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May 8-11 The Second Anniversary Part 2: Monday

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by deweynet, May 20, 2005.

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  1. deweynet

    deweynet Tourist

    Feb 27, 2004
    Salt Lake City

    My Trip Report

    After a shuttle/taxi accident, no jello wrestling, good lap dancing, long walk, and a winning late night craps session, what would Vegas have in store for us on...


    Woke up mid-morning and "celebrated" with Holly. Today was Pool day. Due to some construction, the pool didn't open until 11 AM. That was OK with us. Holly loves the pool. It is one of her favorite things to do on vacation. She went into the pool while I took a dip in the hot tub. We relaxed on one of the couches (with a bloody mary for me, virgin daquiri for her) for a while. Then back to the room to clean up.

    We were hungry so we rolled the dice to see where we were going to go, cafe or Luxor buffet. The traditional Luxor buffet won. I have been to the Luxor buffet every trip to Vegas. The food is OK to good, but we love the look of the buffet. Cabbed it to the Luxor ($22 w/tip). On the way down to the buffet, some slots were calling me. The giant slot was not kind but a different slot was very nice and gave me $125. Ate WAY too much, as is the custom at a buffet. Food was OK to good, just like it was supposed to be.

    We decided I needed new Vegas T-Shirts. So we headed to the store next to the MGM (another place I usually go to in Vegas). We got me two shirts. We decided to walk the strip. This was something we have never tried before. A little background...over the past 1.5 years, Holly has lost 130 pounds with weight loss surgery (LAP-band). She now has lots more energy and is feeling a lot better about herself (not to mention she looks hot!). She was looking forward to the adventure. After the shirt store, we hiked up the strip. We stopped at the M & M store, where I got a Darth Vader water bottle.

    We hoofed it to the Aladdin. We stopped in to get a drink, but stayed for some gambling. We sat down at Holly's fav, roulette. She likes to bet corners inside or as we call it bet 4 win 8. In this case, it was bet 5 win 8. I like to bet a couple numbers (15,30) and some other bets. Holly was having some success and having fun. Finally, one of my numbers hit and I wanted to move on. Holly was having a great time so I went to find my own excitement. I played the Star Wars slots (not nice to me), some craps, and finally settled at the bar to play some VP and drink beer (another fav activity in Vegas). We stay until Holly doubles her money (about an hour or so) then head back out. Stop by Casino Royale. Got another Vegas shirt and two $1 Michelobs for the walk. We make it to Wynn. I read all the hype and what not so I didn't know what to expect. I didn't expect it to look just like the Bellagio. It's very nice, but it felt like a copy. We both were kind of "eh" about it.

    We hit a couple of more shops when Holly wants to go into a Ross store to look for a sweater. I head over to the Stardust to play craps. I buy in for $40 and win nothing. I should have listened to the dark side guy standing next to me. I mill around the casino for a bit (awesome sports book) then go across the street to find Holly. She didn't find a sweater, but found lots of other stuff. By the time we reach Slot O' Fun, our feet are starting to protest. But we suck it up and make it to The STRAT .

    Cab it back to Golden Nugget. Hit the snack bar. Chili cheese dog and fries for me, salad for her. Chili cheese dog was very tasty, but I would pay for it later. Hit the sack proud of our accomplishment. Next time, we'll try to hit every casino. Grand Finale coming next...

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