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MGM June 13-15 (Sunday)

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Lola, Jun 18, 2004.

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  1. Lola

    Lola Tourist

    Mar 11, 2004

    My Trip Report

    The plan was for Buzz and Trixie to pick us up at 8am for breakfast before going to the airport.
    6:30am.. a frantic call from the daughter, the drama queen, seems she cant find one of her Vegas shoes. OMG! I search her room and you wouldn't believe all the empty shopping bags she has in there.. (shopping rehab is next for that girl).
    She calls back, tragedy averted.. found the shoe in the trunk of her car.. I didnt even ask why.
    Off to the airport.. Got my shades,smokes, money and I.D. anything else I forgot I can buy when I get there.
    Check in was a breeze till we got to the security check, hubby Bruno gets pulled aside for further security screening.. so we all stand there and laugh at him. The security guy is a riot, making all kinds of jokes, and when the wand goes off at the zipper area of his pants, we all just fell on the floor laughing. We may have to change hubby's Vegas name to Rod.
    From there it was, off to the bar for a Bloody Mary, you get a double for a buck.
    Found a dollar on the floor..Whoopee!
    Flight was ok arrived on time.. cool! Off to check in.. The MGM check in at the airport is a great idea, 2 people ahead of us in line. The $20.00 dollar trick did not work but she did give us a great view of NY NY.
    Daughter decided to wait and check in at the hotel. Her Friends drove from CA so they picked us up at the airport, that would be 4 adults and 5 21 yr olds and all the luggage in a van. Quite cozy I must say.
    Daughter and her girlfriend head for the check in counter and the really noce young man is checking them in. The girls being young and beautiful as the are, turned on the charm and presto! They score a suite. I am so Proud.
    We go to our rooms and as promised we have a great veiw of NY NY. The room is really nice and its big. King bed large table 2 chairs, TV cabinet and a fainting couch. I look over at Bruno,I dont like the smirk on his face and I can read his mind. yes hubby is thinking nasty little thoughts about the fainting couch.. Thank goodness the a knock at the door. Bruno's bummed till in strolls Buzz with Margarita's..
    I call for a coffee pot and they inform me that they have a new rule about the coffee pots. there is a $25.oo non refundeable charge for a coffee pot. NO way! Not when I can order a large 6 cup pot from room service for $8.00.
    We decide to have lunch at the Rain Forest cafe, what a mistake, the girl seating people said we would have to wait for a table, no problem we have time. I could see there were some empty tables so I asked her if the empty tables were avaiable or were they in the smoking section, which we didnt want anyway. she turned and gave me "the look" and said there is NO smoking in the Rain Forest! Geez, I thought I was in Las Vegas.
    We finally get a table and order drinks, the waiter comes and I order a BLT he says they dont have BLT's but he would see what he could do. Everyone else orders and we wait and wait and wait, Now mind you its almost 3:00pm and the place is not busy at all. Everyones food except mine comes, the waiter explains that he had to show the cooks how to make a BLT.. Oh please, how hard can it be! My BLT finally comes and he leaves the bill..$12.00 for a BLT, are you kidding? and it doesnt even come with fries. Last time I ever eat there.. Lesson learned.
    Grabbed a drink and headed to check out the pool area.. Amazing!!
    we have reserved a cabana for Monday. got the pool tour from Joey, we are so impressed and sorry we didnt wear our bathing suits, its 105 outside.
    Back to the room to freshin up our selves and our drinks and take the over pass to NY NY, Monte Carlo and Boardwalk, which by the way is a really fun place to gamble and the drinks come big and strong, like our men..hee hee. Buzz wins a $400.00 jackpot and Bruno wins $250.00, Lola and Trixie dont do as well. Its dark now so we decide to keep walking the strip. Just outside of of Caesars we met these 3 guys in darks suits (in this weather?) who said they were here from Ohio and really didnt know what to do or where to go, so they followed us around awhile till we decide they were probably FBI and we didnt need that kind of trouble, so we lose em in Caesars.
    Gambled and drank ourselves down the strip to Caesars when we noticed how far we had walked and how drunk some of us are, my watch says its 3:30am. Not possible..time check with everyone around us. Yep, its 3:30 time to catch a cab back to the MGM.
    And with Bruno singing "Why do birds suddenly appear, everytime you are near, just like me, they long to be close to you" Oh good grief!
    Good night sweatheart!
  2. boxcars

    boxcars High-Roller

    May 19, 2004
    North Dakota
    So far, so good Lola! Awaiting Monday's report [​IMG] at your leisure!
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