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Mirage April 21-26th for hockey tournament

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by kmoney63, Apr 21, 2010.

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  1. Sitting in the airport in Bellingham right now waiting for security to open. My flight boards at 6:20 and security opens at 6. Sure hope no one has a bottle of water in their carry on or we may miss the plane!

    Met a buddy at a local casino on the way down to the airport (he lives close to the casino) and joined him for their 2:15 poker tournament. We had 15 players in total and the buy in was $20 plus $10 for the immediate add-on. Took an additional $10 add-on at the end of the rebuy period (didn't rebuy). Ended up in the final four with my buddy and I went out fourth good for $40. Broke even and got into the whole Vegas spirit getting a little gamble on.

    "Free" internet (with the $15 resort fee) in the room so will post when I can about trip happenings.
  2. Thor

    Thor Beer Drinker

    Apr 3, 2008
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    excellent!!! have a great trip! are you playing in a tourney down there??? :beer::beer::beer:
  3. kmoney63

    kmoney63 Guest

    I am here for a tournament which starts tomorrow evening.

    Flight from Bellingham to Seattle on the Dash 8 was great...I love those little planes. Tons of power and amazingly quiet.

    After getting off the plane and hustling over to my gate for the next leg I get there to find out that they changed the gate sometime during my flight to a completely different part of the airport. Make it to the new gate in time for them to call "all remaining rows" which made me laugh thinking about the scene from Meet the Parents.

    End up sitting with 4 teachers from my old high school heading down for a conference. Flight was supposed to be very bumpy but we ended up only having a couple minutes of turbulence. The last minute of landing was very windy though and quite rough.

    Got off the plane and made it down to the baggage claim and what do you know...my bags were already there. Head out to the taxi line and there was not wait either. I was already thinking this is shaping up to be a good trip.

    Hop in the taxi and was floored at what the taxi driver said to me.....and I quote...."Do you want to take the freeway or the city streets?" I have been tunneled and long hauled before so I was very impressed at being asked which way I wanted to go. Obviously I chose city streets. Once we hit the strip he then asked again if I wanted to take the strip or he could duck in behind the Monte Carlo and take the back road. Figuring I was already ahead of the game I chose strip.

    Leave my bags with the baggage dudes and head inside. No line at check-in and I was set up for three nights free and $55/night for Friday and Saturday. First stop after check-in was Starbucks for a coffee (usually have 2 or 3 a day and still hadn't had one yet) and second stop was Carnegie Deli for a take-out turkey sandwich. Up to the room to wait for my bags to arrive and have some food. Walk in and yet another sign of a possible good trip. 23rd floor in the south wing. Walk in and look out the window at the Mirage pool and look south down the strip! When you are here for 5 nights, a view is a nice bonus.

    Things are going great so far....I've missed this place. Can't believe its already been a year. I have decided to resume my previous years pace of 3-4 trips a year.

    Time to go down and check out the gambling scene!

    Stay tuned!!
  4. kmoney63

    kmoney63 Guest

    Back up in the room. Decided to play 1/2 NL at the Mirage poker room. Won my fourth hand (very small pot) to get into the +. About half an hour later lost about $45 on a hand that never hit then proceeded to not see any good cards for half an hour or so.

    Doubled up on an ace high flush when it hit on the river...losing hand had a straight and he shoved all-in to me. Bought in for $200 and now had $325 or so. Two hands later get dealt Q 10 of hearts. Everyone limped in so I followed and the flop came down 9h 7s Jh. Here we go. Open ended straight flush draw. Smallish betting between me and one other. River card comes my beeeeaaaauuutiful king of hearts making me the king high straight flush. Other player checks so I bet $35 into a $55 pot and he calls. Flip them over for the win AND $150 high hand bonus for the straight flush! While I am waiting for my bonus payout, two hands later another guy FLOPS quad aces for $100 high hand payout. Bought in for $200 cashed out $600. Decided to run my $50 through some video poker and various slots before heading up to bed. That $50 went up to $120 at times and took me an hour and a half to run it down to 0.

    Heading to bed with $200 more than I arrived with after paying $40 for bags, $10 for food at Bellingham airport, $22 for taxi, $5 for dude who took may bags from the car to the bag check, $5 for Starbucks coffee, $14 for big ass turkey sandwich from Carnegie deli, $7 for dude who brought my bags up to the room, about $10 in drink tips, and about $25 in dealer tips, and $50 post poker slot play plus $20 pre-poker slot play. All signs are still pointing to a great trip!
  5. Aces&Eights

    Aces&Eights Tourist

    Feb 16, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great TR so far. I hope your luck holds for the duration of your trip. Looking forward to more.
  6. richardinbc

    richardinbc Low-Roller

    Oct 29, 2002
    Mission B.C.
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    things are going good for you so far, keep it up. Let us know about the hockey tournament as well.
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