). We met up with the guys and gambled for a while. I won here as well, hitting on their signature machines for two separate $75.00 jackpots, (Randy hit 1X). We took the monorail back to the Mirage. Time to go home. We left at 3:45pm for our 6:20pm flight. We all got seated together in row 25. We left on time and were home on time. Since we had our car at the airport, we made a pit stop at White Castle. After dropping Robin & Steve off, we got home about 1:00am. In bed at 2:30am. Weather at home was hot & steamy!!!

  2. JoeVegas

    JoeVegas Low-Roller

    Mar 16, 2006
    Sounds like you had a good trip. Loved the photo album too. Some excellent pictures.

    Thanks for sharing!
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